19-Year-Old Girl Murdered In Cold Blood In Sanctuary County; Give You Three Guesses Who Did It, But You Won’t Need Two

(Tea Party PAC) – Illegal immigration is a topic that seems forever destined to be one that divides the nation, thanks largely to the mainstream media giving up on journalistic integrity and throwing their support behind a radical leftist immigration position that ultimately puts the lives of American citizens in danger.

That may sound alarmist, but what happened in the sanctuary county of Durham, North Carolina validates these concerns in a most tragic and horrific way. A 19-year-old girl was murdered by her boyfriend who is an illegal alien residing right here in America.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Jose Bryan Guzman, an 18-year-old illegal alien from El Salvador, is accused of murdering 19-year-old Marlene Yamileth Portillo-Posada — who he was apparently dating at the time — on August 24 by strangling her to death because Guzman believed Portillo-Posada was cheating on him.

Above: Jose Bryan Guzman; image credit: DPD

After fleeing to Louisiana in September, the Durham Police Department and St. Landry’s Parish Sheriff’s Office were able to locate and arrest Guzman.

A law enforcement source confirmed to Breitbart News that Guzman is an illegal alien who arrived in the U.S. around September 2015 and was given a notice to appear in immigration court by Border Patrol. It is likely that Guzman arrived as an Unaccompanied Alien Child (UAC) and was thus released into the interior of the country.

As of this year, Guzman remains in deportation proceedings.

Above: Marlene Yamileth Portillo-Posada, 19-years-old, was allegedly strangled to death by her illegal alien boyfriend Jose Bryan Guzman, 18-years-old, after he believed she was cheating on him. (Facebook)

In December 2018, Guzman was arrested by the Durham Police Department after allegedly robbing two victims at gunpoint in separate incidents. The same month as the armed robberies, Durham County Sheriff Clarence Birkhead announced that he was ending all cooperation with ICE, turning the region into a sanctuary jurisdiction.

Subsequently, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency requested that the sanctuary county of Durham County hold Guzman until he could be properly turned over to agents.

Instead, Durham County officials ignored ICE’s request and released him into the general public in March — six months before he allegedly murdered his girlfriend. In a statement to Breitbart News, an ICE official said that agents “will again seek to take custody” of Guzman “should he be released from local custody for any reason.”

Guzman’s case is the latest in a series of North Carolina sanctuary counties where hundreds of criminal illegal aliens are released into the general public every year rather than being turned over to ICE for arrest and deportation.

In Fiscal Year 2019, North Carolina sanctuary jurisdictions freed about 563 illegal aliens from custody instead of turning them over to ICE agents. Of those illegal aliens released, more than 500 have been convicted of crimes, including 28 convicted of assault, 192 convicted on traffic violations, 84 convicted of drunk driving, 46 convicted of possession of drugs, and 35 convicted of larceny.

President Trump has been doing his best to fight against illegal immigration, which has become one of the leading threats to both our national security and our economic resources as the vast majority of those who come across the border illegally end up abusing the welfare system.

If the law had been followed properly, this young girl would still be alive. Unfortunately, the bleeding heart crowd in this country have made it nigh to impossible to actually enforce the immigration legislation that is currently on the books.

Democrats have thrown roadblocks in Trump’s path as he’s attempted to build a border wall and secure the southern border to reduce the flow of illegals into the country. He’s taken steps and measures to try and stave off the danger this poses, but has himself been opposed at every step of the way by the radical left who wants to open the borders and allow as many illegals as possible into the country.


To pad their voter rolls.

Source: breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/25/sanctuary-county-illegal-alien-accused-of-murdering-19-year-old-girl/


  1. Simple solution – provide those living along the border with all the ammo they need and consider the illegal entry into the USA as an invasion that needs to be repelled.

  2. Surviving family of this individual should sue the county for extreme negligence and violation of federal law and therefore responsible for the death of your daughter other daughter

    Surviving family of this individual should sue the county for extreme negligence and violation of federal law and therefore responsible for the death of Their daughter OK done

    • Even better charge the Mayor of this City with accessory to murder. After All aren’t they an accomplice to the crime for harboring a criminal?

    • Sheriff Birkhead, is an accessory to this poor girl’s murder..he needs to be held PERSONALLY accountable, thrown out of office, and lose all his personal assets in a massive lawsuit.

  3. Sheriff Birkhead is directly responsible for the death of this young lady, wonder how he would feel if it was his daughter. These liberals are more concerned for illegal border crossers than their own constituents.

  4. When a judge orders a inmate to be released they need to release them. If ICE is wanting that person they should be informed an thus given the ability to pick them up. But ICE can not ask someone be held of for a unknown period of time till they get around to pick them up.

  5. I’m still wondering why the federal government, the AG hasn’t dropped the hammer on these sanctuary cities, counties, states. Immigration is a FEDERAL responsibility, NOT a states right. The left is screwing our whole society up. They have chosen to go soft on crime, allow homelessness, want open borders and think everyone else should pay for their mess.

    • Just because a city or county grants itself a title of SANCTUARY status does not give itself authority to dismiss federal laws. authorities of SANCTUARY cities should be arrested by federal agents, tried and put in jails.
      I’m amazed how any anyone or any agency can justify breaking federal laws with such impunity.

  6. Bill, we didn’t all elect these bozos. Too many people are moving in from the liberal states who have no understanding of the conservative thinking that has existed here for some time. They think they are smarter than we are. Wish they’d go back to the toilets they created in the states that they left. Our governor is a traitor to all North Carolinians. He should move to NY or NJ. He’d fit right in.

  7. Sanctuary states, cities and counties are violating the will of the people and keeping them in danger. The governors, city managers and county managers should be criminally liable for the crimes committed by illegals. They are putting politics ahead of the safety of the people who are paying their salaries. As a resident of NC, I would like to see the “political leaders” in this state in prison.

  8. My very own county Sheriff happens to be one of the gutless bastards making trouble for ICE refusing to honor detainers. We VERY RECENTLY had a very bad actor from our “immigrant community” released for time served back to his hearth and home with his fresh felony conviction. Fortunately, ICE agents were able to take this particular recidivist into custody before he was able reoffend with ANOTHER underage victim. I am very much in favor of New legislation allowing victims to litigate against these malfeasant morons.

  9. Illegal aliens are CRIMINALS and should be deported or put into prison whichever is appropriate. They should be billed for any and all expenses.
    Anyone supporting or assisting them in any way is guilty of abling and abetting
    criminal acts and should be held criminally responsible.

  10. LET NC residents deal with it. They used to be good law abiding citizens . . .now . . . . ? ? ?? I just don’t give a damn anymore. I am old. I went to a major NC University. They do not care . . .about laws and criminals . .. why should I. I no longer live there. They elected these bozo’s.

  11. Charge the Sherriff with accessory to murder in this case, and accomplice or aiding and abetting on all of the other criminal actions. I would say, charge every democrat party elected official in NC and US Congress with same charges as the sherriff.

  12. Parents of this girl I hope sue the sheriff for refusing to follow the law on the books. Idiots in the county need to replace the bleeding heart leftist ASAP.

  13. The county officials who made Durham County a “sanctuary” jurisdiction, and those who broke federal law and released this lowlife, are morally and, really, legally guilty of murder. This is the noxious fruit borne by the policy of allowing — indeed, ASSISTING– lawbreakers to elude their just apprehension and well-deserved deportation. They see government officials subverting justice and breaking their own country’s laws, so it is hardly surprising that they feel free to break any other laws they wish, and have no respect for laws which they see being flouted and unenforced.

  14. The family of the victim should sue Durham Country and thee Durham police department for dereliction of duty resulting in the murder of their child. If these bleeding hearts are not following federal law they should be replaced!

  15. When will America wake up to the fact that Leftists in this country want to destroy it. The Left should think long and hard before they go any further with their hatred !!


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