#3 Jiu-Jitsu Fighter In The World Craig Jones Unable To Fight After COVID Vaccine Causes Fluid Buildup Around His Stomach

(Tea Party PAC) – It’s really time for Americans to wake up already. The COVID vaccines are dangerous experimental drugs that are not suitable to be used on humans. We don’t even know if they are safe for animals since there were never any animal trials done.

What’s worse is that there is no proof that they even stop the transmission of the virus. Dr. Fauci himself has admitted that they don’t stop the spread of the virus but rather just make people asymptomatic.

Outbreaks amongst vaccinated populations around the country have been happening yet, millions of Americans continue to willingly line up to get their shots.

All for what? The promise of returning to normal life? At best, the shots provide a false sense of security from COVID-19 while putting us at risk for dangerous and potentially deadly side effects.

Even if people aren’t experiencing immediate side effects there’s really no telling what these vaccines are doing inside our bodies once injected.

Young, healthy people are falling ill with severe and dangerous side effects after receiving the COVID vaccines.

Such was the case for 29-year-old Jiu Jitsu black belt Craig Jones after he received his COVID shot. Jones, ranked the #3 Jiu Jitsu fighter in the world, experienced such dramatic side effects he is unable to train for or fight in an upcoming match with Tye Ruotolo.

Jones was scheduled to fight Ruotolo at the Who’s Number One event in Austin, Texas, on April 30, but he just announced on Instagram that he won’t be making the fight because of an adverse reaction to the COVID vaccine.

“I’m out guys. One of the unlucky ones that had an adverse reaction to the Covid Vaccine. I won’t bore you with all my symptoms but ended up carrying a bunch of fluid around my stomach and can’t train let alone compete,” Jones said.

He included graphic images and videos in his post that some might find disturbing.

Infowars reports that because Jones is unable to fight in the main event, “Rafael Lovato Jr vs Gilbert Burns was moved to the main event with Tye Ruotolo set to fight William Tackett in the new co main event.”

Reactions to the COVID vaccines have not been occurring in the majority of people who get them but they are happening frequently enough and are serious enough that it should cause Americans to stop and reconsider whether or not the supposed benefits of the vaccines really outweigh the risks.

Other reactions to the vaccines that have been reported include skin peeling off, fatal blood clotting, and potential neurodegenerative disease. All of these are most definitely reasons to hold off on getting the vaccines.

Again, while some experience an adverse reaction right away, others may not see any negative health consequences for months or years to come but the reality is that once injected, nobody knows the full extent of how damaging these vaccines can potentially be.

Just imagine what these drugs are doing inside our bodies if they can cause some people to fall into seizures, experience life-threatening blood clots, have fatal heart attacks and experience paralysis right away.

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