49-Year-Old N.Y. Times Editor Dies ‘Less Than A Day’ After Moderna Booster Jab

(Tea Party PAC) – A new report from WND has revealed that a New York Times deputy Asia editor, Carlos Tejada, recently posted on social media that he received the COVID booster shot. Less than a day later he was dead. He was only 49.

According to a piece published by the National Pulse, Tejada “was grateful to receive the mRNHA/LNP booster while in Seoul, South Korea, after originally getting the Johnson & Johnson DNA-AAV COVID-19 shot in July.”

“Less than a day after receiving his Moderna booster on December 17th, Tejada died of a heart attack. The news was shared via Tejada’s social media by his wife Nora the following morning,” the report stated.

What’s ironic and also tragic is that Tejada worked in part on the publication’s coronavirus coverage and was married with two kids. Before joining the New York Times, he worked for the Wall Street Journal.

“The report noted former Times reporter Alex Berenson said online Tejada did not give informed consent for the latest shot, since the form was in Korean,” WND reported.

Tejada had recently cracked a joke saying that Omicron could “hit [him] with your wet snot,” before stating “all I had to do was fill out this form in a language I cant read. Translation software tells me I now belong to the BTS army.”

Berenson then pointed out that there haven’t been any clinical trials concerning the possible effects of mixing the two different kind of shots, though studies have shown that those who get shots in rapid succession are much more likely to get heart complications as a side effect of the vaccine.

“The NY Times has thus far made no reference to Tejada having received his booster shot just hours before his premature death,” the report added.

Here’s a screenshot of a tweet from Tejada’s wife sharing the news of his passing:

This should certainly wake folks up about the potential dangers of taking these vaccines. It seems more and more evidence is emerging by the day concerning potentially lethal side effects and long term issues that are popping up due to these vaccines, making the cure often times worse than the illness itself.

Vaccine mandates are dangerous for this very reason. These shots have not been around long enough to have been thoroughly tested and tweaked for optimum safety. It’s an experimental preventative measure that could end up killing you. Is it really worth the risk to be safe from an illness that has a 99 percent survival rating?

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  1. And the die-off continues. In my opinion the KKK minded Nazi Communist Democrats and all others of the left do not intend to only enslave American Negro Patriots, they intend to enslave all American Citizens through the use of King Cobra Venom. There is no COVID-19 virus which is the reason they could never isolate one. That is also the reason they have fought the use anti venom medications that bring it to a halt. I myself refuse to be enslaved!
    Stay Safe and Stay Well! Avoid vaccinated weaponized citizens who do not realize they are dangerous Typhoid Mary’s!!! Above all please, please avoid all Communist Democrats since they have determined that mental illness can be contagious!!
    Enjoy this day!!!

  2. Ironic NOT EVEN! Despicable most definitely!! The CDC and Lord Fauci ;have stated that to mix and match is no issue. They all should be on trial as they have not done the trials and act like little demi gods (little g here folks).
    I am a procedure freak and as an example not one paint company will guarantee their product if you 1 don’t follow the instructions to the letter and 2 NEVER mix with another companies product. Just good common sense!!!!

  3. And this pathetic administration is pushing this sh*t on children. Biden, fauci and the rest of these despicable democrats that are pushing this sh*t on the children will be burning in hell well before we find out the effects this poison ends up having on the children in the future.

  4. I won’t get any of these covid jabs. If they really worked then why do you have to still wear a mask and social distance? Why do people still get covid after getting these jabs? Why are they now trying to get you to take your children in to get these jabs when they don’t get sick like an adult and possibly die? Why are they being pushed so hard when there is over a 99% survival rate? The Omicron virus is no worse than a common cold so why the panic? I am 76 and I go to family gatherings and socialize with friends. None of us have gotten any of these virus’s and they don’t know of anyone that has gotten them or died either and none of them have gotten one of these vaccines. Start doing your own research and you will find that a lot of the ones who did get a vaccine are either dying, dead or very sick!

    • I agree with you Jeanni. I have not nor will I get the jab. I’m 72 yrs old and could possibly contract the Covid and die from it because of my age and underlying health issues but I’ll take my chances with a virus that has a 99% survival rate than have some kind of pharmaceutical soup injected into my body that has not been tested enough to insure any acceptable measure of safety. Of course the ( complicit) MSM refuses to accurately report the number of adverse effects and deaths of people who have been vaccinated, while over-reporting the Covid statistics 24/7 and desperately pushing the vaccines by fear mongering every time they broadcast. The whole thing reeks of an insane attempt to inject the entire population of the world while the members of Congress are completely exempt from the mandates. Why is that? Do they know something we don’t? How can we trust them when everything they do is based on lies and fear. The whole narrative is built on lies and misinformation. It’s about control and reshaping the world into a NWO. Nothing more.

    • I know you can’t sue the drug company, but I wonder if you can sue employer’s that demand you are the jab. Win one lawsuit I’ll put a stop to the silly mandates.


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