6 Billion Dollar Deal With the Devil

(PCC)A deal with the devil has come home to bite Dems in the A$$. When Biden release over 6,000,000,000.00 to Iran he ignited ruthless genocide against innocent men, women, and children in Israel. The weak and innocent were killed, savagely raped, tortured and captured.

Why? Because the liberal belief system is dangerous, deadly, and disgusting………..

The liberal mind set believes deranged evil criminals can learn from their mistakes, transform, and convert into progressive friends for the good of humanity. They will  embrace the ideal philosophy of cultural harmony as they follow the enlighten examples of evolved humans wanting to contribute to a free democratic society.

What a horrible lie!

Evil criminal animals must be hunted down by the military and killed, then their bodies must be displayed for the world to see. The world must send a powerful message of what will happen to terrorists!

But it doesn’t stop there. Their terrorist’s bodies must be buried face down in hidden graves.  This is only the first installment. In other words: The military must Kill them all and let G*d sort them out! Got it!

The false notion of believing murdering animals can somehow be converted into peace loving promoters of harmony is nothing more than a manifestation of a deranged mental disorder!

Joe Biden whipped those blood thirsty animals into a murderous rage by fueling their Jew-Hate with fresh new dollars and a ‘green-light’ from Washington!

Shocking! In a shocking and deeply concerning incident, innocent toddlers residing in Israeli border towns have reportedly been abducted by ruthless militants. This distressing development has sent shockwaves throughout the region, raising serious questions about the safety and security of these vulnerable communities.

The brazen act of kidnapping helpless young children is a stark reminder of the ongoing threats faced by Israeli citizens living in close proximity to volatile border areas.

Reports indicate  at least 260 individuals were brutally ambushed and slaughtered by these terrorists, who shockingly parachuted into the festival grounds during a festival.

Tragically, additional individuals fell victim to the heinous crimes of abduction, savage sexual assault, and abandonment, as they were subjected to unimaginable horrors.

In a shocking display of depravity, a crowd of Palestinians, instead of condemning such a deplorable act, chose to cheer, celebrate, and even desecrate on the lifeless bodies by spitting and urinating on them.

But it doesn’t end there. These scenes of joy and frivolity were not limited to the streets Palestine. Enthusiastic proponents in London, Birmingham, and even across the Atlantic in America reveled in the abhorrent spectacle of Jew-Hate.

Regrettably, the repercussions of Jew-Hate have now manifested in a wave of terror attacks  are poised to plague the Western world. This starkly highlights the fundamental outcome of Jew-Hate, in the proliferation of violence, animosity, and loss of life.

However, what is equally concerning is the alarming rush by prominent voices on the far left to defend these abhorrent Jew-Hating acts.

The current situation is deeply troubling and raises serious concerns about why members of Congress are silently endorsing the murder of innocent men, women and children and praising Jew-Hate!

Final Word: I hold most of the Democrat Party culpable for igniting the Hamas by funding their Generals in Iran with a means to build, strike and destroy. The Dems campaigned on ‘Anyone But Trump’ and in doing so they unleashed a wicked and savage plague of evil into the world. To be frank, America fired G*d’s man and elected a demon in an old suit.



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