80 Nursing Home Patients And Staff Members With COVID-19 Given Hydroxychloroquine…Guess How Many Survived?

(Tea Party PAC) – While the likes of Dr. Anthony Fauci and the mainstream media complex continue to naysay about the amazingly successful treatment of coronavirus patients using hydroxychloroquine, the results continue to speak for themselves.

This is a truly amazing story and one that we can only hope doctors and health officials around the world take note of.

A nursing home in Texas recently experienced a massive outbreak of the deadly virus, which has consistently proven to be quite dangerous for the elderly.

56 of the residents at the Resort at Texas and 33 staff members all came down with the novel Wuhan virus.

So Dr. Robin Armstrong administered hydroxychloroquine, the drug touted by many, including thousands of doctors and the president of the United States, as being highly effective in treating COVID-19, along with Zpac and Zinc.

The results?

Of those 80 infected patients…only one died. 55 survived.

This is incredible!

FOX7 Austin reported:

Dr. Armstrong and others at the Resort at Texas City Nursing home knew time wasn’t on their side.

“Two of our residents had symptoms and that’s when we tested everybody,” said nursing home Executive Director Jan Piveral.

56 residents and 33 staff members were COVID-19 positive.

“Our Goal was to make sure we could shelter them in place so we don’t spread it to other people,” Armstrong said. “Then also at the same time treat them so they would get better.”

Armstrong says he knew residents who ended up in the hospital had a higher mortality rate.

“Our goal was to keep them here and treat them with the medications we had available,” he said.

When Armstrong began administering Hydroxychloroquine it was controversial but appeared promising.

“If we didn’t make the decision quickly then we could potentially lose 15 to 20% of the residents which was not an option,” said the Doctor.

Armstrong’s approach was to begin administering Hydroxychloroquine a Zpac and Zinc just as soon as a resident first started showing symptoms.

The patients were being monitored daily.

“We did EKGs on each of these patients to make sure they didn’t have the cardiac side effects that everyone talks about,” Armstrong said. “None of our patients did.”

Armstrong doesn’t call the Hydroxychloroquine a cure and is aware of all the recent reports that say the drug shouldn’t be used to treat COVID-19.

But he points out only one of the nursing homes COVID-19 patients has died.

“Everyone who got on treatment who started on treatment is actually doing really well,” he said.

Will Dr. Fauci and the mainstream pundits continue to cast doubt on this miracle drug now?


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  2. Read Dr. Judy Mikovitz’s new book Plague of Corruption. She will enlighten you completely on what Fauci is about. How does our great leader not know that Fauci is a fraud and is only concerned with his desire to profit from a corona vaccine? Fauci is probably working with the left to take down the entire economy. Be very concerned that there is a great potential that the coronavirus vaccine may be mandated. Bobby Kennedy Jr. speaks of this. Read about vaccines and see how poisonous and ineffective they are. We are lied to daily. Trump in 2020. I agree with you Barbara. I do believe Trump was sent from God.

  3. If the treatment was a failure, them why are so many countries using it with great success. Cause Dr Fauci isn’t making any money. The new approved treatment makes him Big Bucks.

  4. So MANY Americans are FINALLY waking up to the TRUTH! Yay! Good job to you all who have! Continue to wake all you know who are still asleep! Educate, educate, educate! we can’t afford to stay quiet. Our very FREEDOM is on the line! We have Everything to lose! President Trump has been chosen by God Him self, for this very hour. Get behind him and the Patriots with him, and PRAY like never before! We have been and are being fed a ship full of lies by the mainstream Media. Pray for people to wake up and see the truth for themselves. We fight not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities in high places.

  5. The sentence after “The results” says “Of those 80 infected patients … only one died.
    55 survived. ?? Typo?? Instead of 80, shouldn’t it be 56? Any way, still very impressive. Many hospitals and doctors here in Colorado are only using ventilators which seem to actually be damaging lungs and killing people, this happened to an old friend of ours last week. Sad! Knowing that he could possibly have survived. His family thought they were doing the best thing by trusting the doctors. I think president Trump passed the “Right to Try bill” If so this needs to become ready knowledge for all Americans. Wake Up people! Time to start thinking for ourselves! Save our loved ones from the agenda of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. We need to stand up and fight “for” each other, not “against” each. This is supposed to be a government for the people, by the people.

  6. I keep wondering if fauci has money in remdesivir that he has been pushing like a homeless guy with his stolen grocery cart

  7. In my opinion, Doctor Fauci does not say the drug works, because it is more profitable for HIM, if this drug is not used ! How can anybody possible dispute the effectiveness of this drug, after it has saved the lives of SO many people !

  8. Looks like the treatment WORKS! . . . Tell THAT to Left Wing Liberal Dr. Fauci. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  9. Remember, Fauci helped fund the Wuhan lab, has been linked to Bill Gates and his far out ideas population control among, used “models” that were so wrong .

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  10. Our Pres. said that Hydroxychloroqine aZpac and Zinc would help.
    & it saved 55 every patient that took it is doing well ! So stop blaming Our President for people dieing, He said applied correctly -it would help !
    Great job Mr.Trump ! 🙂 !

  11. Dr. Fauci is in bed with big Pharma, he’s pushing for a vaccine, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai has exposed him! The president is being led by this fraud, not very discerning of him, maybe we should fire him?

    • You mean fire Fauci, right?!?!?! Yes, Fauci, Gates, WHO director are globalists.. They want a one world government, referred to as a new World Order. This is not a theory. Look up the Bilderberg group. They even have a website. They’re no longer hiding in the shadows, as they have in the past. These People are most-likely Affiliated with either the Tri-lateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group &/or the Illuminati (13 of the wealthiest ‘old money‘ families in the world; the Rockefeller’s, Rothchilds, Vanderbilts, among others). We know George Soros, the puppet master, is undoubtedly among their numbers as well, among a plethora of others.


  12. Wow that is totally awesome and Dr. Fauci is a fraud he never did a study on Hydroxychoriquine and that was a crime I Hope he is found out to be a fraud a lot of lies are lost because he did nothing with this drug

    • Fauci also was responsible for the NIH giving $3.7 million to the Wuhan lab studying bats and coronaviruses. He is at least partially responsible for this global horror.


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