What’s Biden Hiding? ABC Grills DHS Chief Over Lack of Press Access At U.S. Border Amid Record Migrant Surge

(Tea Party PAC) – Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas flailed around a bit as he tried to explain the crisis happening right now at the Southern border and the reason why the Biden administration is keeping the media away from the area.

According to Infowars, Mayorkas made an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” program where he walked back President Biden’s “open-border messaging” stating that the border is closed and secured. Well, uh, how are there so many unaccompanied minors getting into the country if the border is “closed” and “secured?” Hmm?

“The message is quite clear, do not come. The border is closed, the border is secure,” Mayorkas said to ABC host Martha Raddatz, going on to add that Biden has a “plan” to address the situation.

A migrant with a 10-year-old son told Raddatz “Biden promised that we could cross with minors.”

“She said she heard that because of President Biden, she would be welcome,” Raddatz said.

But then Raddatz reminded the DHS chief that the Biden administration was previously briefed by “career professionals in the DHS” about the potential crisis.

“Why were you not prepared for this?” she asked Mayorkas.

“We know how to address it. We have a plan, we are executing on our plan, and we will succeed. This is what we do,” he answered.

Raddatz then fired back by asking, “If you’ve got this great plan, why will you not let the media in? I understand privacy concerns, but will you let them in today or this week?”

Mayorkas stated that the reason the press is not being allowed in the area is because “we’re in the midst of a pandemic.” He then went on to assure Raddatz that the media will soon “see what’s going on in a border patrol station.”

Heck, even CNN is slamming Mayorkas, noting that Biden not appearing in a press conference since moving into the White House has added to the concerns about this administration not being transparent.

“Despite calls of transparency from the Biden administration, reporters and photographers have not been allowed inside the facilities where thousands of unaccompanied children are being kept, similar to jail-like conditions,” CNN anchor Pamela Brown stated.

“Between what’s happened at the border and the fact the president has not held a formal press conference, this battle with the press appears to be entirely of their own making,” she continued.

Wow. Shocking. The mainstream media actually doing its job? This has to be a fluke.

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  1. Moyorkas says there is no gag order for the Border Patrol talking to the media or taking pics of these detention centers, but they say they are gagged.


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