Acting DNI Grenell Drops Big Hint As To What We Can Expect To Come Out On Flynn Case Next

(Tea Party PAC) – This week, failed presidential candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) lashed out at outgoing Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, and newly-confirmed DNI John Ratcliffe, who was just confirmed by the Senate.

He accused Grenell of a lack of transparency when it comes to the Michael Flynn case, but that backfired…quickly.

It all began when Daily Beast editor-in-chief Noah Schachtman tweeted out his most recent interview with Swalwell, in which the insufferable congressman said that he no longer trusts the ODNI and FBI to deliver the truth about the Russia Collusion scam.

As if we could trust Swalwell and the other Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee!

Swalwell’s comments came after recent documents confirmed that the Russia collusion investigation had been a complete hoax and an excuse on the part of the Obama administration to spy on the Trump campaign in 2016.

Amazingly, Swalwell and the very friendly Daily Beast are still standing behind the long debunked Russia hoax, even as the primary actors in the hoax could soon be looking at criminal charges.

Swalwell and The Daily Beast are obviously still shamelessly pushing the debunked Russia conspiracy.

And so Swalwell lashed out at Grenell and Ratcliffe.

It is certainly worthy of note that Swalwell praised the corrupt acting FBI director Wray, who seems to have spent the entirety of his time at the bureau covering for the Deep State.

Well, Grenell is not like Wray, and did not take this attack laying down.

He hit back with a very enticing hint as to what we can expect to come next.

Swalwell didn’t take the hint, however.

He then dared Grenell to release the Flynn-Kislyak phone call transcript, which we still have never seen, meaning that we don’t even know if Flynn even said what he was accused of having said.

Well, well, well.

It appears that’s in the cards.

That’s also precisely what Flynn allies, including his own lawyer, Sidney Powell, has called for!


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  5. The treason and sedition charges against all of them, starting with Obama, should begin immediately. These dimwitocrats belong in prison for life. How dare they try to over ride a legitimate election because they didn’t like the candidate. It’s obvious they were frightened about all their crimes coming to light. Mr. Barr said that this huge abuse of power, while horrible and unethical, may not rise to criminal charges. That’s too bad. I guess the cabal did just enough damage to our system to keep themselves out of prison. Vote Straight RED.

  6. Sadly if they get away with this crime there will be an outcry in this country not seen since the Revolutionary War and Civil War. They must all be prosecuted and soon. We cannot and will not stand for a double justice system.

  7. It will eventually come out that Obama and Hillary tried to over trough the Trump administration. The crime here is Treason, it is the worst political crime in our Country’s history. This doesn’t end until Obama, Hillary and others are on death row. Anything else is a white wash. The British government was also involved in this coup.

  8. DemocRATS the party of corruption & tyranny. They don’t do anything unless it puts money and/or power into their pockets. I would like to see Obummers records unsealed. What is he hiding ? Was he even eligible to be president ? This alone would blow democRATS forever away.

  9. The spying on Trump and his campaign is far worse than Watergate and yet no one is being held accountable. The corruption in Obamagate is like no other! Time to release all of their dirty deeds to the People of our Country. The Democrats many lies are hurting our Country.

  10. C’mon Eric, beat that dead horse! Beat it into dog food and maybe you can try and feed it to the American public – AGAIN.
    Trump 2020

  11. Correction- the movie Jimmy Stewart played in was actually “Mr Smith Goes to Washington” – GREAT MOVIE BTW

  12. I’m sure that if you’re over 50 years old you remember when someone told someone else they were a LIAR -that was a true slap in the face (literally at times) – it usually lead to a fistfight , gunfight or a duel !! Being called a LIAR meant that your honesty, character, reputation or honor had been trampled on. Have you noticed that NOWADAYS this literally means NOTHING to call a politician or a high level government official a LIAR – this word rolls off their backs like water off of a ducks back!!!! WHY is that ??? – it doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out. Not even for a Democrap. How REFRESHING it would be to have ALL members of our Congress to be like the character Jimmy Stewart played in the old classic movie – The Philadelphia Story – UNFORTUNATELY they’re mostly ALL like the ones trying to ruin him and his reputation AND to get him kicked out. Hmmm …. I smell a demoRAT who tried doing something like that to our President- that bunch of CORRUPT LIARS !!

  13. LOCK them ALL up! . . . Starting with OBAMA and work your way DOWN. Make SURE that they are LENGTHY sentences in FEDERAL PRISON. One DISGUSTED and Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  14. Grennell is resigning from his German Ambassador job.
    Hmm, maybe Trump has bigger ideas for Grennell. Like FBI director.
    That ought to ruin the kommiecrats’ day.

  15. All those who conceived, propagated, pushed, propagandized, and advertised this hoax were in cahoots and for good reason. Just what evil they’ve been trying to hide will be revealed soon and it will horrify any decent human being!
    Some will be imprisoned, some will be executed, all will deserve it.
    Sedition and treason are both capitol crimes and this should never be allowed to happen again!

  16. I just love it!!! Go Richard Grenell, for the truth is to Swalwell and the Democrats, just like ‘Holy Water’ is to movie vampires, it burns them.

    I noticed after Richard Grenell’s last statement to Swalwell on twitter, “Just compare your committee’s transcripts to your public statements”, that Swalwell didn’t reply with another tweet, proving just how truthful that statemment was, and how badly it showed Swalwell as the real liar he has been on every statement he makes about President Trump and all Republicans.

  17. The above comment is the correct one there Anas’s to be accountability for these actions against the President and his cabinet members . These members of the congress and senate that have gone on and on for the last 3 years publicly that they have information and have witnesses information that the President and cabinet members have been colluding with Russia in our elections and that the president is an asset of the Russian Goverment should be put under oath so that they can tell the truth or face perjury charges . We now have a shadow Goverment with more assets than our elected President . This shadow government has AI that is designed to use against Radical Islamic terrorist like ISIS and is now being used against our President for rapid responding disinformation , don’t forget Fake news and leaking rats like FBI former director James Comey CIA Director John Brennan and NSA Director James Clapper . This shadow government headed by Barack Obama has done eminence harm to our country and of our Senate would ever put a bill on the floor to hold a hearing under oath so the American public can see these liars squirm and admit what they have known and done since this Preidaent took office in 2016 .

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  19. We, the voting citizens of this Country, are listening to our JOD and the judicial and intelligence departments call each other’s liars. They all need to be under oath because the only thing we need to know is which one is guilty. All who lied should be jailed and banished from serving in the government for the rest of their life.

    • I agree with Edmond, heads should role, never to serve in public office or it’s admin of any kind. A slap on the wrist is giving permission to continue. Like Pelosi & Schiff. A swift kick ib the ass right out of office & into prison instead of allowing this bullshit to fester for years. Rire Bill Barr.

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