Activists Call On Small Businesses To Open In Defiance Of COVID Lockdowns… After Biden’s Inauguration

(Tea Party PAC) – Since March of 2020 the American people have been at the mercy of tyrannical state executives who have no regard for the Constitution or our livelihoods.

COVID-19 lockdowns have truly reached a level of absurdity few people could have ever thought possible in the freest country in the world.

Small business owners have been disproportionately hurt by individual state’s virus “mitigation” efforts. Restaurants and bars have been forced to comply with unreasonable capacity restrictions and curfews while many other small businesses have been forced to stay completely closed down.

These lockdowns on small businesses have all gone on while big box stores and corporate America have been allowed to continue to operate nearly unimpeded. You can bet Wal-Mart hasn’t lost a single penny in profit over the course of 2020. If anything these massive stores have majorly profited on the suffering of small businesses.

Now, a grassroots effort is calling on all businesses across America to defy COVID-19 lockdown orders and open their doors at full capacity on Jan. 21, 2021, the day after Joe Biden is installed illegitimately as President of the United States.

Activists are organizing the effort at and are encouraging all businesses to participate in order to be effective. They are calling on business owners to participate in a “nationwide display of civil disobedience.”

“All across the country, small business owners are forced to make a choice: Obey local covid restrictions, or feed their families,” a summary at the website states. “On 1.21.2021, that will forever change.”

The organizers are asking ALL businesses of any kind to open fully while mitigating COVID risks at their own discretion. They say, “There is power in numbers and the only way this will be a success is if YOU participate.”

They are definitely correct there. It’s past time for conservatives and freedom-loving Americans to step up and organize mass movements in order to fight back against the left’s assault on our freedoms and liberties.

This is just one great way we can start working towards mass resistance to the radical left and make no mistake about it, there needs to be mass resistance from we, the people, or the left is going to have turned the United States into a socialist, communist country in no time.

According to a flyer for the movement, businesses are encouraged to show their participation by displaying photos of their re-opened business accompanied by the hashtag #OpenYourBiz “so we can show the world that our businesses are essential.”

The movement has been announced after news that the state of New Jersey seized all the company assets, amounting to $165,000, from a local gym because the gym’s owner refused to comply with state lockdowns.

Also, as we have anticipated since before the election, blue states are already announcing they plan to ease up on restrictions now that Joe Biden will be inaugurated. It doesn’t seem to matter that COVID cases are still skyrocketing. The entire charade has been about politics the entire time.

We sincerely hope that businesses all across the country take a stand and re-open. It isn’t up to the government to decide who is permitted to make a living and who isn’t. It’s time for the American people to stand up and take back our government, which is supposed to be by the people, for the people.

Copyright 2020.


  1. “DNP”!!!!!…..Do NOT PAY ANY fine, ticket, citation, or ILLEGALLY MANDATED/ FAUX “fees” of ANY KIND!!….Time to FIGHT!!….THIS……is…….TOTAL WAR!!!

  2. We really are not going to have a real President, just a Crooked Clown running America with a Laughing Idiot acting like
    A Vice President. President Trump is the
    President and I guess will have to let these
    Two play and Destroy the White House for
    the next four years. Two people running the
    Country without any Respect for either one of
    them . God Bless the USA , we sure need it


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