Actor Robert Redford Calls For Trump’s Presidency To Be Brought To An End; What He Said Is Proof He’s Not Playing With A Full Deck

(Tea Party PAC) – Hollywood has no shortage of insanity leaking out of it these days, especially when it comes to radical leftists who really hate President Trump. Thus, when one of these “crusaders” for the progressive agenda opens their mouth and spits something wacky out, it’s not really a big surprise.

Yet, sometimes, just sometimes, there’s something so crazy that’s spoken that your mouth hangs open and you have to shake your head at the condition some of these folks are in, all because they disagree with the president. Trump Derangement Syndrome is really, y’all.

Actor Robert Redford recently accused Trump of launching a “dictator-like attack” on the values of the United States, stating his presidency is a “monarchy in disguise” that must come to an end quickly.

Somebody just went cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

In an op-ed published Tuesday for NBC News’ THINK opinion section, the 83-year-old actor called on leaders on both sides of the political divide to remove Trump from office.

“We’re up against a crisis I never thought I’d see in my lifetime: a dictator-like attack by President Donald Trump on everything this country stands for,” wrote Redford.

“It’s time for Trump to go — along with those in Congress who have chosen party loyalty over their oath to ‘solemnly affirm’ their support for the Constitution of the United States. And it’s up to us to make that happen, through the power of our votes.”

The actor added that he was willing to give Trump a chance to prove himself when he was elected president in 2016, but has since concluded he is a threat to the United States.

“When Trump was elected, though he was not my choice, I honestly thought it only fair to give the guy a chance,” he explained. “And like many others, I did. But almost instantly he began to disappoint and then alarm me. I don’t think I’m alone.”

“What is happening, right now, is so deeply disturbing that instead of the United States of America, we are now defined as the Divided States of America,” he continued. “Leaders on both sides lack the fundamental courage to cross political aisles on behalf of what is good for the American people.”

Redford also appeared to compare Trump’s presidency to World War II, the Watergate crisis, and the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001.

It is not the first time that Redford has expressed his fears about the catastrophic consequences of Trump’s presidency. In an op-ed for TIME magazine in April, he warned that impeaching the president would be pointless unless he changes course on the matter of climate change as there “will be no planet to live on.”

Robert Redford remains one of Hollywood’s most decorated actors and filmmakers, and in 2016 was even awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for services to entertainment. However, last year he moaned that he now feels “out of place” in America due to the “bigotry” and “mean-spiritedness” of the country’s politics.

Okay, so Trump has done absolutely nothing that would resemble the kind of shenanigans you’d see come out of a dictatorship or a monarchy. Whatever it is that Redford is drinking, he better have brought enough for everyone because it must be some really good stuff.

The president has done a great job at reducing the size and scope of the federal government and its restrictions and regulations on businesses. He’s decreased the unemployment rate drastically, and his policies are starting to allow the free market to have room to do its job and balance things out.

That takes more freedom to accomplish, not less. Again, not sure what Redford is puffing on, but perhaps its time to put it down and go be sober for a bit.



  1. You would think .With the types of roles redford plays in his movies. He would be all for the things that trump has done for america in his first three years in office. While staving off all the ridiculous accusations by the democrats. He must be used to all the politicians, saying everything is just great. While the house is falling down. Well Trump is just calling it like he sees it. No bullshit. That is the way most people in the real world want to hear it. Didn’t know bobby was really a snowflake. Well bob, how about you pull up those big girl panties. And get over it.

  2. As far as division goes, when propaganda spews out countless lies and mainstream news tries to take the truth and spin it in a untrue way then throw it in everyone who wants to look no further-that’s where divided outlooks come to be, truth IS what matters, everyone should understand Donald loves this country, he is here for us, the citizens of the United States, if one looks at the incredible economy, the flourishing people’s lives, it’s done with a lot of thought (from the top) about all the people’s lives and what happens in our daily lives-the American citizens lives, Donald Trump does this, he connects fully with the people in our country!! Facts, deregulation less restriction, why couldn’t all these other politicians say and think dumping all of our billions annually over to other country’s with unfair trade practices? Why was it ok to have China steal our technology?
    As far as this climate thing goes America is doing so much good comparatively -we are doing our part and if anybody wants to rail on a bunch of over the top dumping in the air they should go out of our country, run to India or Mexico or China, horrible crap gets dumped in the air every hour, go there we’re doing great, would help if Cali could stop burning all that forest, you want to talk about monoxide whew!
    Finally, when you look at Democratic states they have so, so many problems it’s easy to see the PROOF of which way this country needs to continue, Donald Trump is the Greatest President standing for us, the people of America, in my lifetime I’ve never seen all the country do so well!!
    I sure as hell don’t want to change fantastic, why would we all want to do worse, let’s do as good and even better when the “do nothing Democrat’s” get off of this impeach lunacy and stop fighting good for the country, we’d all be getting along and we’d be prosperous as never before, this is what I want-you know which way I’m voting and all that know me who have wanting a good life for their families and our fellow Americans in their hearts, let’s keep the good that we have and build onto it.
    Socialism=Corruption=Fleecing of everyone in America=Democrats!!

  3. Wouldn’t it be great if the Hollywood elitists cleaned up their own corrupt Hollywood house first before lecturing others on how to clean up theirs? Let’s see, who should people listen to about real life? A soldier, a priest, an iron worker, a nurse, a carpenter, an electrician, a steel worker, a janitor, etc., or an actor? Tough choice. Truth is, there is only one of these who pretends to be someone that they’re not for a living.

  4. Where do these IDIOTS that have spent their entire lives like CHILDREN living in their world of “MAKE BELIEVE ” think they have the sense to try to tell another person how to act-run their lives or for that matter anything? The only reality they have ever dealt with is some screen writers script that they have followed for instructions to play out the make believe part no matter how small or important! That they some how start to believe has something to do with their delusional idea of life and what an important person they have become! For sure they have become legends in their own minds and need a doctors help to explain to them that they aren’t really who they think they are! SICKING situation!!!!!

  5. He’s Brain Fried. It’s just a matter of time before his body follows suit. May he rest in peace until they cover him over….

  6. Robert, if President Trump was not your Choice for President, who was? Lying Hillary, This really doesn’t say Much for your Ability or your intellect to judge what is best for our Country, I’m sure this article has disappointed a lot of your fans, I’m ashamed for you, it seems you have just down graded your professionalism to the level of Robert De Niro who sits at the bottom of the Barrel with his vulgarity, I suspect with this statement and your unconcerned for What’s best for America, you have lost a lot of fans, maybe you figure that’s alright because you’ve already got yours

  7. It”s really sad Hollywood has lost their mind which is nothing that we didn’t already know but it exterminly disappointing that Robert Redford has lost his mind .

  8. I assume that the hand feels good shoved in the back of Redford. When crazy does not quite work as an operating parameter you opt for totally insane. Redford and his opinion is as worthless as entering a store and trying to purchase an item with no means to pay for it. In his case his comments can be likened to him directing a brain surgery procedure. He is unqualified. As the saying goes for this case, “stay in your lane. You are an actor and your uninformed opinion further demonstrates a lack of intelligence. Just because you have gotten older certainly in respect to you as an individual person has not shown you matured or gotten any bit smarter. Sorry Robert your opinion on this subject irrelevant! You merely have a podium to foist your foolish comments because of your Hollywierd status. You do not represent America except in your small mind and that small world of 1984 California.

  9. Since all actors ( good or bad) survive or fall on their ability to read a script and play
    act, I am wondering who wrote the vile script for Redford ? Also, I am wondering why
    Redford would follow that script. To call Donald Trump a dictator is not only vile, it is
    blatantly false. To accuse Trump and the Republicans of dividing the country is equally blatantly false. His hate for Trump ( like the other biased actors), suggests
    they are part and parcel of that division. Wouldn’t it be great if Redford sat down with our President face to face and stated his exact words to President Trump ?
    That won’t happen of course . Bottom line…who gives a damn what Redford or any other actor has to say ? Trump is the greatest president we have ever had.
    We would be fortunate to have him for 5 more years. Let’s make it happen.

  10. I like Robert Redford movies, I think he should stick to those and keep his mouth shut. Where was he when Obama was ruining this country and the constitution. President Trump has done more for our country than any President before him. I bet Redford is loving his portfolio ever since Trump became President. There is more to a country than Climate Change. Actually, there’s NO such thing as Climate Change. But, that is what the liberals believe. Even though they leave trash everywhere after they have an event or something. TRUMP 2020

    • Climate change is real, just not the way it is trying to be sold. After all, we have mountains and valleys because of an ice age and then it got warmer. In a few thousand years, we will probably have another ice age. It got warmer after the last ice age and automobiles and factories had not been invented. So what caused the last one?

  11. I have great respect for Robert Redford’s work and all the good things he has done. I disagree with his assessment of the governmental problem we are experiencing. The long serving politicians and the lifetime bureaucrats are the biggest threat to the rule of law. The founding fathers put together the best government ever conceived at the time of their work. If we had them back today and with the authority to update their work. I believe several changes would be made, the first most obvious change needed is to impose term limits on all elected officials.
    The congress and deep state are out of control of the american people and the rule of law. They are the ones we need to bring under control.

    • I have no respect for him or his acting will not waste my time or money on his movies. He can go down the road kicking horse turds as far as I’m concerned.

  12. Easy to understand Bobby Red’s outrage. Another Bobby, Bobby Diniro(whom many wish would be be Di far awayo), is Red’s political and spiritual advisor. Both men, were heavily influenced by Bette Middler during the years they all lived together in Cher’s garage.

  13. It looks to me that he and his friends in Hollywood are playing with a full deck of all jokers ! Where he’s just suffering from brain rot !

  14. What happened to you Robert? America is finally great again and getting better. Get out of Hollywood and see the real people thriving for once in many years.

  15. Please not Robert Redford. I always thought he was one of the few Hollywood actors who was an adult. Please people these are just overpaid self important narcissistic people.


  17. Like most Hollywood elite that can’t possibly understand the little guy’s situation, he has no idea! Hollywood should shut up & color!
    Who cares what this over paid population thinks! So Hollywood, shut up & color as you aren’t living in reality!

  18. Another one of the demented dimwit obstructionist immoral unholywood demoncrats spews his unAmerican hateful rhetoric against the best thing that has happened to Washington in 50 years. Ms. Redfart, you are an “actor” so you are use to living a lie.

  19. u are big dumb cancer demofart tell what hell ur cancer party did for meadle class s hole the hollywood is the whore house and u whores living in it u all skunk swamp u thing ur shits do not stink u all trash no braine far for politic all crackheads how many of die ovrdose robert dumb dumb this man fix our economy u never falt economy was bad umade mony on moves u far far from politics u all whores f eachothers wifes

  20. Robert Redford must have busted his brains out when he jumped over that cliff in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He’s just one of the idiot’s from Hollywood trying to hide the trashy thing’s that they feel is normal an just. Well chief you can take it up when you get upstairs. Sorry but you are wrong this time .

  21. Redford has no compassion for the POOR …. his Hollywood Values leave a lot to be desired! With Trump the POOR has gained record employment and pay increase for the first time in over 50 years!

  22. The truth is that Robert Redford and the rest of the insane liberal Democrats are not playing with a full deck. President Trump has done good for our great country. Trump made promises to make America Great and kept his promises. Democrats are socialist – communist – progressive liars who want to tear America down and destroy our great American values. Donald Trump speaks the truth which is why the democrats hate him so much.

  23. Totally ludicrous.The bigots are members of the democrat party including Omar and other members of the ” squad’. if president Trump is a dictator he has accomplished much including,a great economy,low un-enployment, lower drug prices.the prevention of cruelty to animals ,and of course his strong support of Israel. May I say he is my type of dictator!!
    A deplorable.

  24. IT seem wealthy Robert Redford has no compassion for the POOR! Like he resents that the POOR made real economic gains this past year for the first time in over 50 years …. most like he feels bad for the super wealthy like himself since they did not make economic gains this year ….. As CHOPPER PILOT said Redford has TRASH VALUES!

  25. Liberal Hollywood wanna be’s should keep there comments to
    Themselves , 60 million of us love our President now we no longer
    Like you actors who live in a fantasy world and not the real world. If you live in America your president is Donald J Trump, if you don’t like it Leave

  26. He is in the same category as insane Robert Dinasaur, delusional skitzo! What a clown! I used to like Reford, but all those good looks kind of went to his head and caused his brain cells to disappear. Grow up Robbie and your crazy colleague, too who wouldn’t know a good thing if it came nose to nose with him.

  27. Apparently Mr Redford has been holding his breath and is getting desperate.
    Turning blue and drumming his heels feels like the Universe centers on him, but he needs to come up for air. He’s a good actor and producer, and if he tries to be a garbologist or a socio-political guru we will miss his real talents.
    [IOW: Don’t quit your day job, Bob. It pays you more than it costs to replace you.]

  28. Who cares what an actor says? Half of them in Hollywood live in a different world and should stay in their world and not venture out into the real world. These lefty leaning liberals if not stopped would work to bring the USA down.

  29. Robert Redford’s comments are a clear indication of what happens to people who listen to Communist Style propaganda from the mainstream media outlets and much of social media. I’m sure that he is a good person but he clearly shows signs of being brainwashed by the liberal unbalanced media and influencers. There is not a shred of truth in what he states. The scary part is that he is not the only one afflicted with the inability to see the truth from the liberal communist style propaganda and tactics.

    • TruthSeeker : You were overly flattering to Robert Redford, by saying that you think he “is a good person.” The best source of truth is the Bible, in which Jesus Christ said, “You shall know them by their fruits.” The fruits produced by this actor include his demeaning of President Trump, as well as Redford’s opposition to good morals, and Redford’s support of nonsensical ideas of “global warming” and “one world government.” Redford is a leftist, through and through. I have to differ with your statement of calling him “a good person.” He is NOT !!!

  30. It’s a shame to see such an accomplished and decorated performer, director and producer be reduced to this mental state. What a shame. President Trump please keep doing what you are doing.

  31. President Trump has spent 3 years dodging bullets and rocks from the Democrats and has been governing this Country while doing it. He gets no respect and no cooperation from the Democrat House. I don’t see where a he acts like a Dictator or a Monarchy, but any legislation he tries to enact is always denied my the Congress, so he needs to push it through. It is the Democrats that are be subversive and causing ciaos in our country.

  32. Been living too long in the hills and associating with fellow liberals too long ! He is
    entitled to his opinions – but why do the count so much more than people with the
    degrees and experience ? Oh that’s right [email protected] He’s an actor whose talent is reading
    prepared scripts and play acting that he is someone else. I know he’s go the money
    and the past behind him – so he’s famous and he is “news” plus a “legend in his own mind”

    • And a permeant resident of make believe land. The film people just know how to make believe. That is what they do for a living.

  33. Well Finally someone tells the truth. Yes, the country is more divided then ever, remember is one nation under God, and created by God,, not donald trump. Happy thanksgiving everyone.


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