Adam Schiff Claims Presidents Shouldn’t Ask DOJ To Investigate Political Rivals…But Guess What He Thinks About Russia Investigation?

(Tea Party PAC) – Give. Me. A. Break.

Does someone become a liberal because they have absolutely no conception of what a double-standard looks like, or is that just what happens when you become a liberal?

Either way, these people are shameless.

And none more so than Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who actually told the Senate that it would be wrong for a president to ask the DOJ to investigate a political rival.

With a straight face.

Literally right before defending former President Barack Obama for doing exactly the same thing when candidate Trump was running!

The remark came during the first two days of questions and answers from Senators in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Schiff was responding to a question from Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) posing the hypothetical question as to whether Obama would have had the authority to investigate suspected corruption by a son of Mitt Romney when Romney and Obama were running against each other in 2012.

Schiff dismissed the hypothetical, going on to argue that a president should not be asking the DOJ to investigate a rival.

As Breitbart reported last week, Schiff wrote for the Washington Post in April of 2019:

Counterintelligence investigations differ from criminal investigations in their means, scope and ultimate disposition. Their goal is not successful prosecutions, but to identify and mitigate threats to national security. If a foreign power possessed compromising information on a U.S. government official in a position of influence, that is a counterintelligence risk. If a foreign power possessed leverage, or the perception of it, over the president, that is a counterintelligence nightmare.

When Trump attorney Jay Sekulow noted that Trump had been subject to exactly the kind of investigation that the Obama administration had initiated under Operation Crossfire Hurricane.


Schiff is on the record backing up this investigation.

What did I say?

Nothing but double-standards from these folks, and they don’t even seem to try to hide it!


  1. The Democrats have continuously and shamelessly lied to the citizens sadly there are a lot many followers that repeat their lies. I cannot understand the hatred they all feel for our President. I had to stop watching the sham. Impeachment trial after two days because pencil neck and do nothing Nadler are such hypocrites and LIARS that I was getting sick to my stomach. They are already announcing another impeachment! Maxine Watters said so 😡🤬🤬🤬

    • You mean”Auntie” has a second impeachment coming?Hasnt she been calling for his impeachment since the first season of the apprentice? Funny how trump wasn’t a racist/xenophobic/islamaphobe until he bothered to beat Hillary

  2. Should rip all career politicians out of office, especially the dems, the left has completely lost their minds and so many on the right are afraid to do anything. It’s time for another revolution, that’s why the founders gave us the second amendment.

  3. shiffty said yesterday trump should be attraid of bolton book he knows what in it did he get copy from voto coln brothers were ever he got from its against law you have it and exspose it if he did not read it or get it how many 100 0f times you knowing lie to senate befor it is perjury this is a joke

  4. If all of these traitors of this country that took part in the attempted coup of President Trump are not tried for treason, and if found guilty are not executed, then congress should pass a resolution to apologize to all the others who were executed by this country; such as the Rosenberg’s ,Benedict Arnold etc. This would be a perfect insurance policy policy to prevent this from ever happing again. This attempt has caused for more harm to this country than what any of the others had done.


  5. why on earth are Schumer,Nadler,Pelosi,and the rest of the dinosaurcrats that were PRESENT at the last impeachment,STILL in office,THEY are the BEST reason for term limits,THEY ARE THE SWAMP!!…and that term “career politician” shouldn’t even exist.NOBODY should be allowed to remain in office that long,that is WHY they are so arrogant and think that they can make up rules as they see fit, liberals are little brat kids in grown up bodies “it’s not fair!!,whining all the time when they don’t get their way.I pray for the day they all get voted out of office.God Bless President Trump for Getting things done,even while being relentlessly attacked since taking office.4 more years VOTE!!! (p.s. How does Adam Schifft KNOW he’s never met the whistleblower or talked to the whistleblower?,he couldn’t possibly KNOW that for certain UNLESS he knew who the whistleblower is)

  6. Adam Schiff is a known liar, a hypocrite and a bigot. He’s an embarrassment as a Member of Congress. He thinks he and his Liberal Socialist Democratic Party are ABOVE THE LAW. It’s been 3 years of Lies, Conspiracies, Bribery, Corruption and Crimes perpetrated by the Democrats under the Treasonous Guidance of Adam Schiff. HAD ENOUGH, we must remove these Democratic hypocrites and RINO’s from Congress in 2020.

  7. I want to see Schiff, peelosi, nipple head Nadler, pooper scooper schumer, obughole, all of the FBI CIA the Ole DOJ Irs and who ever might be guilty all standing on the gibbert blubbering just before they drop oh and we can’t forget the hag bag clintoon

  8. Liberalism IS a mental dysfunction. Adam Schiff is among the worst case I’ve ever witnessed. It manifests itself in the imprinting of one’s own human failings and proclivities onto other people, to the complete exclusion that the sufferer, is in fact the failed specimen that they deem others to be. His affliction has unfortunately rendered him incapable of the judgement and objectivity required to functionally discharge his duties as a legislator.

  9. Shifty Shiff is one huge hypocrite! Even the more reasonable Demo’s understand this and that is why he will have oppossition in his primary election.

  10. Shifty shit face spent the week emoting before the cameras looking for an Oscar nomination,,,,his so called facts are riddled with holes you could drive a tank through…..he had no facts,,,no firsthand knowledge of anything,,,,except his whistleblower buddy that he coached,,,,,and as far as a fair trial,,,,,let’s look back at an inquiry with 17 witnesses that could not be questioned by the presidents legal team,,,,NO!!!! Conservative witnesses could be called,,,,,the whistleblower was never questioned by anyone but shifty,,,,,I smell dead fish surrounding the demos,,,,,this was a national disgrace and if I was a Democrat,,,,I would be absolutely ashamed to admit that ,,,,,

  11. This won’t be the end. After this sham kangaroo court fails they will find something else to start another impeachment against President Trump. The dumbocrats have drug this country, the President and us Trump supporters through the mud hole where they live. November can’t come fast enough. The only way to stop this insanity in our government is to vote them out and the RINOS who support them. But beware the dumbocrats have sunk as low as think. They will pull out all the stops know what they have in mind should surprise us.

  12. Pelosi and dirty schiff–talk from both sides of their mouth–from what I read –it is wrong for someone else to do something wrong–but OK if they(pelosi and schiff) do it. Talk about double standards. Time they both serve some jail time for their breaking US Laws.


  14. Schiff looks like a gray….ALIEN…Hard to cover that up…Sounds like a Traitor & acts like he is an un-intellegent being. Scarrrry.

  15. But it’s ok for dems to launch two investigations into an elected President to try and stop him from getting a second term. Strange?

  16. Polosi and Schiff are crooks and should be recalled.
    Long Live POTUS Donald J. Trump, the most Superlative POTUS this country has ever had.
    While you’re at it, get rid of Schumer and that little toad Nadler too.


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