Adam Schiff’s Day Gets Totally Ruined By Ambassador Volker’s Impeachment Testimony; Here’s What He Said

(Tea Party PAC) – There’s nothing more satisfying to see right now than one of the radical leftist members of the House on the warpath against President Trump in the impeachment scandal get deflated by not hearing what they want to hear from a witness testifying in the proceedings.

This recently happened with the mastermind behind the current impeachment inquiry, House Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff. Former Ambassador Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison, a senior national security aide and Russian expert testified on Tuesday and absolutely ruined Schiff’s day.

Here’s what they had to say via Gateway Pundit:

Ambassador Volker ruined Adam Schiff and Democrats in his opening statement.

Volker immediately told the American audience that at NO TIME was he a part of an effort to investigate Joe Biden.

Ambassador Volker: “At no time was I aware of or knowingly took part in an effort to urge Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Biden. As you know from the extensive real time documentation I have provided Vice President Biden was NOT a topic of our discussions.”

That about says it all right there.

Here’s a little bit of what kings of fake news CNN took away from the testimony delivered on Tuesday. Keep your eyes peeled for liberal bias:

On Tuesday, the House’s ongoing impeachment investigation held its third day of public hearings — featuring National Security Council Ukraine expert Alexander Vindman and Jennifer Williams, a member of Vice President Mike Pence’s staff.

The afternoon hearing featured former US Special Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison, the former top Russia and Europe adviser on President Donald Trump’s National Security Council.

I watched the hearings and took notes — so you don’t have to! Below, the biggest moments from the hearing, as they happened.

Even before Vindman or Williams had said a word, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (California) sought to warn his Republican colleagues against attacking either of the witnesses.

Of Vindman, who received a Purple Heart after being wounded by an IED in Iraq, Schiff said: “We have seen far more scurrilous attacks on your character, and watched as certain personalities on Fox have questioned your loyalty. I note that you have shed blood for America, and we owe you an immense debt of gratitude.”

Noting that Trump had attacked both Williams and Vindman, Schiff later added, “I hope no one on this committee will become part of those vicious attacks.”

Will Schiff’s warning change how Republicans will handle Vindman and Williams? Probably not. But it makes clear that Democrats will not let any attacks on either witness simply pass.

Listening to the opening statement of Rep. Devin Nunes (California), you’d be forgiven if you thought that Tuesday’s hearing was an examination of the national media and its role in politics and policy.

Nunes claimed that the media was responsible for, among other things, pushing the idea that Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign colluded with the Russians (the Department of Justice decided to open the investigation, not the media) and working with Democrats to drum up controversy surrounding Ukraine (the witnesses called so far in the impeachment investigation have been members of the Trump administration.)

Nunes also used his opening statement to defend a series of columns written by John Solomon, a former columnist for The Hill newspaper, raising questions about the conduct of Joe and Hunter Biden’s activities in Ukraine. “Now that Solomon’s reporting is a problem for the Democrats, it’s a problem for the media as well,” said Nunes. (The Hill is in the midst of an investigation into Solomon’s columns.)

How much did Nunes actually talk about the facts of the Ukraine investigation or the witness testimony we were going to hear? Uh, not much.

Yeah, that’s about all that we can stomach of CNN around these parts, so we’re moving on now.

Wasn’t it simply glorious to see this testimony and know that it took the wind right out of Schiff’s sails? That should bring a smile to every conservative’s face for the rest of the day.



  1. Did anyone notice the length of the closing arguments made by both Devin Nunes and Adam Schiff? Nunes’s was concise and brief compared to the long-winded and redundant remarks by the Chairman. Whose argument was more compelling and believable? In deciding, I’m reminded of something Shakespeare once wrote to decipher the truth: “if one protest too much”, they’re trying to convince and justify THEMSELVES as to their own righteousness. And in listening to both, it’s easy to see who is protesting more!

  2. When a person stands for the truth, that is character, and being in any organization no matter if it is a military person it is also honor, when anyone see something that as a trained professional that is not right, they should report it, if more of that went on in this USA we would have less crime.
    To denigrate a person for doing what they are suppose to do is as criminal as robbing a bank, and most know that.

  3. Everything accusatory from democrats is hearsay or opinion, not fact. The facts are contained in written video, or heard and witness-confirmed information. Facts are available,but democrats and the media use obfuscation and propaganda. The public is aware of the systemic corruption of the Democrat Party.

    • Yes. Totally ruined, obviously. (roll eyes)
      Trump seems tweeted out, for now.
      Maybe he had carpal thumb syndrome, requiring hospital evaluation and treatment.


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