Adam Schiff’s Staff Says No To Meeting Senior Citizens; The Reason Why Is Beyond Absurd

(Tea Party PAC) – Staff members for Rep. Adam Schiff, the guy who is trying his darnedest to make sure President Trump gets impeached over this whole Ukraine fiasco — along with Speaker Pelosi — apparently refused to meet with a group of ten senior citizens who are not big fans of the impeachment effort against the president at Schiff’s office in Burbank.


Because of a “new police on security.”


Here are the details from Breitbart:

The group, which included several constituents of Schiff’s 28th congressional district, Trump supporters, and Tea Party activists, had informed Schiff’s staff ahead of time that they would be coming. They carried home-made signs that read, “Don’t Impeach!”, “Pink Slip for Adam Schiff!”, and “Schiff, is a Shifty Character and a Liar!” They also carried a document listing 200 of Trump’s accomplishments, as part of their opposition to impeachment.

The protest was live-streamed on Breitbart News’ Facebook page, reaching over 200,000 viewers in two hours.

After holding a demonstration on the sidewalk in front of the office building housing Schiff’s office, the group went inside and attempted to meet with Schiff’s staff. Finding the door locked, they rang the doorbell. They were told that they could leave comments for the congressman on cards in the hallway, but that a “new policy” prevented staff from venturing out into the hallway, or inviting the demonstrators inside Schiff’s office, for “security” reasons.

Above: Adam Schiff protest (Joel Pollak/Breitbart News)

Wow. Would you look at that group of hardcore criminal rebel rousers. After seeing this group of hooligans it makes total sense that Schiff wouldn’t want to meet with him. Who’s to say they wouldn’t drop a scoop of Metamucil in his coffee when he wasn’t looking?

Schiff, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, is leading the “impeachment inquiry” into the president, though that inquiry has yet to be authorized by a vote of the House of Representatives, as per House precedent.

What it all comes down to is that Schiff is just another cog in the progressive wheel who wants to be re-elected, therefore, he’s following the Democratic Party anti-Trump program to the letter, no exceptions. It’s not hard to understand why when you get that the only thing the left seems to care about is retaining power for themselves at all costs.

You see, the progressive movement has a definitive vision for the future of our republic, one that involves massive and complete consolidation of power in the hands of the federal government. They think we don’t possess the proper knowledge and intelligence to make good choices — their choices in other words — without their approval and help.

We should all just sit back and let them handle everything. The government is here to help, didn’t you know that? In reality, they want power and money at your expense, setting themselves up as a ruling class over the rest of us commoners.

It’s disturbing.

This is why they don’t want to have civil discourse about the issues facing our nation and are unwilling to open their minds to alternative solutions to those issues. Let’s hope Trump gets a second term to help keep America on the right track.



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