After Liking Posts From The NRA, Trump, This Campus Police Chief Found Himself On Leave

(Tea Party PAC) – There has never been an era of political prosecution this severe in our nation since the McCarthy era.

Ironically, now those who oppose communism are the ones finding themselves targeted by vicious liberal thought police.

The new joint campus police chief of Mount Holyoke College and Smith College in Massachusetts has been placed on leave after students took issue with his personal Twitter account.

The police chief apparently liked tweets from the NRA and President Donald Trump, so he might as well have been posting “death to America” and ISIS beheading videos, right?

Actually, that might not have attracted so much outrage, now that I think about it.

Students at the colleges expressed fear for their own safety upon learning that their campuses’ police chief, Daniel Hect, supported the duly elected President and a political advocacy group supporting the constitutional rights of all Americans.

Apparently, our democratic system and constitutional rights make these snowflakes feel “unsafe.”

Both colleges have announced that He is now on administrative leave.

“In one tweet Hect liked, Twitter user pjwolf01 wrote, ‘Stay the course Pres. Trump,’ and in another, Twitter user Lonewold2347 wrote, ‘BUILD THAT WALL!!’ He also liked a tweet from the National Rifle Association that said, ‘The National Rifle Association wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas!’” whines a recent article in Smith College’s student newspaper, The Sophian.

The Sophian also went on to note that the students at Mount Holyoke “rose up on social media” against Hect after returning from spring break.

“After this backlash from students, Hect met with representatives from Mount Holyoke’s Student Government Association and held a Q&A session with them,” the newspaper continued. “After the meeting and community forum, Hect sent an email to the student body in response.”

The Sophian reports that Hect sent an email to the students, addressing their concerns with his Twitter activity, in which he explained that he is “committed to dedicating [him]self and the entire campus police force to being a positive influence on campus safety,” and would partake in “listening sessions” to hear the students out.

“However, many Smith and Mount Holyoke students are still deeply concerned, frustrated and angry,” the paper continued, noting that many students created “chalk messages” to sound the alarm against this honorable officer of the law who was dedicated to keeping them safe and “educate the Smith community about these concerns.”


“Over the past few weeks, members of our community have expressed concerns about the ability of Chief Daniel Hect to develop the level of trust required to engage in community policing,” Mount Holyoke College president Sonya Stephens said in a recent statement.

“In light of this, Chief Hect, who leads campus police at Mount Holyoke and Smith Colleges, has been placed on administrative leave,” she added.

Kathleen McCartney, president of Smith College, released a similar statement on Wednesday to her campus community.

“In recent weeks, members of our campus community have voiced a lack of trust in recently appointed Campus Police Chief Daniel Hect, who leads campus police at Smith and Mount Holyoke colleges,” McCartney’s statement said. “Similar concerns have been raised at Mount Holyoke. In light of these concerns, the colleges have placed Chief Hect on administrative leave.”

Breitbart News, who reported on the matter, was unable to confirm the police chief’s Twitter activity which attracted so much scrutiny as he appears to have deleted his Twitter account.

These snot-nose snowflake students are absolute idiots, I’m sorry. Here is a man whose job it is to keep their campus safe, and no doubt they’d feel far more unsafe without a police presence on campus than knowing that he has –gasp!–personal political opinions, same as any other American.

This is beyond absurd.