After Running Blatant Hit Piece, Mike Lindell Hits Back Against The Daily Mail With Lawsuit (VIDEO)

(Tea Party PAC) – When Mike Lindell decided to go from pillow pioneer to political advocate for President Trump, he put a massive target right on his back.

Cancel culture has come for Lindell but he’s not backing down and why should he? He’s a born-again Christian and solid believer with faith that could move mountains. If God is for him, who can be against him?

We’re thankful that Lindell has no plans to succumb to the left’s absurd cancel culture and their relentless attacks especially because they’re really turning things up.

First they came for his business. Kohls, Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond and others announced within the last week that they will no longer be carrying Lindell’s My Pillows. Some of these retailers attempted to justify the discontinuation by saying that the pillows and other My Pillow products weren’t meeting sales expectations but we all know the truth.

Next they went after his character. The UK’s The Daily Mail ran a story in which they accused Lindell of having an inappropriate affair with actress Jane Krakowski, whom he has never even met.

Clearly this was a hit piece to discredit Lindell and tarnish his reputation and integrity and Lindell isn’t taking it. He’s hired powerhouse attorney Charles Harder to go after the Daily Mail and restore Lindell’s reputation.

Not only did The Daily Mail’s hit piece accuse him of being involved with Krakowski but it also alleged the affair, in which he supposedly lured her with alcohol, happened in the Hamptons and in the West Village, two places he has never even been.

On Monday, Lindell spoke to Steve Bannon on Bannon’s show the War Room about the lawsuit against The Daily Mail.

Despite the fact that Krakowski has publicly stated that she has never met Lindell and called the story out as being totally false and made-up, that simply won’t cut it for Lindell.

“…I’m not going for just a retraction, I’m going for the damage they did to my Lindell Recovery Network where they’re involved with addiction and all these lies they told when I was never, I never met the woman. I’ve never been in the West Village. I’ve never been to the Hamptons. I’m learning what media outlets can do to hurt people and just make stuff up.”

Later in the interview he said that the left will soon be going after his foundation which aims to help people out of drug addiction. He said that the Washington Post, a leftist propaganda outlet, is going to be coming out with a hit-piece on his foundation.

The left won’t stop until they seem Lindell is completely and utterly destroyed but, just like President Trump, he must stand tall and fight.

Mike Lindell is a perfect example of the kind of bold leadership the MAGA movement needs going forward. It’s time to stop kowtowing to the bullies on the left. They don’t run the show anymore.

In the end, the left won’t win against Lindell just like they won’t win against Trump because they, and conservatives, have something the left will never have: the truth.

All leftists have are lies and misinformation and it’s already starting to crumble around them.

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  1. Go get em Mike. You, as I am are in the “principles b4 personality “ club. Once we joined this club we have the fervor and strength to stand up and fight. U Go GUY!!

  2. That’s Blumenthal, another hate filled DO NOTHING for the state of CT or the USA mouthpiece of lies. All he has done for decades is grandstand by giving taxpayers money to other people so they will vote him in forever. Never has he done a thing for the working men and women of CT, NEVER.He LIED about Vietnam service and has lied about everything since. This piece of trash is a career do nothing politician filled with hate.

    • Don’t know how I managed to get this post put here….but can’t delete. Go Mike GO is right. If everyone stood up to these Commies we can rid the USA of them


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