AG Bill Barr Has Some Bad News For States And Local Governments Enacting ‘Sanctuary City’ Policies

(Tea Party PAC) – With illegal immigration being one of the most important national security issues of the day — though if you spoke with many on the left, they would try to convince you that climate change is really our biggest threat — it’s more critical than ever to ensure that folks who shouldn’t be in this country are removed and sent back home before damage is done to both our physical security and economic prosperity.

Unfortunately, Immigration Customs and Enforcement agents, known as ICE, have been having a heck of a difficult time doing their job to secure the border and our communities from illegal aliens, thanks in large part to the insane “sanctuary cities” policies being adopted by many local and state governments.

These policies provide protection for illegal aliens, many of whom have criminal records and end up committing all sorts of violent crime or negligence that gets people killed. Cities and states have opted to obstruct ICE agents looking for illegals and offering to keep these individuals who have shown no regard for our law, safe and secure. This is part of the left’s strategy to win over new voters to the Democratic Party, proving that all that matters to them is power, not the actual citizens they claim to represent.

Well, Attorney General Bill Barr announced on Monday that the Department of Justice is declaring war on sanctuary city policies, and if you listen closely, you can hear Democratic knees knocking all over America.

Here’s more from The Gateway Pundit:

Barr made the announcement at the National Sheriff’s Association Tech Conference.

Barr said the DOJ would be filing multiple lawsuits against state and local governments for enacting “sanctuary city” policies.

“The department is filing a complaint against the state of New Jersey seeking declaratory and injunctive relief against its laws that forbid state and local law enforcement from sharing vital information about criminal aliens with [the DHS],” Barr said.

Barry went on to say, “Further, we are reviewing the practices, policies, and laws of other jurisdictions across the country. This includes assessing whether jurisdictions are complying with our criminal laws, in particular the criminal statute that prohibits the harboring or shielding of aliens in the United States.”

Barr said the DOJ is also conducting reviews of District Attorneys who have put in place policies that charge “foreign nationals with lesser offenses for the express purpose of avoiding the federal immigration consequences of those nationals’ criminal conduct.”

Barr also went on to state the Founding Fathers “carefully divided responsibility and power between the federal government and the state governments” in the Constitution, which of course, is absolutely true.

Here’s a video of Barr’s announcement:

This is something that absolutely needs to be done. Sanctuary cities put American citizens in danger both physically and economically from those who have no respect for our laws. Sure, there are no doubt folks who want to come here because they feel this country will provide them better opportunities. And that’s totally true.

However, those opportunities are for folks who are willing to come here through the front door, knocking and asking for permission to enter. These individuals are the kind of people who want to contribute to the system instead of leeching off of it. Immigrants who come through the right channels are innovative, hard working, and self-sustaining. We need more of those individuals here, not lawbreakers.

And no city should be protecting lawbreakers for the sake of a political cause. Here’s to hoping Barr’s lawsuits are a rousing success.



  1. My sister was stopped at a red light in Orange County, CA, when she was rear-ended by a drunken illegal. Although he was taken into custody that evening, when my sister called the next morning to get information for her insurance claim, she found that he had been released without being charged and the officers didn’t even have his name. WTF? If you or I ever got caught driving drunk and being involved in an accident without insurance, we would being facing serious jail time and have our asses sued off. Something is seriously wrong with this picture. Hope Barr can get things done to help fix this B.S.

  2. I was treated by INS in Utah for aiding and abedding a illegal. (At the time i didnt know he was illegal). He was scheduled to court for child custody. He showed up to court to be tackled and humiliated by his lawyer.. INS was ready to prosecute me. Yet these states can aid and abedding thousands of illegals. Tells me the goverment can prosecute a tax payer but they are above the law.


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