AG Nominee Bill Bar Very Cozy With Mueller…Can He Be Trusted?

(Tea Party PAC) – Incoming Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham recently met with Trump’s nominee for Attorney General, Bill Bar Wednesday.

Answering questions from reporters who were chomping at the bit to be told that Barr wouldn’t do anything to interfere with Mueller’s precious witch hunt, Graham assured reporters that Mueller and Barr have been “best friends” for 20 years and that Barr has a “high opinion of Mueller” and Rosenstein.

Senator Graham told reporters Bill Barr and Robert Mueller have been ‘best friends’ for 20 years and that Barr has a ‘high opinion of Mueller.’

“I didn’t know that they worked together, that they were that close personally and that they worked together for years,” Graham explained.

He said that they are so close, in fact, that their wives attend the same Bible study and Mueller was in attendance at two of Barr’s daughters’ weddings, the Daily Mail reported.

Well, that’s just peachy.

Gregg Jarrett, Fox News legal analyst, warned Trump recently that Barr may not be a great choice for the next AG as he’s an “establishment insider.”

Can Trump truly drain the swamp if Mueller’s best friend is the next Attorney General? Or is this all part of his plan somehow?

Let’s hope the President knows what he’s doing.