Alan Dershowitz Shatters Nancy Pelosi’s Hopes And Dreams With One Simple Statement

(Tea Party PAC) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as she stands over the smoking pile of rubble that was once all the Democrats’ hopes and dreams of unseating President Donald Trump, seems to be deluding herself into believing she’s somehow won.

She hasn’t.

And history won’t remember her for winning this one.

Author and former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz systematically dismantled every iota of the Democrats’ charges from the Senate floor this week as a member of the president’s impeachment team.

And now that an end is finally in sight, he’s destroying Nancy Pelosi’s assertions that Trump will be “impeached forever.”

During an appearance on Fox News’ program Hannity on Friday night, Dershowitz had some bad news for the deludedly hopeful Speaker.

He is not, in fact, “impeached forever.”

There’s no such thing.

“Nancy Pelosi has pulled a real sharp one,” he began.

“She’s said even if he’s acquitted and vindicated he’s still impeached. That should not be how it is. Why? He did not have a fair trial,” he continued.

“He was indicted. And what happens if a person is acquitted after indictment? The indictment disappears…And when you deny someone due process saying, ‘Well we’re only indicting him.’”

“You can’t come back and say, ‘But he’s still indicted!’ If he wins this I think no one should regard him as having been impeached anymore than you would regard someone who’s indicted as still being indicted if he won a unanimous twelve person jury,” he continued.


  1. Nancy Pelosi is not a Lawyer — read her non credentials on Wikipedia. Why would the American people put up with her nonsense. She doesn’t know the laws and lets Shiffty Schiff continue to lie.

  2. Pelosis’ brain seems to be shrinking – she’s literally showing signs of early Dementia. She , along with Joe Biden have got that ‘look’ on their faces when they get flustered when pressured . They both have trouble putting together a sentence(s) – it literally shows in their eyes -the blank empty eyes. People who have relatives with Dementia know exactly what I’m talking about- I’m a retired Paramedic and have seen dozens and dozens of patients with this disease and this sign jumps out immediately to me. ‘Crazy Joe ‘ as he’s been described I’m sure you’ve probably seen numerous times in the news, is becoming more and more AGGRESSIVE – again this is a true sign of DEMENTIA . It’s a SAD and CRUEL disease – I know , my mom died from this disease not long ago. My MESSAGE is this : Unfortunately these 2 politicians should NOT be allowed to serve in such a capacity in which such critical thinking is needed . They both are what amounts to a ticking time bomb . I truly believe that- ESPECIALLY Joe Biden needs to be tested for early or moderate stage Dementia- it’s a very sad but real possibility.

  3. Donald Oglevie and Don Aldridge :
    We are also on fixed income; and not able to financially respond to the extreme numbers of requests from fundraisers in the Republican Party, or other conservatives. We could not do so, even if we had a printing press !!! The Rino’s have decimated the proper allocation of contributed funds, in some cases. We DO NOT HAVE the levels of disposable income to support even 10 % of the overwhelming nuisance of so many requests. It has been demanded of us to “do more with less” for many years. However, we have to pay our own bills !!! Politicians need to be more intelligent in how to use funds ; rather than to be more predatory in demands from people as to whether we “are on the team,” etc.

    • Agree, feel the same way with one GOP figure after another emailing to tell us we have ignored their emails from a slew of them and it is insulting…I’ve had my last warning “daily” for the last few months. And we have donated many hundreds of dollars in $25, $35 and $50 increments but we are not giving until a few months before November…

  4. can you comment about an “impeached” president during first term running for a second and third term? I thought I read that somewhere but not sure.

  5. My parents were faithful Democrats , until Ronald Reagan came along. As a child I never remembered my parents or other Democrats being as hateful and Devisive as the Democrat party today. The first words out of H. Clinton’s mouth were..Resist! Maxine Waters instructed people to run republicans out of restaurants, stores or any other public place. Antifa mobs have physically accosted elderly men and women that disagree with them. Children have been attacked for simply wearing hats . On and on and on! Has the media become so powerful that they can take away our humanity? Our freedom of thought? Does a disagreement of beliefs have to drive us to hate and violence?? When it gets so bad that even when good is being done it is met with vile opposition, it’s time to step back and see who is profiting from the hate.

  6. The democrats tipped their hand too soon. Immediately after they voted for impeaching Trump, they brought up going after Pence as well. With Trump out of office, Pence would be president. With Pence removed from office, guess who becomes president? The Speaker of the House i.e. Nancy Pelosi… Can you say the democrats still have not accepted the results of the 2016 election? or Orange Man BAD? These idiotic deplorable dims are so deluded that they thought we would accept their attempted coup to replace a duly elected person. Democratic representatives of the House: If you want another civil war, try it again. I guarantee you won’t like the results.

  7. Hah Ha Ha Nancy

    ESAD you brain dead dried-up deluded larcenous lying misguided loser. You pray for President Trump? You are a sanctimonious SOS! Crawl back into your DemonicRat hole you power hungry libturd whore, and take Killiary with you!

    • Α…wild herd consisted of illiterate ignorant losers and liars who prey on some ignorant voters. It’s amazing that this political decay poses as legislators and are aloud to continue disgracing and insulting the country. Come Nov. eradication and jail time would help.

  8. Does anybody know that Nancy Pelosi is NOT a lawyer and she is trying to tell other lawyers about the laws and what to do. She is one SICK person.

  9. Nancy and her warped minions Schiff and Nadler do not care about any law, or about what is right. They only want to get rid of Trump any way they can.

  10. I think the the Senate should be looking into some of the things She has said and done though out this farce. The number one should be Her Apologizing to Iran. to me the boarded on treason.

    I do not think the Country is ready for another trial. However she should be put on notice that future action will be dealt with, quickly.


  11. Nancy Pelosi is the MOTHER HEN of the CUCKOO’S NEST. 🐔🐔🐔🐔

  12. What has happened to “We The People” who would let this monkey show go on this long and waste taxpayers monies for this old Hag to get her jollies off.😱

  13. Simply a brilliant explanation. As only a Harvard law professor could proffer. Certainly validates why our President would want Alan Dershowitz on his legal team. The only unfortunate problem here is that this remarkably bang on simple explanation is lost on this incredibly huge simpleton, the simpleton’s of the “The Squad,” shifty shitty Schiffly, smearable smearing Chucky the horror Schmear, and all the rest of the bipartisan illegal, DUMBocrat plot to subvert due process, and voted for a sneaky, underhanded, case of fraud on the American people. It is time to clean house both at the voters box, and what qualifies you to even run for Congress.

    • Well said. Let our votes be our voices against these corrupt miscreants. We want the Senate and the House of Representatives and send those rats back into their holes; or to prison, preferably.

  14. Nancy, and The Shifter need to go, go back to the World of Oz everyone calls California. They’re the corruption in Washington, and the head of they’re Mouseketeerclub Hillary can all part together.

  15. pelosi is a drunken old hag! her false teeth fall out her mouth when she has been drinking. she is going to be 80years old. she is way too old to be acting like she does (drunk). can you believe that her supporters are talking about her becoming potus? bear in mind, she is 3rd in line to be potus, behind president trump and vice president pence! i cannot imagine that ever happening! !!!!!!

  16. The Demonrats think they can accuse the President or anyone that supports him and AMERICA of whatever and it STICKS. Well it doesn’t. False accusations and all the smoke and mirrors from the Demonrats only validates that they are DELUSIONAL and bent on destroying America. They took an oath to Defend, Uphold and Protect the Constitution and they have broken their oath of office. That is reason to remove ever one of them that has proven that they are not serving us THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA AND AMERICA. They are too evil to even be ashamed of themselves.

  17. The dumbocrats are relentless. They will not give up and because of the MSM and their deep pocketed donors this charade will continue. What they come with next will be John Bolton and his wish washy book. Their will be another attempt at impeachment and this time it will be backed up by their brown shirt goons. We are going to see mass chaos, the likes of which will amaze even the deepest cave dwellers. The dumbocrats are hell bent on destroying this country as we know it. Don’t let their righteous self defense of the constitution fool you. They only picked it up off the floor because it suits their purpose for now. If the electorate ever make the mistake of returning the dumbocrats to power the agenda they will have will wreak havoc on this country. The eternal price of freedom is constant vigilance. Vigilance that the voters must maintain against dictatorial forces who disguise themselves as politicians

  18. Mouth wide open, high volume, tongue wagging, oral servitude to the A S S (mule party) Ameri. – Kan’t Soviet Socialists who willingly purchase power!
    Senator Joe McCarthy was laughed at and scorned when he exposed communist supporters in America! He was right then and still right today 70 + years later… right Bernie?

  19. Media will keep sucking up to her but she’s done. Never will be Speaker again after the election likely not minority leader either, rest of Dem’s won’t trust her again, SHE FAILED!
    LOL. America’s President, Donald Trump, vindicated. Pelosi disgraced and humiliated.

  20. I don’t know where this goes but I want to make a comment. I am Trump supporter but it is very hard to respond to all the sites that each say “you have lost your membership if you don’t contribute XXX $$ by midnight”. I contribute what I can. Fixed incomes are getting harder to llive on with all prices going up except retirement funds. All sites ask for more every day. I cannot review polls without donating. I have opted out of your messages because all ask daily for more. I renewed my membership on national RNC but no none seems to know it..

    • Same here Donald. every time I click on a interesting Republican post they want money and try to tell the recipient they desperately need your donation. I donated three times to get Trump elected and I was glad to do it even though I am on a fixed income. So far I have not benefited from all the great changes he has accomplished. Perhaps gas prices will go down then I get to save a few dollars.

    • Money, money, money they all think we are rich. I give my donations to in state candidats, St Judes Childrens Hosp. and Shriners Childrens Hosp. Not much left after regular bills so they can send but I donate where I choose.

  21. Pelosi needs to crawl in a hole or get on a broomstick and
    fly to a distant planet. She from some place other than Earth.


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