Alert: Leaked Photos Reveal Insane Conditions Of Border Detainment Facilities. The Humanitarian Crisis Is Real.

(Tea Party PAC) – If the mainstream media had any interest in portraying the truth, you’d regularly be presented with facts, figures, photos, and footage of the real humanitarian crisis on the southern border.

Instead, you get hours and hours of spin while our border enforcement agencies struggle with the weight of an influx of illegal alines.

Recently leaked photos reveal the reality of what the US border facilities are dealing wit as they are overwhelmed with floods of migrants coming from Central America and elsewhere.

Breitbart was the exclusive recipient of the photos, which bring to mind the state of the Obama-era illegal migration surge.

In the imges, you can see a Customs and Border Protection processing, detention, and transport facilit in El Paso, and were taken on Feburary 17, 2019, according to the source of the photos.

The source works under the umbrella of CBP and spoke with Breitbart anonymously, stating, “The medical staff at the facility can’t keep doing this. They are getting overwhelmed.”

Another source also working under CBP spoke with Breitbart, also anonymously, and said:

“This is no different than what we were dealing with during the Obama Administration. This is happening in the Rio Grande Valley Sector, the Del Rio Sector, the El Paso Sector, the Tucson Sector, the Yuma Sector, and the San Diego Sector. It’s almost across the entire Southwest border that we are being overwhelmed by migrant families.” The source added, “We are basically facilitating Mexican cartels’ migrant smuggling operations into the interior of America. We are babysitting and not securing our border. The flow shows no signs of abating and it keeps increasing.”

Here are the shocking photos. Look at these and tell me there’s no crisis on the border: