ALERT: Pfizer CEO Makes Major Vaccine Announcement

(Tea Party PAC) – According to new reports from Infowars, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has come out and admitted that taking two doses of his company’s highly experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccine aren’t going to be very effective against the illness, if they even work at all.

So all of these people who are getting pumped full of this vaccine are putting something into their bodies that isn’t even going to help preserve their health and safety from this illness, which has a 99 percent survival rate, have done all of this for nothing.

“The chairman of the pharmaceutical company made the astonishing admission Monday during an interview with Yahoo Finance, where he suggested two doses, plus an additional booster dose, were needed to have some semblance of protection – however, not against infection,” the report said.

“Two doses of the vaccine offers very limited protection, if any,” Bourla went on to say when he was asked about coming up with an omicron variant-specific booster.

“Three doses with a booster offer reasonable protection against hospitalization and deaths,” Bourla continued.

However, he said it offers “less protection against infection.”

This little confession is a complete and total turn from previous statements the CEO made last year when he touted the first and second vaccine jabs as “100 percent effective.”

“The CEO did not venture to entertain the prospect of a fourth vaccine providing more or less protection, despite countries like Israel already going forward and rolling out a 4-dose Covid shot program,” Infowars said.

Bourla stated Pfizer is right now working on coming up with a coronavirus vaccine “1.1,” which supposedly will help protect against omicron and will be ready come March.

Back in November WND reported, Bourla went on to whine about how people were allegedly spreading “misinformation” concerning the vaccines, referring to them as “criminals” who have cost “millions of lives.”

“Hours before a CDC panel’s approval in November of the Pfizer vaccine for children 5-11, the British Medical Journal published an article featuring a whistleblower’s charge that poor practices at a contract research company helping to carry out the crucial third phase of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trial may have compromised data integrity and patient safety,” a WND report said.

“The FDA approved the Pfizer shot for kids one week after an FDA advisory panel voted 17-0, with one abstention, to recommended it, despite acknowledging the lack of safety data and the nearly 100% survival rate for children from infection,” the report continued.

People are tired of this nonsense. They don’t want to keep taking more and more doses of this experimental vaccine without knowing what kind of potential side effects they might experience down the road.

Perhaps it’s time to focus on treatment rather than on this vaccine?

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  1. Tea Party huh….??? So then….if we have all these Conservatives…right..? The Tea Party being an avowed Conservative organization, but they are beholden to Facebook and Twitter….yeah…yeah…ok….I know Elon took over Twitter and was supposed to have changed, but I think not as so many good conservatives are still being denied access and have been banned for life like myself. So many online news organizations that are standing so proud of being Conservative, yet they hire a deep-state organization called….Disqus….an avowed liberal organization to guard their comments sections. They harvest and sell all commenters personal information, and not even think nothing of it. So….get a grip folks, they are either going to be Conservative, or they are sleeping with the liberal camp. They cannot have their cake and eat it too…..! It’s past time for everyone to stand up and be a Conservative and live with principles and scruples…..or you are not and will be sucked into the Communist Socialist nation that we are suppose to be fighting against. Which are you…!!!?????

  2. Well…..YEAH….and this turkey is a major company CEO…’d that happen.? I thought that the…”brightest and the best”…were always hired as CEO’s. Apparently with Pizher that’s not the case.

    Ok just figure this….since a study was done on the political affiliations of people that took all the jabs were Democrats/Liberals, that this could be a dubious answer for Conservatives. Most Conservatives did not take any jabs. So on that…eventual scale…could we say that Conservatives will win elections now that Democrats are headed for their graves. Mmm….Or will they still be voting from their graves..? Go figure that out if you can…………..

  3. As I stated earlier, in my opinion the KKK minded Nazi Communist Democrats and all others of the left do not intend to only enslave American Negro Patriots, they intend to enslave all American Citizens through the use of King Cobra Venom. There is no COVID-19 virus which is the reason they could never isolate one. That is also the reason they have fought the use anti venom medications that bring it to a halt. I myself refuse to be enslaved!
    Stay Safe and Stay Well! Avoid vaccinated weaponized citizens who do not realize they are dangerous Typhoid Mary’s!!! Above all please, please avoid all Communist Democrats since they have determined that mental illness can be contagious!!
    Enjoy this day!!!

  4. I’m posting this under the cover of the United States Constitution Freedom of Speech!
    Like I’ve been saying from the beginning of this so-called pandemic, if it ain’t broke you do not need to fix it. Especially with experimental chemicals that have not been studied enough to know of any side effects! We the People need some back bone to stand against this purely money making control scheme! When this Covid B.S. started I was saying here we go with the biggest pull the woll over the heads of the American Citizens since the beginning of our Republic!
    I’m not woke, but I’m awake to the tyranny of our government representatives!

  5. If the politicized FDA and CDC would just STOP downplaying the PROVEN effectiveness of Hydroxycloroquine and Ivermectin and make their prescriptions LEGAL, their Big Pharma buddies may NOT be happy at the LOSS of $$ but a LOT of people might be alive today that are dead !!!

    • U are 100 percent correct. Yale professors said 160,000 people died needlessly who could have been saved using Hydrochloquine. WhO CDC FDA and the whole liberal media relied on the negative report from the Lancet Corp independent evaluator of drugs . Look up Google NOW “the lancet Corp hydrochloquine “. It says for one year “retracted “. Not one apology from the press . Many of my friends parents saved using hydrochloquine. Yet stupid DEMs prohibited doctors pharmacies and hospitals from giving it .
      Lime Cuomo had thousands of empty beds cuomo requested from Trump and instead sent all the elderly BACK TO NURSING HOMES UNPROTECTED and the Haitian nurses also were u protected and many died . But first he gave himself , state and nursing home owners full immunity from prosecution. Not one apology from liberal press after this retraction.

    • Fact – my entire neighborhood used Hydrochloquine and all are ok .
      The liberal media and Biden got the negative Report on Hydrochloquine fron the so called “InDependent Lancet Corp . WHO , CDC , זFDA . And all media got it from there ! Now for a year the Lancet CORP . Says” RETRACTED “ look it up !
      The entire Dem establishment fired doctors who gave it , pharmacies were fined and hospital threatened . Not one media has apologized with Retraction of Lancet corp. was done by anti Trumper . Yale Professors say 150,000-165,000 people died who could have been saved .has to be used like the new Pfizer pull and plasma within 5 days . America was duped . Ask
      dr Spiegel on Fox what he gave his 95 year old father and all my friends parents !HYDROCHLORQUINE !

  6. These Vaccines “STILL” have NO been approved by the FDA. They were authorized for “Emergency Use” only. What the hell is going on with these vaccines ?

  7. So ! What they are says that these THREE Shot that People received Theist far is Nothing more than a Myth and a Fraudulent statement. That will Kill U more than Help U if U
    Catch the WUHAN /Corona19 Virus. This is either a HABITUAL LIE or a CON put out by CDC , W.H.O. , NIH and the DWARF dr. Anthony Fauci . Which One is iT . I for One have had the First Two shots and a Booster and I and the Wife have had not Problems or Sickness from them.

    • Well I will not get any of these fake vaccines. I have two family members who were dumb enough to get one of these vaccines and one will now be on oxygen for the rest of her life after having inflamed lungs and stomach three days after getting the jab and the other tested positive for covid three weeks after getting the jab! I have a granddaughter who got omicron and so did her husband it was like a bad cold and they are now fine. Neither one was dumb enough to get the jab. With a 99% survival rate why would you put something into your body that has not been tested and approved by the CDC or FDA? And why now do these drug companies want to withhold information on the side effects until 2076? That would be long after a lot of us will be dead. I don’t know of anyone that has died from covid and none of my friends don’t know of anyone either!


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