ALERT: Your Deprogramming Reservation Has Been Confirmed

(PCC)Hillary And Democrat Party Demand “Formal Deprogramming” Of Patriots!

Hate to say, ‘I told you so” It is regrettable to have to reiterate my previous warnings. In previous articles, I have exposed the hidden agenda of the Democratic Party, shedding light on the regressive and misguided aspirations of the so-called “progressive” liberals who seek to drag America back into the Dark ages. Unfortunately, my warnings were met with skepticism by many. The long-kept secret has finally been unveiled, leaving no room for doubt regarding their true motives!

CNN this morning was forced to disclose what many in the Patriot movement already knew. Hillary Clinton speaking for the Democrat Party demanded the government force Patriotic Americans to suffer through “Formal Deprogramming”

As the show aired tens of thousands of Democrat viewers recoiled in deep concern on how  this can be done on such a grand scale!

One Democrat organized was quoted to say: “There are so many maga people we would have to process millions and the task of formal deprogramming would cost tens of millions of dollars and take as much as 1 year to fully deprogram that volume of people…….this could take much longer and cost upward to over a quarter of a billion dollars!”

Another commentator raised deep concerns saying: “What are we going to do with those who refuse to be deprogrammed and resist our life-giving intervention into their delusional dream, how should we process them?”

As the show unfolded, a wave of apprehension swept through the ranks of tens of thousands of Democrats, who expressed grave concerns about the feasibility of implementing such a massive undertaking and concerned on how to dispose of those who resist the government sponsored deprogramming.

In a stunning display of disregard for the principles of free speech and individual liberty, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has shockingly advocated for the “formal deprogramming” of individuals she labels as “MAGA extremists.” This alarming statement raises serious concerns about the erosion of conservative values and the demonization of those who hold differing political beliefs.

Clinton took the opportunity to criticize President Trump and his unwavering supporters. She shamelessly claimed  he has lost all credibility, conveniently ignoring her own long history of questionable actions and statements.

Clinton’s disdain for Trump and his supporters knows no bounds, as she continues to perpetuate the divisive rhetoric  has plagued our nation for far too long. In a shocking statement, she brazenly asserted  supporters of Trump are ensnared in a cult-like mentality, requiring a “formal deprogramming” to liberate them from their unwavering loyalty to the ex-president.

In light of Clinton’s recent statement, one cannot help but wonder about the practicality of her proposed “formal deprogramming” plan. How exactly does she plan to achieve this? Her response was alarmingly ambiguous – “we must triumph over them.”

The radical nature of her demand has caused as surge of excited enthusiasm throughout the Democrat platform. Many have dreamed of taking away the Patriot’s guns so they could herd them into ‘Re-educating and deprogramming facilities’ so to process them back into society, rebuilding them for the benefit of the greater good.

Conservative has quickly responded: Undoubtedly, the concept of “deprogramming” individuals due to their political convictions raises significant ethical concerns and stands in stark opposition to the fundamental values of free speech and open dialogue  form the bedrock of our democratic society.

The audacious demand for “formal deprogramming” not only poses a grave threat to our nation’s stability but also erodes the fundamental principles upon which our democracy stands.

Final Word: Lets me get this right, the Democrats demand the US Constitution be set aside, thereby, deleting the second amendment and then re-educate and deprograming vast segments of society, by this means the Democrat regime could finally achieve their ultimate goal of utopia in America.

Did I get that right?



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