Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has No Idea She Just Busted Out Obamacare’s Massive Failures

(Tea Party PAC) – The left tries really, really hard to convince themselves that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez drives the right crazy because she’s just so smart, edgy, and bold, but in reality, we love Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because she’s a total airhead who routinely exposes the flaws in her own arguments and the many failures of the Democratic party.

One of the many conservatives who love AOC despite hating everything she stands for is Fox commentator Steven Miller, who recently shared one of the many things there is to love about the spazzy socialist darling on Twitter.

The incoming Congresswoman made one of her many blunders by blindly revealing one of Obamacare’s many failures: that it’s anything but “affordable.”

“Is open enrollment a pain? Yes. Is (Obamacare) expensive? Yes,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote in the now-deleted tweet.

She’s completely right that Obamacare is expensive of course. What she fails to realize is the beautiful irony that she is the one saying so, as she has campaigned on pie-in-the-sky promises of Medicare for all.

AOC said it herself. The Affordable Care Act was anything but affordable, and it was a very expensive confirmation of everything conservatives have been saying about “free” health care for years.

While it is very fun to laugh at Ocasio-Cortez, the reality is it’s quite scary that she will soon be making our laws. Not only is she a moron, but she’s a moron with some very dangerous ideas that, if implemented, would make Obamacare look like Reaganomics.

Never forget there’s a totalitarian behind the dumb tweets and cool hipster glasses.