Alyssa Milano Shares Photo Of Family Wearing Masks…You Will Die Laughing When You See Hers

(Tea Party PAC) – The use of masks to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus has been greatly debated.

While some say that the masks are key in ensuring that asymptomatic carriers do not transmit the virus to the most vulnerable, others say that the general public, who is untrained in proper use of medical-grade masks, could actually make things worse by touching their face even more.

But wherever you stand, you’re probably likely agree that Alyssa Milano’s is guaranteed to not work.

The same way that mosquitos are unlikely to be kept in check by a chain link fence.

Behold…the crochet mask.

Now, of course, many have raised concerns about homemade masks, as they are far from medical grade.

But we’re willing to bet that the most amateur of cloth masks is going to be more effective than one that literally has holes in it.

Bear in mind, this woman is a freakin’ Hollywood actress. She owns horses, and a mansion.

Is this the epitome of virtue signaling? Reusable, homemade mask?

Goodness, it makes my head hurt even trying to think of whatever glimmer of logic may have been behind not only this woman’s decision to wear a crochet mask, but to share a photo of herself in the mask, in all it’s see-through glory.

Needless to say, she was horrifically mocked online.


  1. Hopefully this POS will be quickly infected wearing this ridiculous and useless mask. Or could it be that this hypocrite knows that wearing masks is all bull shit like the rest of this virus propaganda!

  2. She is someone who feels so strongly about her political views, she is surely joking about this mask being effective. What an idiot. How could it not dawn on her that her mask ain’t gonna fly.

  3. When I first saw this picture I thought it had to be fake. I didn’t think Alyssa Milano was even that stupid! Looks like I was wrong. 😂

  4. She doesn’t want to impede any of those plastic model glue fumes or paint vapors. Gotta keep that sharp mind primed.

  5. Obama and MSM like to called these holly-weird “elites” “intellectuals”. This picture just proved “stupid see, stupid interprets and stupid call this creative and forward looking”. Yep! Stupid don’t see their own stupidity in the mirror! Thanks 4 the laugh!

  6. In all fairness, that picture of the Wuhan virus posted behind Dr. Fauci looks HUGE! Certainly it could not squeeze through her mask fenestrations.

  7. There is nothing wrong with owning a horse. As one who has collectively owned and used up to 6 in my career as a member of a cavalry unit it is not unusual. However the mask is very questionable. It seems it has to be a fashion statement and for her to stand out among and above the rest of us mere mortals. There is always a catch to whatever she does. She seems to be a very shallow person who subjects herself to what ever whims she feels will enhance her stalled career. So sad.

  8. OMG, this just PROVES the fact that Alyssa is pretty dumb ! A crocheted mask is cute to look at, but most definitely will NOT protect you from anything, because of all the holes in the mask. Does this woman not understand that ? I guess not, or she would not make all the stupid remarks that she does on a regular basis !

  9. Everyone knows that this piece of Hollywood gutter trash is not the sharpest tool in the shed. She’s just proving that the famous line from the movie Forrest Gump is true, “Stupid is as stupid does”.


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