America One News Network Reportedly Offers Lou Dobbs A Job After Fox Cancels Him

(Tea Party PAC) – After Lou Dobbs was slapped with a lawsuit from Smartmatic over speaking the truth about the 2020 election and the company’s incredibly shady origins and past, Fox News made the decision to sever their relationship with Dobbs.

Dobbs was the host of one of Fox Business’ most popular, highly rated shows yet Fox News decided to can him anyway.

Since Election Day it has been no secret that Fox News is working hard to appease the left and getting rid of bold personalities like Dobbs was really the next logical step. We can only wonder who will be next.

The good news, however, is that Dobbs is one of the most beloved, popular news personalities in America and popular conservative news organization One America News Network seems interested in Dobbs coming to work for them.

OANN CEO Robert Herring appeared to offer Dobbs a job via social media after it was announced that Dobbs had been let go by Fox firing the lawsuit against him.

“One America News would like Lou Dobbs to get in contact with us,” wrote Herring. “We may have a position available for you in which you wouldn’t be censored for speaking the truth!”

A spokesperson from Fox told Politico that the network “regularly considers programming changes and plans have been in place to launch new formats as appropriate post-election, including on FOX Business,” and the replacing of Dobbs show was just part of those planned changes.

Does it even make sense for a news network to cancel or replace one of their most popular TV shows? Of course not. This was done in a blatant effort to appease the left and censor the truth.

Even CNN knew that it was a strange move on Fox News’ part and described it as “head-scratching” and noted that Dobbs often doubled the ratings of his lead-in calling it a “rare feat in television.”

Clearly, Fox is trying to distance themselves from Dobbs and truthful election reporting. Not to mention the fact that the Smartmatic lawsuit also names the network in their lawsuit. There’s no doubt they are trying to defend themselves and end their association with him.

It only stands to reason that fellow Fox News’ hosts Maria Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro might be soon looking for new employment as they are also listed in the lawsuit. The lawsuit goes as far as to say that the stories told by these journalists “led a mob to attack the US Capitol.”

OANN CEO Herring, on the other hand, isn’t bothered by the Smartmatic lawsuit and insists that his network will continue to defend the President and the truth.

In a Jan. 8 social media post, Herring wrote that he has no plans of abandoning “the best President America has had,” and “will continue to give him honest coverage on what he has been & will be doing.”

Dobbs would be a perfect fit for OANN especially now that Fox News has made the decision to turn their backs on the truth and President Trump.

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  1. PLEASE, please, get Lou Dobbs to do a show on your network. He is a gem among the fakes. I miss his show already. Everyone should read George Orwell’s “1984”. It is happening now.

  2. Lou Dobbs is great and we will watch him if he goes to OAN Network. The American 🇺🇸 people know that President Trump is still our
    President. Biden did not win that Election nor
    did the Laughing Idiot that plays as his VP.
    We know the truth and The American people
    Will return President Trump back to the White House one Day


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