American Music Awards Get Woke, American People Get Bored

(Tea Party PAC) – The American Music Awards, which are apparently still a thing, aired on Sunday night with a healthy dose of yawn-worthy wokeness and virtue signaling in spite of the entertainment industry’s dwindling popularity thanks to just that.

Wealthy and elite pop stars did more than simply perform music, oh no, they blasted their decidedly left-wing politics, ranging from climate change to the gender gap and all the anti-Trumpisms at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, Newsbusters reported.

Kesha performed “Raising Hell” along with reality TV star Big Freedia, who is a gay, “gender-nonconforming” man, although how someone can be gay and gender non-conforming, this writer is at a loss. Kesha opened the song by telling the audience, “Welcome to our Sunday Service” a mocking reference to Kanye West’s sensational events which are leading thousands to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord.

In this “Sunday service,” the backdrop was a rainbow set.

We get the hint, Kesha.

Artist Camila Cabello, who was awarded Collaboration of the Year for her track, “Señorita” with Shawn Mendes, performed her song “Living Proof” which just had to be performed with male dancers in lace dresses.

I mean, is that even edgy in 2019?

Taylor Swift, who was for a long time criticized for not being political enough, seems to have increased efforts to quell former critiques by going all-in for “social justice.”

Her latest album Lover won six awards including Artist of the Decade, and she performed the song, “The Man,” which whines about gender-based double standards.

I’m so sick of running as fast as I can
Wondering if I’d get there quicker if I was a man
And I’m so sick of them coming at me again
‘Cause if I was a man, then I’d be the man

Billie Ellish, the 17-year-old pop sensation who is apparently quite popular with the kids these days, received New Artist of the Year award and performed her delightful little diddy, “All the Good Girls Go to Hell” dressed in a black shirt which featured the words “No Music On a Dead Planet” in red sequins and adorned by red flames, a reference to global warming.

This continues the recent trend of people who can’t even legally buy cigarettes trying to lecture us about how to save the planet.

This isn’t the first time the pop sensation has warned about climate change.

“Our Earth is warming up and our oceans are rising,” Eilish said in a video in September. “Extreme weather is wrecking millions of lives.”


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  3. Didn’t watch it, had no desire To watch another another liberal idiot show. These people are nuts and don’t listen to any of their crap

  4. I stopped watching any kind of music awards show, except country music awards. I don’t like being lectured by a bunch of liberals with their dumbshit agendas, and their hatred of the president of USA.

  5. I don’t read a print newspaper. I don’t watch news broadcasts. I don’t watch late night talk shows. I don’t watch any awards shows. I don’t watch all of the foregoing for the same reason. I don’t need anyone preaching politics to me. Especially someone with a skewed sense of what is good for Americans and the country. That excludes the lion’s share of Hollywood, most sports figures and minions of the left who have all been programmed to hate our President. If they can’t see the positive effect President Trump has had on America, then their opinion and rhetoric matters not to me!

  6. I didn’t even know they had one . But No matter wouldn’t have watched anyways . I don’t take politic nor environmental advise From what is clearly virtue signaling self serving and self aggrandizing Entertainers .

  7. Didn’t watch the awards at all. How wants to hear whinnying babies who have never had to choose between feeding their family or buying gas to go to work. Especially when half your paycheck goes to taxes.

  8. KALEEFORNICA……The land of “fruits-and-nuts” and now certifiable freaks!! Well they can ALL KMA!! My request to all you looney tunes – is just STAY on the west coast, as we do not need you in REAL America!! Case closed!!

  9. As the Holy Bible stated. In the end of day’s. There would be changes in the weather. Earthquakes in diverse places. And man would come up with excuses as to why. You are seeing it for yourselves. But as our heavenly father stated. A man’s way seems right to him. But in the end it leads to his DESTRUCTION. I pray the people WAKE UP before it’s too late. Your choice.

  10. This Freak show called the “ Hollywierd actors” are spewing their bleeding heart Climate change propaganda, and yet their state of California is a “Royal Shithole. You complain about climate change, but you have a map that locates where the shit is all over the streets and you have a homeless population that is staggering also you are a prime example of a “ Sanctuary City “ Abomination “! Get your complaining asses out and Clean is your state .

  11. From the start Gomez was a disaster, then from the ceiling comes LaLa. That performance was disgusting. I switched channels several times. Overall The 2019 American Music Awards was distasteful. Male dancers in dresses, politics and
    anti-Trump. The American people voted and we will vote in 2020. Our country will be great again. Those anti-Trump (I’m not callIng them Americans) must be blind to the corruption in the DOJ, FBI and the last Commander in Chief. I say Go to a socialist government country.

  12. The American music awards should be cancelled for ever. One it interrupts good tv shows , it’s totally boring, and putting politics in the show is totally outrageous. All awards shows should be taken off the air

  13. Another mouth piece from a generation that need safe spaces when someone doesn’t agree with them, confused about their gender identity, and takes on challenges eating tide pods, just to mention a few. They think they know about life never having living on their own and be responsible for living expenses and now lectures adults about climate change after their leftist high school indoctrination. No thank you.

  14. Perhaps all of these “artists” should get off of the planet if they don’t like it! There is no global warming fruitheads! Take your warped ideas and go jump in the ice flows! Cavorting around the stage like a bunch of sick gender dumb freaks is not entertainment and we sincerely hope you lose all your riches as the Democrats blow all your donations from your stupidity!

  15. Didn’t bother to watch that crap, I knew it would be full of shit. Country Music awards are Much Better to watch. PC crap is just that.

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  18. If you don’t want to hear the message the entertainment community is sending, don’t listen. Tuning out what you don’t want to hear (the inconvenient truths) is a sure way to maintain your happiness.


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