America’s Truckers Deserve All The Props In The World For Their Efforts During The Corona Virus Outbreak; Here’s What We Mean

(Tea Party PAC) – When most folks think of the term “hero,” when it comes to fighting back against the potentially lethal coronavirus outbreak we’re experiencing, the first place your mind goes is probably to doctors and other medical personnel who willingly put their health on the line each and every day in order to help contain the spread of this illness.

And that’s true. The individuals helping to treat patients who suffer from the COVID-19 virus absolutely deserve praise and honor for doing their jobs so well and working toward containment of this virus. We should never diminish the work being done by these individuals.

However, a group that’s getting neglected in all of this are truckers, who are working around the clock to keep America’s supply chain intact and helping to keep citizens alive.

Here’s more on this from Breitbart News:

Groceries began reappearing on American store shelves this week, thanks to the strength of a supply chain that includes farmers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers — all of whom are literally risking their lives to stay on duty.

A crucial part of that supply chain is the American trucker, who makes sure that goods are delivered in a timely fashion. That is always the case, but it is especially true in the sudden global emergency we face today.

The U.S. Census Bureau reported last year that 3.5 million Americans are employed as truck drivers. Many work long hours, and a disproportionate number of them are military veterans.

They are on the front lines once again.

The American Trucking Association (ATA) noted Sunday:

Major national crises tend to expose underlying truths about society that otherwise go unnoticed during life’s regular routines. They reveal the individuals among us who are truly essential to upholding the high standard of living we’ve collectively come to expect. They remind us of America’s unsung heroes.

The unfolding COVID-19 pandemic is no different. The spread of Coronavirus in the U.S. will test government institutions, challenge private industry and place inordinate demands on our most critical workforce. It will marshal the full strength of our nation and elevate its essential core.

And just as they do when a hurricane strikes or a blizzard hits, America’s professional truck drivers will be on the front lines delivering critical supplies and aid to fellow citizens.

Over the past week, Americans have rushed to stock up on goods as they prepare to hunker down to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. We’ve watched schools, businesses, major sports and other cultural pillars come to a complete stop as personal health and well-being take top priority.

But one thing that won’t stop: trucking.

In recent years, there’s been a lot of talk about self-driving trucks, technology that once upon a time was the stuff of science fiction looks to become a reality in the near future. Or so it seemed. In fact, Uber has abandoned their self-driving truck project and other companies considering this course of action have also hit some bumps in the road.

While the idea itself is not impossible, the truth of the matter is, there’s no replacement for human beings. Men and women who have forsaken the call for social distancing in order to help make sure that store shelves are stocked with the supplies we all need to survive this horrible pandemic have served to remind us that machines will never be able to replace the human spirit.

“[T]here’s one thing all Americans can do right now: Thank a trucker,” the ATA concludes. “Especially during trying times like these. Because without them, the disruptions we’re experiencing would be something much, much worse.”

That’s a good piece of advice, folks. Give the truckers you know a call, let them know you appreciate their hard work and efforts to ensure you have everything you need during this unprecedented time in world history.

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  1. I have always respected and admired what you do. Your willingness and the unlimited sacrifices you make daily are more than appreciated. Bottom line… we could not survive without you. God bless you all.
    Thank you.

  2. We are the only professionals that work around nonprofessionals ( 4 wheelers ) who hate our 13’6″ billboard and have to pass no matter what or just cut us off to get off a exit because we are too slow

  3. Thanks to all of our truckers !!! – I too felt under appreciated sometimes as well being a EMT-Paramedic for over 3 decades but a heartfelt thank you every now and then always made me feel better and the desire to keep helping people. So …THANKS AGAIN TRUCKERS – KEEP ON TRUCKING- you ARE appreciated !!!!!

  4. The other side of this is there are companies out there that are cutting their rates. So now the truckers are working for less and the way the DOT has everything set up they are only able to make 1 load a day. There is nothing that they can do about it.

  5. As a retired trucker I know the scarficies this men and women make everyday, and in this time we all need to appreciate the work that thye do.

  6. My son is a truck driver and I can tell you they work long hours under many differing weather conditions. They don’t always eat well and spend many days alone, away from family and friends. They deserve our respect for moving the products needed to fill the store shelves.

  7. Yet,the government.Yearly!Puts regulations and taxes on us so bad. It drives us out of business. When you have someone making rules for the trucking industry at the Federal Motor Carrier. That have No clue about the trucking industry. You drive small business owners out. Because, of their so called know it all mentality. There are 1000s of trucks sitting. Because,know one wants to drive. All due to government overreach. I was 1of these drivers drove out of business. On the rules,1 size doesnt fit all. And,here are the heros,that the government regulates you to financial death.

  8. God Bless all Truck Drivers. It’s not an easy job on a normal day but the challenges they meet show the character of a True American. Thanks to you we can be assured that we will be able to get supplies to get through this crisis. Thanks to all of you for the service you provide.

  9. They are the modern day cowboys They work long hard hours, they area gone from home more than they are home. It is long hours for short pay considering what they give up. But they love it and wouldn’t dream of doing any thing else.


    • From all the comments found here, truckers are probably the most unappreciated people who serve us all, behind only the military in lack of appreciation. And which party supports all of these people the most for their service – now remember that in November!

  11. I would like to thank all the wonderful Truckers, that help me to put food and supplies in my house. Thanks from the bottom of my heart! Be safe and God Bless you all 🇺🇸

  12. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
    Yes I will thank every trucker I come across.
    God bless them and there families for providing for mine.

  13. As a “trucker” for 25+ years, it’s nice to finally be appreciated. It would be great if that appreciation would last beyond the end of this crisis. It won’t. Various governmental agencies will go right back to finding ever more creative ways to make our jobs more difficult and expensive in both monetary and other ways. California will continue to refuse to allow us to idle our trucks (in 100 degree heat) unless we have a pet with us. Other states will continue to harass us with never ending regulations, unreasonable fines and fees, and dwindling places to park our trucks to take government-mandated breaks.

    Frankly, I find it amazing that any of us continue to do it, or even care….

    • A friend of mine was a truck driver for 25 years and some of the things he has told me makes me really appreciate our trucker’s. THANK YOU GUYS AND GIRLS!

  14. Thanks for your continuing work. All supplies to our small town arrive by truck. You have been keeping our stores supplied.

  15. To all the men and women truckers who work long hours and are away from families being a x trucker I know of all the sacrifices a trucker has in life. Hi he wife and I would like the day Thank You all and be safe.

  16. Truckers r angels sent to us so we can get all the necessities we need. I support all of them everyday not just in this time of need. Thank you doing a hard job day in and out! 👍

  17. Bless all the truckers for going above and beyond to see that products reach the stores. May God keep them safe from harm.

  18. Truck drivers are telling us that the rest stations in some states are closed and there are porta potties instead. They say the potties are not clean, and do not always have hand sanitizers. They also say some of the truck stops are full and there is no where to park. They also say some places they used to be able to stop at for a shower and park their trucks are closed.

  19. Agreed. My dad was a trucker. I worked for a trucking outfit and seen guys coming off the road exhausted. I for one SALUTE you all.


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