Andrew Yang Pushing Back Against MSNBC Over Treatment During Last Debate

(Tea Party PAC) – Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is feeling dissed by MSNBC after the latest debate in which he was afforded very little speaking time. It has been obvious for some time that the Democratic Party is just openly hostile to outsiders, of which Yang is one. Unless Dem candidate are walking the far left party line and regurgitating their socialist, progressive talking points, they really aren’t welcome, no matter how popular they might be.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Popular Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang tweeted on Saturday that he will no longer appear on MSNBC until they apologize on air for the lack of speaking time that he was given during this week’s primary debate.

Despite polling higher than many of the other candidates, Yang was only given six minutes and 48 seconds to speak at the Atlanta debate — far less than any other candidate.

Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Mayor Pete Buttigieg were all given over 12 minutes of speaking time.

“Was asked to appear on @msnbc this weekend – and told them that I’d be happy to after they apologize on-air, discuss and include our campaign consistent with our polling, and allow surrogates from our campaign as they do other candidates’. They think we need them. We don’t,” Yang tweeted.

“They’ve omitted me from their graphics 12+ times, called me John Yang on air, and given me a fraction of the speaking time over 2 debates despite my polling higher than other candidates on stage. At some point you have to call it,” Yang added. “The whole time we have gotten stronger. This is actually bad for MSNBC. It will only get worse after I make the next debates and keep rising in the polls. The people are smarter than MSNBC would like to think.”

Yang has been pushing back against the obvious bias, using the hashtag “#MSNBCFearsYang.” Looks like conservatives aren’t the only ones forced to endure media bias and unfair treatment.

While we certainly are no supporters of Yang, it’s amusing to watch MSNBC pander to the “big name” candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg.

It’s really interesting to see how much Buttigieg is favored seeing as how he is only the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. The fourth largest city in Indiana.

For those of you who didn’t catch all that, he is the mayor of a town in Indiana and it isn’t even the biggest one, it’s the fourth on the list. That’s how relevant Pete Buttigieg is. Yet, MSNBC loves him because he represents the LGBT crowd.

Yang, one the other hand, is a successful entrepreneur worth somewhere between $1 and $3 million dollars, who has created an organization dedicated to creating jobs in struggling American cities (Venture for America), been selected by President Obama in 2012 as a “Champion of Change,” and in 2015 as a “Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship.” Not only that, he’s Asian. You’d think the liberal media would love Yang yet they don’t.

That’s the left for you. Controlled not by principles, values or any kind of solid beliefs but rather whatever the person at the top, calling the shots, says. The establishment says “jump” and the mainstream media says “how high?”


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  3. With a net worth of only $1-3 million he doesn’t qualify for the “elite 1% that makes up the Democrat’s leadership.” He would need at least $50 million to be considered one of the club. Then as he points out, he isn’t following the far left line so popular in the Democratic party today. Like Trump he is an “outsider” even if he got elected the “Impeach Andrew Yang Committee” would be formed two months before he even took office. and the far left would be out to ensure any moderate position was attacked.

    • Hey Wayne, did you post a puzzle? Are we supposed to figure out what you said? I can probably do it if you repeat it in English!!


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