Anti-Trumper Chris Wallace Goes Off The Deep End In Exchange With Katie Pavlich; Check Out What He Said To Her

(Tea Party PAC) – Fox News host Chris Wallace has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s not only not a fan of President Trump, he’s an active opposer of his administration and seems to truly be relishing the opportunity to watch him get roasted during the impeachment proceedings that have been going on against him for months now.

In fact, when Townhall.Com contributor made an appearance on Fox and compared Trump’s impeachment to that of former President Bill Clinton’s, Wallace lost his cool and lashed out at Pavlich.

Check this out.

Via BizPacReview:

At one point, a perturbed Wallace snapped at Pavlich, “Get your facts straight!”

The two were participating in a segment that also featured Fox News anchors Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum. The discussion centered on a timely New York Times story on former national security adviser John Bolton’s yet to be released book that allegedly claims President Trump linked a hold on Ukrainian aid to an investigation of Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

Acting as if its true — the president has denied telling Bolton this — the liberal media is running with the story like their hair is on fire, insisting that Bolton must be called as a witness in the Senate impeachment trial.

To no surprise, Wallace seemingly leans with this camp, while Pavlich was arguing against Bolton testifying.

“The Senate is not the House. The House did not come with a complete case,” Pavlich stated. “In every impeachment beforehand, the witnesses that were called had been called in the House before being brought to the Senate.”

“That’s not true,” Wallace interrupted. “They hadn’t all been called in the House. In the Clinton impeachment, they’d been called by the independent counsel.”

“That’s just wrong, Katie,” he would add, after some cross talk.“The fact is that the whistleblower information was given to the inspector general, who gave it to the Justice Department,” Wallace continued. “The Justice Department decided not to investigate, and that is why it went to the House.”

Set on correcting Pavlich, he pressed on.

“So to say that in the Clinton investigation that these people were interviewed by the House, one, they weren’t, and to say it wasn’t done by the Justice … it wasn’t done by the Justice Department, because the Justice Department refused to carry out the investigation,” Wallace said. “Get your facts straight!”

The aggressive demeanor from Wallace prompted anchor Bret Baier to step in to say, “Okay, let’s tone it down.”

Proving that she can give as good as she gets, Pavlich pushed back.

“The point is that all the information that the grand jury and the Clinton investigation, the witnesses the House wanted to call, that the Justice Department called in the Clinton case, were done before the articles were voted on and put over to the Senate,” she said.

“That is not what has happened here,” Pavlich continued. “The House voted on incomplete information and give it to the Senate, and now they are saying the Senate should call additional witnesses who have not been called before, and who were not part of the House evidence.”

“So we just shouldn’t listen to what John Bolton has to say?” Wallace interjected.

“I’m not taking a side, Chris,” Pavlich countered. “I’m not saying Bolton should or should not testify. I’m simply talking about what senators are saying and they should go with the process.”

Wallace just absolutely loathes Trump and has joined with liberals in hoping for a premature end to his administration and time as president, wanting so badly for him to be impeached and removed from office. It’s pretty disgusting for someone who seems to consider himself a conservative.

Look, you don’t have to be in love with Trump to see that he’s done a good job of getting our nation back on track and has kept many of his campaign promises. We could do far worse than having Trump as president right now, which is exactly what would happen if he gets impeached. We’d like have to deal with someone like Joe Biden who would be all on board for stripping away our liberty.



  1. You are correct! I have Fox on almost all day and am continually yelling at all the above whom you listed! Also Debbie Dingle and Jehmu Greene and a few more. I hope other Conservatives write to let the powers that be realize the damage they are doing to Fox!

  2. Wallace is another half truth MORON. Bolton is another deep stater that raped and looted Ukraine. He wants to bomb the he’ll outta everyone and everything.



  4. I use to watch his Sunday show but stopped a few months ago because of his bias against the president. With Juan Williams racist comments and hate for president have stopped dvr recording of the five. I am just an ignorant Trump supporter from West Virginia that has been a life long Democrat but do not support Democrat’s hate filled remarks and positions anymore.

  5. It’s not just Wallace it’s coming from former speaker Ryan who is directing what direction they are going with their news coverage. Ryan and Romney of course spent a lot of time on the bus.

  6. I never did understand why ( Well, I do. Who is father was.) he has been given so much prestige and kind of the go to guy a lot of the time, like Presidential election debates, etc., and the like. They could EASILY do without him. He’s like the male version of Megan Kelly, the ” what’s the big whoop anyway” about you. I never picked up on his bias. If that’s true, then there’s another thing for me not to like about him. If his bias is that blatant I would think I would have noticed it by now, but honestly I haven’t. Regardless, they should loose him anyway just on GP’s.

  7. I do. Fox is trying to be politically correct by pandering to the looney left leaning destroyers of democracy, individual rights, constitution, et al. Come on Fox. You didn’t get to be the most successful news network by adopting left lunacy. If you want a great America you had better get on board again and support what made America great in the first place. The only thing the left cares about is its power and money and right now they aren’t doing a damn thing to earn it or to earn American’s support.

  8. It has long been our belief that Chris Wallace leans to the liberal viewpoint, which is why we stopped watching him. I hope that FoxNews realizes that more people are tuning him off. And yet, FoxNews is providing a considerably larger portion to going overboard on the “Fair and Balanced” theme. Chris simply favors leaning to the left, I suppose. If FoxNews looses its Conservative view on subjects then where can we Conservatives tune in.

  9. He is nothing like his father and I am sick of seeing and listening to his bias. He should be at CNN or MSNBC. Also get rid of Juan Williams, Marie Harf, Jessica Tarlov, Donna Brazile (don’t know why FOX ever hired her).

  10. He is a disgrace to be called a conservative.I guess he should vote for Bernie then he can become a socialist.
    What has Fox become .I miss the old fox who don’t play down to the far left.That is what you get when you hire people like Paul Ryan another never Trump.
    It is amazing what Trump has accomplished despite all the roadblocks they to stop him with.Here’s to Four More years.

  11. I use love Wallace. I never missed his Sunday show. it’s obvious he is very bias against Trump. So I no longer watch his show. He should leave Fox and move over to Trump CNN or MSNBC

  12. Why is Chris Wallace on Fox News, which is conservative, and supports the Republican Party? I have always admired his intelligence and superb interviewing skills. I am personally very saddened by this information about his attack on Katie Pavlich. Is Mr. Wallace a wolf in sheep’s clothing? I guess I have been fooled.
    Dan Martin, Ph.D.

    There was a man, his name was Mike wallace… many recall him as an “honorable journalist!”
    Whether by design or by the residual of unfortunate circumstances and timing, a surviving zygote came to be… !
    Over time and through well financed indoctrination, the surviving cell mass attempted to walk in the tracks of the the sperm donor – sire!
    Perhaps whats his name… Chris…. …… right, Chris Wallace might want to recapitulate his validity say as a college “Professor of Indoctrination – propaganda… 🤔😡😖🤨🤬🤡🧐

  14. This is but one example of Chris Wallace’s less than balanced biased opinions.
    His vitriolic outburst at Katie Pavlich was totally uncalled for. He for one should indeed get his facts straight and unbiased!

  15. Let’s face it, Wallace is as much a total ass as his father was. They both would do anything to get the limelight. They are like baby robins, all mouth and butt!

  16. Chris I obnoxious and should be fired! He is over the hill and boring! Send him to CNN where he belongs!
    Katie would do a better job in his time slot!

  17. Chris Wallace seems to be blinded by hate just as most Dems. What a shame that these misguided folks should enjoy living in a free country and seeing their 401’s soar. Jealousy and hate is the main reason for such behaviors. Most should turn from their wicked ways and thank GOD that Hillary Clinton did not win the Presidency. God bless America.

  18. Chris “Mathews” Wallace, has stroked my ire many times, to the point that when he comes on now, Fox goes off. Katie P is, in my opinion, always prepared and knows her subject matter. Wallace is always in a confrontational mode and eager to attack anyone that doesn’t bow to his “wisdom. I’ve observed him talking down to Lara Ingram and have turned him off since I witnesses that exchange. He’s a prim donna and hates our President.

  19. Fox news has hurt themselves as a news source by having Wallace and Juan Williams on their broadcast. If I am watching even Sean Hannity, and Williams is brought on the show, I turn the channel and never go back that day. Sorry Sean, but you should pick your guest more carefully.

  20. For my money Chris Wallace is a total Douchebag, he has never been much of a reporter even on Sixty Minutes.
    He always played second fiddle to top names but has never been one himself.
    I’m sure he thinks he is a big name but next to Varny, Varny runs rings around him.
    He has always been a news guy, note I never said reporter, I don’t think he knows how.
    Just another “Fake News Guy, A Dime A Dozen”

  21. It was all ways known that Chris did not like Trump .
    neither Does Howard “on Saturday and the Black lady “on Sat with Eric it is hard to hide the contempt they have .just listen .expecility if they think that The President is going Down there So Obvious””I Cant say that about Eric .
    The President does have some Loyal friends
    At Fox as well I pray there are more Allies than Enemies .
    God Bless the President 🇺🇸

  22. There is strength in numbers we all should stop watching Fox News until they fire Chris Wallace if enough of us stick together we could get it done not saying he can’t hate on Trump just saying if Fox cares about its viewers they should tell him to go spew that crap for CNN

  23. It’s time for Chris Wallace and Juan Williams leave Fox news, I don’t watch Chris Wallace anymore when he comes on I turn the channel I used to love the five on Fox News but every time they come on and I know Juan Williams is on there I turn it off they both are nothing but liberal Democrats

  24. I’ve always suspected Chris Wallace as being anti-Trump. It’s pretty obvious and he is rude and interrupts constantly even when he interviewed Alan Dershowitz last weekend. He should go the way of Shepard Smith!

  25. Why don’t Chris Wallace admit he is a liberal Democrat and he should be off Fox News I don’t watch him I’m pretty sure lots of other conservatives don’t watch him

  26. How many references apply here: NWO, globalist, Agenda 21, Frankfurt School, Kalergi, Rothchild, Stalin, Mao,EU/islamic suppression and control… repeating patterns emerge

    • Since when are these so called news persons got the answer to the right and wrong of what the President does and says? I voted for Trump the first time and will do so again this time. I do not need a bias ahole to tell me who
      should be kicked out of office. Amen!!!

  27. I wish Fox News would get rid of him i change the channel whenever he comes on he’s a joke there is no way to honestly say that trump is not a good president he loves this country and the people in it what other president fulfilled there campaign promises as well as Trump he says what he means and means what he says Chris Wallace is a joke don’t see him running for president think its an easy job look how bad Obama screwed this country up and depleted our military please Fox News get rid of him

  28. Wallace strikes me as a child mentality that never became a man. I cant listen to him with any respect or reverence whatsoever. Typical liberal wonk. In fact I respect the perspectives of many 10 years olds more. He owes Katie an apology, just from a man’s point of view, as a matter of manners. Thats a straight fact.

  29. Wallace did a 180 degree turn, since 2016 in his political opinions, he honestly belongs on CNN, or the other group far leftest winners on msnbc. For a year now he has sided with the most radical left trying to destroy Trump. Almost all the TV media runs anti-Trump propaganda 24/7, entertainment celebs devote their entir shows based upon hatred for Trump, the majority of press left wing outlets, and even worst magazines are no longer sources of enjoyment but leftest bull shit stories reflecting pure hatred for Trump. They hate Trump and because we see them as people whom would destroy our republic through near communist socialism, they hate us too. Like brain washed brain dead zombies, the supporters of this propaganda feeders, drool for our blood ready to attack us physically for our political beliefs. We are powerless, we are fed bullshit 24/7 by nitwits often thinking their funny. When Trump’s term is over, or if a near want to be communist is elected, America will fall into a state of decline again. Then the propaganda machine will blame others like Obama did. Once we are over run with countless millions of illegals we will no longer be a free people, but a country bankrupt as comrades under ignorant morons like the Squad members. God protect us from the evil Democratic Party.

  30. Wallace is a sleeze bag and an arrogant s.o.b. he in my opinion should not be reporting on Fox. Fox is my favorite site for news but Wallace is definitely not my favorite newscaster.

  31. Chris Wallace (son) is no Mike Wallace (Dad). Much like Chris Cuomo (Grandson) is no Andrew Cuomo (father) and Mario Cuomo (grandfather). And/or Hunter Biden (son) and Joe Biden Father; Term limits anyone???

    Much like the Bushes, there is something hiding in the bushes. or genes

    Personal feeling is that Chris is going down the lane of Brian Williams and Dan Rather.

    He has lost my viewership and I am searching for a fresh face and name; maybe Brett


    They are no Edward R. Murrow either. Feeding of dead peoples names and legacies

    in the biologic world is considered parasitic.

    • If you can get OANN ( one America News Network ) I strongly suggest that channel to get really good, honest , conservative news. If you don’t get it, ask your tv supplier to get it. It has become my favorite station to watch. I still watch Fox and Friends , the five, Brett Baier, Jesse Waters, Judge Jeanine and others on occasion. I think you will be surprised. It’s my favorite station since I have found it. If you have ATT tv service, it is on channel 1208. Ck it out !

  32. I am so disappointed with Chris Wallace who I thought was always fair.
    It seems tome he is in Sheppard s Smith camp and we know what happened to him.
    It would be a terrible thing to call these witnesses to only make the President look bad for the 2020 Election oner non impeachable claims. To go on while the State of the Union takes place will only divide the country more.

  33. BOYCOTT WALLACE!! He is a phony rat. He allows his side-kick Juan Williams latitudes beyond common sense and rational reasoning to spout off at will, while filibustering his absurdities. Katie is a Classy Ace, while Wallace is a RUDE Schmuck!! He is an
    untrustworthy, mean-spirited scoundrel!!

  34. Just like his father Chris Wallace is a know it all not nothing that thinks his words is final for the entire world. His father was a lunatic that thought he knew everything and no one else knew anything at all except him. Maybe he should change his name to Mike and then everyone would know who and what he is. A know it all know nothing A**H***. No one really is listening to him any longer that is why he is so confrontational with everyone that he speak with these days.

  35. Wallace is a ow IQ, lazy,cheap shot artist. The fact that he is considered to be a Senior Commentator by Fox News or anyone else is a puzzle except for his last name which is all he brings to the table

  36. I can’t understand why Fox keeps him. He can’t hide how liberal he is and he’s rude to guests and, obviously, other hosts. I turn the sound off my TV anytime he (or Juan Williams) comes on. He thinks he’s better than the other hosts and his smirk shows that.

  37. I will not watch Chris Wallace and turn the sound down when he is on a panel. He and the Juan are total waste of good air. Wallace is in bed with CNN and needs to go there. He was kissing Mayor Alfred E, Neuman’s butt the other day at a town hall. Chris is the right guy to question the Dem candidates.

  38. If you do not think that all men have a price then you are not living in the real world. Chris Wallace is a fine reporter but has flipped on Trump because? George Soros? Soros is paying for anti Trump action in any form, and the value of your stature is the level of your payment.

  39. Wallace needs to take a laxative and clean out his mind. The whistle blower to which we all know his name and his deep ties to Obama, Biden, and Brennan. Kicked out of the White House for leaking information when sworn not to, yup a real hero fir Chris. Bolten an enemy of the passive left wingers, now a Patriot for having dirt on Trump and democrats cry he must testify, but wait it gets almost as dirty as the covered up first failed coup, Hunter Biden and uncle Joe his bad making millions while VP Biden is appointed watch dog over Ukraine. Nope the Democratic socialist workers party already decided that the Bidens will not testify, F the American people this is left wing justice like the Clinton scam investigation by the crooked FBI untouchable p, no one can investigate then unless it is a fix. If Wallace is neutral why is he not calling for the long list of crooks in Obama’s administration or ties to it, to come forward to testify? How a about the biggest lying sneak of them all Obama?

  40. Wallace isn’t a conservative and he should be working for CNN and probably is getting paid on the side by them! He sucks and has no credibility!

  41. Look, i voted for Trump, and may very well again. Clearly, there is not much on the
    Democratic team. But, if someone considers themselves innocent, why be afraid of witnesses. For me, I say, let everyone speak on all sides. Let everyone write stories, make speeches and be witnesses.

    If we leave this impeachment without a clean slate, it will continue the downward spiral of America. I actually think Trump would be helped by a free and open exchange of ideas. The last four years has shown America the true nature of the Democratic Party. I think if all facts came to light, Hillary would wind up in jail.

    • You do not get it do you? The democrats are deciding which witnesses Trump gets to pick, what the F kind of trail is this, it is nearly as dirty as the Obama, Lynch, Comey mockery of investigation on Clinton. Look, if there was justice Obama would be broke sitting in a jail cell for treason, not building mansions on the Ocean. That load of human lying waste entered the White House broke now he is a multi- millionaire after selling this nation out for eight years. This whole scam needs to be investigated so we can arrest House Democrats like Schiff and Nadler.

  42. It is time for Wallace to get off the air. He has become a liberal democrat and has joined the Pride of Democrats just like the Pride of Lions. He used to be a good reporter but has lost his goodness by becoming a lying democrat just like the rest of them Fox News should fire him and turn around like it used to be. I will not watch fox news anymore.

  43. Wallace is just like all the other Dems hating Trump “WITHOUT ANY REASON”
    It is a political scam and Wallace is part of that scam!
    They have showed themselves LIERS and SCAMMERS
    The “DIRT” flowed like a cesspool out of this Party ~ “THE PARTY OF CRIME”

  44. Fox has been my go to news BUT now I am going to other news sources as Fox is giving too much credence to liberal bias!! I mute the sound when the rabid liberals are talking – they are about as rude as one can get and have some really strange facts! Another Fox regular I would rather never have to suffer is Geraldo. SAD!!!!


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