Appeals Court Throws Out Emoluments Clause Lawsuit In Huge Victory For President Trump

(Tea Party PAC) – On Wednesday, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed a lawsuit filed by the District of Columbia and Maryland claiming that President Trump was violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution when foreign government officials stay at his DC hotel.

The DC and Maryland attorneys general had brought the case against the president two years ago, but a unanimous ruling from a three-judge panel asserted that they lack the legal standing to do so.

This is a huge win for Trump!

The Gateway Pundit explains:

The emoluments clause is a provision that bars US presidents from accepting gifts from foreign governments without permission from Congress first.

This is a huge win for Trump and Judge Paul Niemeyer, a George H.W. Bush appointee said they did not have the standing to sue President Trump.

“Indeed, there is a distinct possibility — which was completely ignored by the District and Maryland, as well as by the district court — that certain government officials might avoid patronizing the Hotel because of the President’s association with it,” Niemeyer wrote, according to The Hill.

“And, even if government officials were patronizing the Hotel to curry the President’s favor, there is no reason to conclude that they would cease doing so were the President enjoined from receiving income from the Hotel,” Niemeyer continued. “After all, the Hotel would still be publicly associated with the President, would still bear his name, and would still financially benefit members of his family.”

Jay Sekulow, the president’s personal lawyer, called the ruling a “complete victory” for his client.

“The decision states that there was no legal standing to bring this lawsuit in the first place. This latest effort at Presidential harassment has been dismissed with prejudice,” Sekulow stated.

President Trump celebrated the good news Wednesday morning:

“Word just out that I won a big part of the Deep State and Democrat induced Witch Hunt. Unanimous decision in my favor from The United States Court of Appeals For The Fourth Circuit on the ridiculous Emoluments Case. I don’t make money, but lose a fortune for the honor of serving and doing a great job as your President (including accepting Zero salary!),” he wrote on Twitter.

Last month, the president suffered a setback in a separate lawsuit brought by over 200 unhinged Congressional Democrats who sought for a DC federal court to require that Trump get approval from lawmakers before he accepts any financial benefits from foreign governments.

TGP writes:

Loser Democrat lawmakers, who couldn’t even run a successful lemonade stand, are targeting president Trump and accusing him of violating the very rarely litigated emoluments clause of the US Constitution by claiming his luxury hotels which are blocks from the White House is evidence Trump is receiving benefits.

US District Judge Emmett Sullivan (the same judge assigned to General Flynn’s case), a Clinton appointee last month denied Trump’s request to stop the lawsuit.

The 2017 lawsuit against Trump was led by Stolen Valor fraud Senator Richard “Da Nang Dick” Blumenthal (D-CT).

On Monday, lawyers for the Democrats served 37 judicial subpoenas to President Trump’s businesses as part of their lawsuit claiming Trump is violating the Emoluments Clause.

Wednesday’s win in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals is a sign that congressional Democrats suing Trump for similar Emoluments Clause violations will likely lose their battle.