Are You Kidding? BLM Activist Who Stormed Capitol Had This Planned In D.C. For The Same Day

(Tea Party PAC) – You’d have to be completely blind or entirely lacking critical thinking faculties to disbelieve that far-left activists were involved in the storming of the Capitol Building on Wednesday.

It’s easy enough to believe that genuine Trump supporters also participated, but it is entirely clear that they were joined (and most likely egged on by) Antifa/BLM-style activists in disguise who deliberately stirred up violence and mayhem to undermine and otherwise overwhelmingly peaceful populist movement.

As it just so happens, there’s at least one confirmed far-left activist has admitted to being on the scene—and just so happened to have an Antifa event planned for that very day.

You know it’s not hard for these people to call their goons and get together, and only a matter of some simple wardrobe changes to blend in with the crowd and employ their favorite tactics.

Earlier this week, CNN interviewed John Sullivan of Utah following the shooting death of Ashli Babbit at the hands of Capitol Hill police.

Sullivan is a Black Lives Matter activist who flew to Washington D.C. to attend the pro-Trump “Stop the Steal” rally.

In August, The Gateway Pundit reports, Sullivan issued violent threats to President Donald Trump, whom he threatened to “rip” from the White House amid Black Lives Matter riots that—suddenly everyone’s forgotten—became so violent POTUS was rushed to the bunker under the people’s house at one point.

Sullivan had traveled to D.C. for these events as well.

He has been identified as having been nearby Babbit when she was fatally shot.

Amy Mek at RAIR Foundation reported:

“Meet BLM criminal John Sullivan was arrested for threats and violence against conservatives in Utah!” Amy Mek reported for the RAIR Foundation.

The Gateway Pundit reports that on Friday, investigative journalist Mille Weaver ran into John Sullivan in Washington D.C. and says she overheard him saying that he wasn’t being charged for the role he played in the riot.

She said he has apparently been released after being arrested.

He also just so happens to have organized a BLM/Antifa event at the Washington Memorial on that same day.

Where were they, and why was it the Trump supporters instead who got violent while Sullivan just so happens to have been with them as well?

Additionally, it appears that BLM busses were in the capital.

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  1. I can’t believe what these people are doing….like Bejing said keep telling the lie long enough…to them it becomes fact or truth or some other garbage that comes out of there mouths!!!

  2. The guy from AZ is still in federal custody and this scumbag is released and you wonder why America is headed for a civil war! It’s time to start a new political party with 70 million trump supporters and take on the republicans who are finished and the communists socialist democrats who control all the media. It can be done!

  3. Doesn’t surprise me or anyone that Antifi and BLM infiltrated the protests— cowards always hide behind others. TRUMP is still my President. He is a decent man and a great President !

  4. Been asking the same question myself! You would think the mainstream media would want to find out as well. He actually provided the video seen across the country of the Air Force veteran being shot as I understand it. What was he doing there?

  5. I’m sure they will find a lot more evil creatures that were involved from the Democrat (aka) Communist hit groups such as ANTIFA/BLM. The question is will they tell us the truth regarding the perpetrators. Let us not forget that the FBI Director had Hunter Biden’s laptop for months before it was brought forward. Christopher Wray is part of the SWAMP.

  6. The rioting, although not the right thing to do was unsighted by Antifia and/ or BLM.
    There were others in the Capitol who have been identified as Antifa. These individuals need to found and arrested for insurrection!
    Accountability was called for, let them also be accountable!

  7. I believe the was orchestrated by the radical dems! These horrible radicals dems want socialism and Obama,Soros Hillary should be in jail that’s why Hillary told creepy Joe not to concede under any circumstances! DRAIN THE SWAMP is bigger than we could imagine 🤬🙏🇺🇸

    • I agree the swamp is responsible for the radical protest in washington dc.
      Where is justice? The swamp should be in prison.

  8. It’s time for democrats to get what they deserve for hypocrisy. The democrats over the age of 50 especially those in DC to leave the country and let us get back to having a peaceful place to live


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