Armageddon Economy Starting Now!

(PCC)The tax and spend crowd will soon have no taxes to collect but will the swamp spending addition be halted or will the fed simply print more money?

Danger ahead, but is anyone listening?

Top economist Kevin O’Leary warns of impending US economic turmoil, asking everyone to pay attention. The O’Leary Ventures chairman worries about a small business financial crunch. He expects the Biden administration’s economic policies to squeeze these companies.

The CHIPS and Science Act and the Inflation Reduction Act, which support 40% of American jobs, favor huge firms in the S&P 500, however, 60% of American jobs are in small firms!

So what are small business supposed to do?

It is apparent small businesses have been neglected by the Biden Regime and are struggling with the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes, which are expected to hit 5.5% in weeks.

“Bidenomics,” or economic policies, are hurting Americans. Despite historic inflation alleviation, tiny to small US business will face disaster.

The Armageddon crisis mostly impacts enterprises with five to 500 employees, which make up 60% of the US economy. The rising cost of capital is making it difficult for small businesses to get financing, unlike S&P 500 companies. With interest rates rising from 4-5% to 11-17%, many expect these small business owners to have trouble getting loans. Insiders expect this issue to worsen in the coming months or perhaps weeks.

Here is comes! A dramatic fall in regional banks from 4,100 to 2,000 over the next three years, increasing concerns about bank deposits. Since just $250,000 is guaranteed for deposits in the event of a bank failure, individuals may worry about bank stability, and what has the fed done to reassure consumers their money is safe? (silence fills the room)

Economic analysis suggests extending the small business employee retention benefit to address these issues. This extension could make a significant impact on helping small firms, which create millions of US jobs. They are not listening, not listening still, perhaps they never will!

Final Word: The chickens are coming home to roost!  Economists are warning about the US economy, particularly small businesses, due to economic policies and rising interest rates. Liquidity problem in this vital sector requires immediate intervention, but the Biden Regime is on recess and no one is guarding the playground!


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