Armed IRS Raids Have Started, Are You Next?

(PCC)The Biden Regime’s elite, heavily armed IRS shock squads have begun raiding, seizing, and canceling small businesses, just as numerous conservative news outlets had forewarned. Locals watched in shock as a vicious attack on a small Florida business occurred. Residents stood dumbfounded as they witnessed at least 25 to 30 heavy and highly armed IRS combatants in fully body armor storm a small temporary employment business using aggressive tactics to smash and enter.

A small temporary employment business in Stuart, Florida was raided last week as IRS combatants carried out a “Smash and Enter” search according to several news sources.

An unnamed witness remarked, “It was like watching a scene from an action movie.” With their tactical gear on, they exuded a menacing aura and suggested they were getting ready for a risky confrontation.

The IRS acknowledged their agents belonged to an elite team inside the IRS Criminal Investigations (IRS-CI) unit—a branch tasked with looking into possible offenses like fraud and tax evasion

The IRS is refusing comment about the raid while their elite team is declaring ‘it’s official business”.

Particularly in light of prior Republican critiques of increasing spending for the agency, this IRS agent display of power is attracting attention and arousing worries. Many in Washington now realize the super funding of the IRS is being used to build and train IRS combatants to Smash And Enter small businesses and under unfairly target regular Americans.

However Democrats call the idea of the IRS building and weaponizing a audit army of trained and armed combatants as conspiracy theory and nonsense!

However, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and other Biden administration officials have refused to assured the public the $80 billion budget increase was not meant to increase armed audits of people making less than $400,000 annually, but mistrust persists especially after numerous report of the ‘Smash And Enter’ raids on small businesses begin to surface.

Critics have called attention to the worrying tendency of the government treating the IRS like a military organization, including storing ammo, including former Fox News personality Tucker Carlson.

According to former IRS Special Agent Robert Nordlander in an interview with Accounting Today, the heavily armed IRS-CI special agents, known as “gun-toters,” are responsible with pursuing tax code breaches that may qualify as crimes.

According to Carissa Cutrell, a public affairs officer at IRS-CI, the Criminal Investigations division now has over 2,100 agents, and this fiscal year, there are plans to add an additional 350 more agents. When compared to the 3,500 special agents the unit presently has this number is still insufficient and forces are now being trained for direct deployment as early as this summer. The possible deployment will be just in time for the tax reports due under the extension provision.

Criminal investigation special agents will be allowed to carry firearms and some using heavy body armor prepared to take action in confrontational situations with citizen taxpayers. These actions include but are not limited to, making arrests, carrying out FISA search warrants, forcible opening doors, early morning raids and multiple interactions with citizens.

Given the rigorous and unpredictable nature of their newly assigned work, these audit agents are entitled to a Law Enforcement Availability Pay bonus (LEAP) adjustment. Their bonus for firearm, body armor and combatant tactics could increase a compensation boost of 25% or more!

The heavily armed raid in Florida has raised discussions about the degree of force employed by the tax agency and the potential consequences for American taxpayers.

A big question is in the minds of many citizens. When are heavily armed IRS tax combatants going to raid the Biden resident?

Final Word: I have written about the horrors of the expansive funding of the IRS claiming it will lead to armed raids, IRS overreach and the conversion of our Republic into a heavily armed oligarchs whose citizens become tax slaves to the State. Many laughed at my writings and called them conspiracy theories.

However, today my critics are no longer returning my calls……


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