Armed Militia Takes To The Streets Of Louisville, Shooting Follows. But It Might Not Be What You’re Thinking.

(Tea Party PAC) – I don’t care who you are, how you vote, who you worship, or what you believe in.

Firearm safety is a must.

Three people were shot amid an armed protest in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday after one member of a militia group accidentally discharged his weapon.

See? Four basic principles of firearm safety, people, how hard is that?

The Blaze reports:

Shortly before 1 p.m., there was a shooting near Baxter Square Park in Louisville. Reportedly, the firearm of a protester accidentally discharged, and three individuals were injured. All three victims were transported to the University of Louisville Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, according to Louisville Metro Police Chief Robert Schroeder.

You can hear the gunshot at the 13-minute mark of this video posted by reporter and News2Share founder Ford Fischer.

The person who accidentally fired their weapon is a member of the Not F***ing Around Coalition, which is an all-black militia. The bullets struck other militia members of the NFAC. When the shots rang out, people scattered, and others took shelter behind cars, according to WHAS-TV reporter Jessie Cohen.

“All involved are members of the NFAC and there are no outstanding suspects,” Schroeder said. “This is a tragic situation that could have been much worse. I encourage anyone choosing to exercise their Second Amendment rights to do so responsibly.”

One firearm was reportedly confiscated from the NFAC. A spokesperson for the LMPD described the shooting as “negligent” and that there were “no charges at this time” nor outstanding suspects, according to The Daily Beast.

“We had a little accident, it happens,” a member of the NFAC nonchalantly said.

The 500-strong armed protest reportedly continued throughout the city, thankfully with no more injuries reported.

The far-right militia group Three Percenters also gathered in Louisville.


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  5. Hope the FBI and other security agencies of the United States were recording faces as they have software that recognizes faces even when hidden behind masks.

    If these jokers do more than just parade around and become violent, the hammer of overwhelming force, which is kept in abeyance, should be brought down upon them.

    It’s either that or let the situation deteriorate to full blown civil war, which will be much, much uglier than the short, hard, quick hammer to take out this group if it becomes violent, so that other groups that are thinking the same change their minds for health reasons.
    There should already be arrests and charges, at least for reckless endangerment of the public, for parading around with loaded guns.

  6. That’s what happens when a bunch of dumb-a–es get together with no weapons discipline and try to check to make sure their weapon is on “SAFE” by pulling the trigger rather than doing visual safety check!!!
    if the Police were worth their salt in that town, they would have confiscated all their weapons and ammo!
    Reap what you Sow!!

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  8. I see all the comments so far are just ads about working at home and how much you might earn. Horse nonsense, eh?
    The real story is what’s going to happen when the shooting starts and the irresponsible get itchy fingers? People are going to die, a lot of them and most will not know why or what side they were on. As of now how many are breathing air but don’t know why and how they are going to follow and whom. That called brain washing. It’s a program developed by soros and obama to control the minds of all people. Only the strong will bypass the effect. They will stop and realize what the hell am I doing and walk away, if they don’t get shot first. Others the weak and wearry will just stay at home and believe in the continuous effect of the news and brain wash put out each day, the fake news, the lies and stories, the blame onto others, fake promises that never come to pass.
    There are others out there that know of the foreigners participation to enslave all peoples, the sick that would murder, rape and pillage, bringing everyone down to the level of no existence. What side are you on?

  9. Just let these guys alone! . . . These MORONS will eliminate themselves. POOF! End of Trouble makers. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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