As Time Is Dwindling, Georgia Governor Issues Call For Signature Audit. But Will It Make A Difference?

(Tea Party PAC) – Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has been the target of criticism by President Trump for his thus far resistance to aiding in the election investigations going on in his state.

Now, it seems Kemp is pivoting and either trying to save his own hide before the truth comes out or has finally seen the corruption for what it is.

On Thursday night, Kemp appeared in an interview on Fox News with Laura Ingraham in which he said he is in favor of a signature audit of the state’s election results.

He claimed that he has called for it in the past but is renewing this call in light of “concerning” allegations from the Georgia Senate Government Oversight Committee’s hearing that went on earlier in the day.

He explained that the Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, would have to be the one to ultimately call for the audit, which is why his calls for the audit seem potentially disingenuous. Nonetheless, he has pointed out that Raffensperger has not yet ordered the audit but he thinks there needs to be “transparency” on it.

He also added that he is hopeful that “we’ll see a lot more from the hearings” held by the legislature and that they’ll be able to figure out “what the next steps are.”

He then went on to let pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood have it for suggesting that Republicans should refuse to vote in the upcoming run-off elections as some kind of boycott. Kemp also said that Wood has a history of supporting Democrats.

If Republicans don’t get out and vote in Georgia they will be giving the Democrats and the radicals “everything they want,” as Kemp points out. It’s truly absurd to even suggest Republicans sit the election out. If anything, Wood should be demanding that the state do away with electronic voting.

Kemp called the run-off elections the “firewall” and said that he and other state officials need to “pull together and figure out” what they need to do to prove to the people that their votes are going to count.

Wood’s calls for an election boycott from Republicans in Georgia came after he laid into the two Senators running in the run-off elections, saying that should be doing more for President Trump and calling for special investigations.

He suggested that these two Senators haven’t done enough to “earn” the votes of Georgia Republicans.

One thing is for sure, Georgia Republicans must go out and vote. The system might be rigged but that is no excuse not to turn up. If these two Senators pull off the win, it will secure the Senate for Republicans, which is much needed going into a potential Biden administration.

Also, if they win, it could further highlight just how corrupt the presidential election truly was.

Republicans must come out in mass numbers for these run-off elections. A boycott will do nothing to protect our Republic.

Meanwhile, let’s hope Governor Kemp will finally put enough pressure on Raffensperger to do the right thing and call for a signature audit. If there’s nothing to hide, then there’s nothing to lose.

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  1. Governor Kemp is full of sh..! He has allowed Stacy Abrams to pretend is won as governor, even has the media calling her the Governor, without objection. He doesn’t have the cojones or the will to stop anything. He’s been worthless as a Republican.

  2. Trump is all done, he needs to get his obese body and evil mind out of the White House, even better now then in a few weeks. He is a loser, has fake teeth, fake hair, he’s a loser father with fake children, fake wives as he has also been a loser husband, a loser businessman with fake success, a rich daddy who bailed him out numerous times, faked his draft deferment, he’s a fake patriot and hugs the flag while calling killed soldiers losers and suckers. He is a loser in 2020, stole 2016 with Putin’s help and is rated the worst and most corrupt President in history. You loser white trash have made him your master and have even donated to the Republicans and the rich candidates who despise you more than I ever could. You need to deprogram or your lives will be as useless as they have been for four years or more.

  3. Is this for REAL or a STALL TACTIC? . . . Also remember, we MUST stick together. ANYTHING is better than Schumer “taking control” with a Left Leaning SENATE. We MUST vote for Purdue and Loeffler at ALL costs – NO boycotting! One THOROUGHLY Enlightened Patriot Sounding THE Alarm. Team Trump And His Allies 2020.

    • Joey, you are legally insane and illegal as an American citizen because of your allegiance to Nazi Trump.


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