Ashli Babbit: Where Is The Outrage Or Cries For Justice?

(Tea Party PAC) – It is no small thing when an unarmed American citizen is shot dead by police.

Regardless of the color of their skin, their class or their creed, it is shocking for a member of law enforcement to open fire on a of the public that law enforcement is sworn to protect is shot dead when they are unequivocally not engaged in a violent act that directly threatens the lives of another human being.

It is truly sickening to see the entirely selective outrage and calls for justice when it comes to the fatal shooting of unarmed civilians, and none more so than the case of Ashli Babbit, who was shot and killed at the Capitol Building amid Wednesday’s chaos and we have yet to have even a hint of an answer as to why this was the case.

Whether or not one chooses to defend the illegal actions of Trump supporters (and likely far-left radicals in disguise) on Wednesday, the fact remains that Babbit, a 14-year veteran of the Air Force, was shot and killed while unarmed and posing no direct threat to human life.

This is an absolute moral outrage.

“The death of Air Force veteran Ashli Babbit at the hands of a Capitol Hill Police officer last Wednesday is either murder or manslaughter,” Larry Johnson writes for The Gateway Pundit.

He explains that to anyone who has taken a class for concealed carry permits would know that you can only use deadly force such as firing a weapon in order “to prevent the imminent and otherwise unavoidable danger of death or grave bodily harm to yourself or a bystander.”

“Ashli Babbit did not have a weapon of any kind in hand or on her person. She was not assaulting the officer. Yet the officer fired. No excuse under the circumstances visible on the video of the incident,” he states.

“It is possible that the guilty officer (yes, he’s guilty of shooting an unarmed person, that’s a fact) will be charged with involuntary manslaughter–i.e., he stupidly put his finger on the trigger and fired accidentally,” Johnson continues.

“Maybe he did not mean to do it, but under the law if you fire a gun you are responsible for every single bullet. Ignorance nor carelessness are proper, acceptable excuses,” he explains.

If it was not an accident, however, Johnson states that this would most certainly be an incident of murder, which is a far more serious case.

He points to the past year’s “caterwauling” from Black Lives Matter about police brutality which juxtaposes very poorly with the murder of Babbit and the virtual radio silence from the mainstream media and the Democrats.

“Instead of outrage and further protests, silence has fallen over the Capitol accompanied by self-righteous hypocrisy streaming from cowardly politicians–Democrat and Republican–who label legitimate protestors as insurrectionists and insist that Ashli got her just deserts,” he also notes.

How the Washington establishment has reacted to the slaying of a veteran and young mother is simply one indication of the “craven corruption and moral rot that infests Washington, DC.”

“The Democrats, buoyed by a pliant media and rapacious corporations, are opting for Stalinist tactics as the President, along with many of his supporters, are banned from internet media and verbally assaulted. They have crossed a line and set in motion a push-back by the majority of voters who turned out for Trump,” he also charges.

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  1. The trouble with Trump haters is they all think one person’s life is more important then another’s. There have been to many people killed unnecessarily and the message is being ignored because it doesn’t fit their narrative. When it’s said “All Lives Matter” that’s what it means not to take away from anyone. Stop this blaming our President Trump for every damn thing that comes down the pike. Look at all the bullshit the liberals and RINOS have done, I don’t see anyone of them being made accountable for their actions. The people who “stormed” in the Capital were wrong but no one needed to be shot who were unarmed.

  2. Cynthia “C” (for Can’t Understand Normal Thinking) Thompson… You are an idiot! The ONLY ONES “FATTENING THEIR WALLETS” ARE the demonrats (and their media sycophants) YOU seem to believe “THE BS” of! The lies & cheating & stealing are ALL “WHOLELY & SOLELY” BEING (& HAVE BEEN DONE “ONLY BY”) THE DEMONRATS! They’ve yet to invent a device… that can measure “HOW LITTLE YOU KNOW” about ANYTHING! You & morons like you should keep your insipid cake-holes SHUT and THANK THE GOD (YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN) for His GRACE! In that no one’s SMASHED YOUR FACE IN for not being WORTHY of the greatness that DONALD TRUMP brought to this country again, after the SHIT SHOW “THAT WAS” the Obama administration! You… need to check your ignorance! And your privilege! Because it WAS “A PRIVILEGE” to be served by a POTUS like Donald J Trump! One you and your idiot “America-hating” buddies DEFINITELY “DO NOT” DESERVE! The politicians in DC should EXPECT “INSURRECTION” AND VIOLENT PROTEST! Because UNLIKE in the cases of BLM & Antifa… IT’S WARRANTED! IT’S RIGHTEOUS & DESERVES TO BE ACTED OUT! And where’s the outrage for the cop that shot the innocent, honorable, unarmed WHITE WOMAN!? Guess we’re ONLY “OUTRAGED” when it’s a NARE DO WELL black person who has a prison record & is stoned outta their minds, sitting behind the wheel of a car after having been “trying to pass PHONY $20s” at a local business before he was detained. We won’t even touch the “resisting arrest” element of anything! No… we’re ALL “SICK TO SHIT” OF YOU IGNORANT, IDIOTIC PEOPLE & your STUPID ideas of “how things are & should be” and are RIGHTEOUSLY READY, TO HAND OUT “SOME PAY BACK” FOR YOUR INSURRECTION (attempts) of the past 4+ years AND… your utter deranged disdain for (perhaps) the greatest POTUS our country will EVER KNOW! Again, YOU… GET A CLUE “you idiot!” & then HOLD ONTO YER ASS! BECAUSE IT’S COMING! Can’t wait to hear “it FOUND YOU!”

  3. There is a complete double standard and everyone should be marching for this woman.
    I have watched all the angles from the video that are being posted.
    As a retired LE Ashe did not pose a threat.
    Yet no one is standing up for her.
    We should be ashamed.

  4. The president deserves the blame for any citizen that was at the White House and died. We as citizens must understand and believe the facts of the election. The facts are not based on our feelings but reality. The facts speak for themselves. The election was a fair and honest election. Accept the facts and put the blame on the person responsible and move on. Although her death is sad, it was due to not accepting reality. May this be a lesson to all citizens; don’t get caught up in someone false reality world. As the president was feeding the citizens his reality, he was fattening his pockets. The more lies, the more money he received. These are the facts. Wake up America!

  5. Now the media and Democrats decide who’s life is worth getting upset about depending on their race an agenda.That’s not racist? Do we remember when the left stormed the Capitol over Kavanaugh and went into the Hart building and into Tom Grassley’s office? We heard nothing from the media or the democrats. Those rioters were cheered on as heroes. How about six months of burning, looting, stealing, beating up women , children, and disabled people that the media and Democrats called mostly peaceful protests while we watched the burning cities. As I remember , Cuomo on his show , said , specifically, who said protests have to be peaceful? The double standards for justice, for censorship, and for punishment are destroying our country and turning it into a banana republic.

  6. This is truly an outrage and a cover-up by the media. The woman killed was an unarmed , 14 year veteran of the United States Air Force. The fact that guns were drawn, considering the response of the last six months to the BLM and Antifa riots, makes this more heinous and hypocritical. Every life matters. By ignoring the killing of a Caucasian, who are the racists? The media and Democrats now pick and choose when an unarmed human being is shot dead that outrage is only appropriate depending on their skin color or the agenda they’re supporting? We have censorship, lies, coverups and a stolen election. 1.8 million ballots were sent out across the country that were nit requested or verified to the biting roll signatures 1.4 million were returned. 2.5 million were counted. That’s 1.1 million more than was received. People say the envelope is missing and they can’t verify. Of course they can, compare the signature of the Voting role registration signature.Why did the police let people in by moving the gates open? I saw a video with police escorting white vans of Antifa. iI don’t know if it was authentic, but certainly worth investigation and mention. Representative Louis Gohmert gave a report on OAN that the capital police were warned that Antifa was going to infiltrate the peaceful protest dressed as Trump supporters. There were hundreds of thousands of people there that were peaceful protesters and a small group of rioters. We were told as we watched burning buildings, 40 people were killed, that the other riots by BLM were mostly peaceful, but this one involves domestic terrorists? What does this have to do with the fraudulent election not being investigated? All talk of the fraudulent election is now over because of this action by a small pocket of people. It appears beyond suspicious and a set up for a smoke screen. We, the people are fed up with the censorship, the fraudulent election of a man that gets 15 people to come see him at a rally. I saw a picture on IAN where they change Trump votes exactly to Biden votes from one screen to the next. And Biden gained some over 17,000 votes. Insanity. More votes than registered voters in some states! We’re being censored and lock down as though we’re living in China! The media is an arm of the Democrat party and chooses who to cover up, who to charge, and who is worthwhile. That’s a dictatorship not a Rebuplic .

  7. I agree with everything in this article. She was shot and killed for what reason? What danger did she pose? What could possibly led to Deadly Force being used against her? As far as I know she wasn’t armed so that’s not the reason. The Cop was wrong and should pay for it.

  8. “craven corruption and moral rot that infests Washington, DC.”
    Yes, where is the outrage? Free speech suppressed…mob mentality taken over by our leaders…burning, looting and killing in our cities for months…voting corruption on a massive scale…killing an unarmed American mother. Yes, our democracy is almost gone.
    God help us!

  9. “craven corruption and moral rot that infests Washington, DC.”
    How True!
    Our right to free speech is being taken away and manipulated to appease the elite.
    Democracy is hanging on by a thread…free speech is gone…slowly stripping of our other rights will soon follow.

  10. Well were all aware of the double standard in our country, we should all be crying for justice the way they did when Floyd was killed! Oh yeah he was such an upstanding citizen and he was black, that explains everything

  11. Where was the outrage and horror when black unarmed persons were killed, by a police officer, the same as Ashli Babbit who was also killed by a police officer while trespassing and in the company of those damaging the Federal Capitol of this USA, something that was done based on outright lies pushed by the President and his supporters when not one instance has been proven correct. This shows the blind support like Jim Jones did years ago when 1000 committed suicide at his directions, now as a Military veteran that woman should have known better as with two brain cells does know that the actions committed were against the law, and there will be consequences for those who committed the felonious act.

    • moron. Let’s all the democrats STOP paying your welfare/food stamps, free everything vouchers. As a matter of fact, ALL republicans stop STOP paying FEDERAL taxes for the dems. Let them fund their own instead of all of us working our asses off for LOSERS!

    • Robert, you’re always on these sites spreading you’re garbage. You’re a straight up Communist bastard and you know it. How much do the Chi-Coms pay you to troll honest, patriotic American citizens? Do they even pay you enough to buy your lunch, because you’re trolling isn’t worth much more than that.


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