Attorney For Whistleblower Decides To Reverse Course About Client Speaking To Senate Intel Committee; Here Are The Details

(Tea Party PAC) – The plot continues to thicken in the whole impeachment inquiry nonsense launched against President Trump, particularly when it comes to the topic of the whistleblower whose complaint about the president’s phone call with Ukrainian leadership started this whole fiasco.

Apparently, the legal team of Eric Ciaramella, who many believe is the whistleblower, has decided to reverse course about testifying in front of the Senate Intel Committee.

Here are the details from Gateway Pundit:

Ciaramella’s lawyers sent the Senate Intel Committee a letter stating they were anxious and eager to come in and speak to congressional investigators — and now they are backing out.

Burr insisted he would protect the identity of the ‘whistleblower’ even though investigative reporter Paul Sperry published the snitch’s name — Eric Ciaramella.

Perhaps this is why the pajama boy is backing out — he can’t take the heat after the conservative media outed him, his liberal bias and orchestrated coup with Schiff and other Trump haters.

The fake news liberal media however continues to protect the CIA leaker by refusing to say his name.

“We protect whistleblowers. We protect witnesses in our committee,” Burr told reporters.

The Senate Intel Committee chaired by the worthless RINO Richard Burr and his Vice Chair Mark Warner are currently reviewing the process behind the handling of the whistleblower complaint that was filed in August.

As part of his committee’s investigation, Burr wants to talk to the ‘whistleblower’ but Eric Ciaramella’s lawyers have clammed up.

“I think they were disingenuous when they sent us a letter that they were willing to come before the committee,” Burr said.

Ciaramella’s lawyers offered congressional investigators written answers to questions under oath, however Burr said this is “not acceptable.”

Ciaramella and his fellow coup plotters can only thrive in the shadows. Sunlight is the best disinfectant which is why he is now hiding from congressional investigators.

The question at this point is what, exactly, does Ciaramella — if he is indeed the whistleblower — have to hide if there’s not been any wrongdoing on his part? Only folks guilty of breaking the law want to continue to hide in the shadows, to hide from the potential backlash they might receive as part of the consequences natural to their actions.

We all know this impeachment inquiry is nothing more than an attempt to overthrow the president motivated both by a longing for revenge as well as a desire to see the ultimate progressive vision for the United States made reality. On both fronts the left needs to be stopped before the damage they do to this country is so extensive it cannot be fixed.

Remember, the progressives want to silence the voices of middle America, to “show them who’s boss.” They want to take away the say these individuals have in choosing who governs them, and by extension, what set of values determines the laws that rule them.

If we value our way of life, we must be willing to defend it.



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