Attorneys Charged In NYPD Molotov Cocktail Attack Get Some Very Bad News

(Tea Party PAC) – On Friday, the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that two elitist, far-left lawyers accused of throwing a Molotov cocktail into a New York Police Department vehicle last weekend must have their bail revoked and return to jail.

This is a pretty remarkable story, considering NYPD has been turning criminals out on the street, not only amid widespread rioting and violence, not only as law-abiding New Yorkers were confined to their homes, but even beforehand.

On Monday, Breitbart News reported:

“The two attorneys, Colinford Mattis, 32, and Urooj Rahman, 31, reportedly hurled a Molotov cocktail at a police vehicle in the 88th Precinct in Fort Greene Saturday as tensions escalated in the area.”

Mattis works at the Pryor Cashman corporate law firm and was suspended without pay after news of his arrest.

He had already been furloughed since April due to the coronavirus pandemic. He is a human rights lawyer.

And now he’ll need to find someone as radical as he is to defend him!

They had been released on a $250,000 bond. Rahman’s bail was posted by fellow layer Salmah Rizvi, who just so happens to have been an intelligence official in the Obama administration providing the former president with information for his daily briefing.

We always told you that administration was full of radicals!

Prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York, however, were not satisfied with the suspects’ release and filed an appeal.

Breitbart reports:

Mattis graduated from Princeton University and New York University Law School. Rahman graduated from Fordham Law School. She threw a beer bottle with a lit fuse into a damaged police car, setting the console alight; no one was injured.

“The pair also passed out Molotov cocktails Friday night to crowds who were clashing with police so others could cause more destruction, prosecutors said. Authorities said they later found additional incendiary devices in their car,” Fox News reported.

After the appeals court ruling, they were taken into federal custody by U.S. Marshalls.


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  3. Trump is a coward, hiding in his bunker. A real stable genius. He will be indicted, convicted and imprisoned shortly after his historic loss in November. I wonder: does his Secret Service protection continue while he’s in prison?

  4. I am shocked, it is amazing just how many stupid lawyers there are around. When you consider Yales group of law students sided with Mob rule, rather then Due Process it’s astonishing! It just goes to show that the Rule of Law is quickly deminishing in this country, and that same Rule of Law is what make our Republic. Think about that!

  5. These “attorneys” thought freedom of speech means you have the right to destroy property and incite others to violence.
    They both should be disbarred.

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  7. With the crimes they pulled they should go on trial and be sent to prion and lose their license….was it worth that kind of punishment…now remember you have plenty of pictures of people steal and burning get them pictures on the air and arrest each and everyone of them and send their butts to jail..that’s where that filthy bunch of looters belong…jail for as long as u can get..maybe that would teach a great deal how all hated their of thieving…burning….hurting others and ripping this countries main cities apart……and more

  8. Domestic terrorist set free on bail. Definitely a Soros bought and paid for district attorney wouldn’t you agree? I used to wonder why he started purchasing DA’s with his billions. Not any more. When you are going to support crime with your billions, it helps if the system of law is stacked on your side. Who wants to pay someone to commit a crime only to have them locked up before they can reek enough havoc!? You want to get your money’s worth out out of your purchased criminals, and your purchased politicians!

    IF there is any justice, this scum will loose their license to practice law….for life. That shouldn’t be too painful though if they get a really lengthy prison sentence, which they deserve. Come on, attempted murder of police officers? Acts of domestic terror? If they never walk free, it will be too soon.

  9. Good thing they are charged with federal crimes since NY state law would have not even asked for bail not likely had a preliminary hearing for weeks or months. Likely just disturbing the peace or some violation on some inane environmental law such as dispensing petroleum products with a license. lol. They are likely facing life in prison with all the felonies involved.

  10. I have faith that the people of NYC will let them go. I have gained little favor as to the positive values that the people of this city have that looks anything like those held by most US citizens.

  11. Arson – Terrorism – destruction of public property – CONSPIRACY to commit murder – reckless endangerment – a lot more and I’d file every charge to get them the death penalty or life.

    • That’s right. Give both jail time first. and then disbar them. These are evil people and don’t belong in our society.

  12. They’re lawyers. They knew the potential ramifications of there chosen course of action. They know the difference between protected 1st Amendment protest and their deliberate, dangerous actions.
    I believe the court did the right thing.

  13. Talk about privileged. These two were very privileged. I wanted a college education but was given away in marriage at age 15 and at the start of my 2nd year of high school. I had to wait until the last of my 3 children were in school and then I went to night school for years. I ranked high enough to get a good job but I kept learning, accounting then mass media, journalism. When I came back to the Lord I went to Bible College and became an ordained minister. I ministered in jails and prisons helping those less fortunate.
    I am the one not privileged. I have had to work and fight and attend school for everything I have. I am not a high wage earner and am still helping the poor. I would never do what these two over privileged spoiled people did. I did not learn good behavior from my mother. I taught myself to consider ALL other peoples feelings and property. Some have their life and hard work in their business. Just to have it burned. I would start up in a different town. Not where business owners are not valued (hated).

  14. this is a good start, but has the New York Bar Association revoked there Bar license? How on earth can you have lawyers accused of breaking the law being active?

    • I think it is only fair that everything – prison time and disbarment – waits until their convictions. This is, I think, still the USA – although maybe not much longer (I do hope my last statement won’t be true).

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