Awesome: President Trump Announces The “Office Of The Former President” To Continue MAGA Movement

(Tea Party PAC) – We all know President Trump won the 2020 election despite the fact that Joe Biden has been sworn into office. Anyone who has been paying any attention at all knows that President Trump had the massive support of the American people.

For good reason, too. President Trump spent his presidency fighting tirelessly for the best interests of the American people. Even in the face of vehement Democratic opposition, he accomplished a myriad of “America First” accomplishments and life in America was all the better for it.

Now Joe Biden is threatening to ruin everything President Trump did and knock the American people down to dead last on the totem pole.

While President Trump was a voice for the American people, Joe Biden has already become an unscrupulous authoritarian. With over 30 executive orders already signed within the first few days of his presidency he is proving the will of the people means nothing to him and the Democrats.

Thousands of jobs lost, promises made to illegal aliens, detrimental global alliances rejoined, women’s sports endangered and it hasn’t even been one full week yet.

Biden is stripping Americans of our rights, integrity, and quality of life one pen stroke at a time.

Fortunately, we still have a powerful advocate in President Trump and he isn’t going anywhere.

Trump has announced the creation of the “Office of the Former President.” He plans to use this office to carry on the agenda of the Trump administration and oppose the radical left.

Trump made the announcement Monday on Telegram:

Not only do the American people need President Trump to continue to boldly fight for our interests and against the radical left agenda but it’s also pretty hilarious that President Trump has created this office much like Joe Biden created the phony “Office of the President-Elect” after he stole the 2020 election.

The creation of the “Office of the Former President” is Trump’s first official action since departing from the White House last week and we certainly still need his leadership now.

If there is any hope of surviving the Biden administration it is still President Trump and the conservative movement. Trump and his team must ensure that all RINOs are primaried and voted out of Congress.

Since the Capitol riot on Jan. 6 those who are not truly with the Republican Party and the MAGA movement have made themselves known. RINOs like Liz Cheney think they’re the future of the Republican Party but they are dead wrong.

Americans are tired of the lying, backstabbing, self-serving politicians and now that we clearly know who they are, it’s time to get them out of office.

It’s time for Americans to take back the government that is intended to be for the people and by the people. The Democrats are too far gone and their entire party is no beholden to the radical left agenda that ultimately seeks to destroy this Republic.

Only with bold and strong leadership within the Republican Party will America survive.

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  1. I feel some confidence in my country again. Thank you Pres. Trump for all you did and for all you’re going to do. You have 100% of my support. Semper Fi!

  2. Thank God for doing this for Americans. Someone needs to stand up for the people. We are losing our rights under Biden’s/Democrats’ dictatorship daily.


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