Awesome: The Man Who Exposed Hillary Emails And Spygate Will Soon Have This Position In Trump Admin

(Tea Party PAC) – Drain. The. Swamp.

The man behind the exposure of the Hillary Clinton email scandal and much of the Spygate coup attempt will soon be serving in the Trump administration.

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton is set to be named by President Donald Trump to a court oversight agency that has the power to remove certain judges for misconduct, The Gateway Pundit reports.

The White House made this announcement on Friday.

TGP explains this great American patriot’s impressive legal history with Judicial Watch:

Recall, it was Judicial Watch that broke the story wide open about Hillary Clinton’s private email server in 2015.

Judicial Watch is currently spearheading dozens of lawsuits in an effort to obtain Biden’s senate records, Strzok and Page communications, Hillary Clinton’s emails, Fauci’s emails with China and WHO just to name a few.

Judicial Watch’s lawsuits have also forced many states to clean up their voter rolls.

They’re still at it, too.

If there is anyone who has been working hard to drain the swamp, it’s Fitton.

As you can imagine, folks were thrilled to hear that he would be serving under Trump.

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  1. God Bless you Tom Fitton for going way beyond to fight for truth and justice. You Sir are a fantastic human being and a true patriot. A lot of people including myself have much respect and appreciate for all you do for the sake of our country. Thank you a million times!! Stay safe, stay healthy.

  2. This is great news. I have been following Tom Fitton for a good while and have been so impressed and pleased with his accomplishments in getting to the bottom of the truth in many of these dishonest dealings by so many of our leaders. Maybe justice will eventually be served, for which we have long awaited.

  3. I have watched Mr Fittons career beginning in his days with the Paul Weyrich organization in the 1990’s.

    IMPRESSED ME THEN, and has continued to be a STELLAR PERFORMER!

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