Back of the Line Citizen, Foreign Trespassers First

(PCC)Illegal Aliens break the law coming here and continue to break the law by staying here! Now the Liberal Democrats will take full medical and health coverage from US citizens and give these precious benefits to trespassers! Outrageous! Millions of US Citizens are furious about the unfairness of providing health benefits to illegal aliens while neglecting the needs of U.S. citizens and especially veterans!

Our country has a responsibility to prioritize the well-being of its own citizens. By diverting limited resources towards providing healthcare benefits to those who have entered the country unlawfully, we are inadvertently neglecting the needs of American citizens who are struggling to access quality healthcare. This not only undermines the principles of fairness and justice but also puts a strain on our healthcare system, which is already grappling with numerous challenges.

Instead of channeling our resources towards individuals who have bypassed legal immigration processes, we should focus on enhancing healthcare accessibility for U.S. citizens, particularly those who are economically disadvantaged or facing medical hardships.

Our citizens deserve affordable and accessible healthcare options that cater to their specific needs, without being overshadowed by the provision of benefits to those who are not entitled to them under our laws.

Moreover, offering healthcare benefits to illegal aliens can create incentives for further illegal immigration. When individuals believe they can access benefits without going through the appropriate channels, it undermines the integrity of our immigration system and encourages more individuals to enter the country unlawfully.

This not only places additional burdens on our healthcare system but also compromises national security and the rule of law.

To address this issue, it is crucial for policymakers to prioritize the needs of U.S. citizens and ensure healthcare resources are allocated in a fair and responsible manner. This includes implementing robust border security measures to deter illegal immigration, enforcing existing immigration laws, and working towards comprehensive immigration reforms that prioritize the well-being of American citizens.

Final Word: As a conservative activist, Co-Founder of the Tea Party and a lifetime Minuteman, I believe it is fundamentally wrong to provide healthcare benefits to illegal aliens while disregarding the needs of U.S. citizens. We must demand our healthcare system upholds fairness, supports American citizens in need, and preserves the rule of law. Anything else is a betrayal to the very core of who we are as Americans.

Steve Eichler JD

Minuteman/Tea Party Co-Founder


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