Backstabbing The Republic

(PCC)Under the strong leadership of President Trump, the United States experienced unparalleled global admiration, benefiting from affordable energy, steady prices and interest rates, and a firm approach to combating crime.

However,  these achievements were overshadowed by a nefarious backstabbing plot to undermine our Republic’s foundations.

The Obama/Biden Cabal, purportedly aided by numerous federal agencies and the media, exploited their authority to manipulate the system. It appears this corrupt political establishment conspired to distract the public from their wrongdoing by orchestrating assaults on President Trump.

Their ultimate objective was to detonate disruptions in the 2020 presidential election triggered by a manufactured pandemic, thereby claiming the need for strong measures to safeguard democracy, but in reality their actions drove a knife into the back of our Republic and ignited the downward spiral of confidence in our system!

The Obama/Biden Cabal flagrantly abused federal institutions  were designed to safeguard and uphold the integrity of our great nation. They emphasize the detrimental effects of lax border security, the admission of unvetted migrants, and, in their rhetoric, “alienating the citizens from the electoral system” in the name of “preserving democracy.”

They passionately contend  this has led to a detrimental erosion of our cherished sovereignty and individual liberties, fundamentally reshaping the United States into an oppressive police state, while unfairly labeling those with differing political views as treacherous domestic adversaries.

Exposed! The alarming reality of a corrupted federal government  shamelessly weaponized its agencies to unjustly target and oppress American citizens and damaging the very core of our Republic.  The Crossfire Hurricane investigation as a prime example of this troubling politicization, emphasizing  President Obama and Vice President Biden missed a crucial opportunity to put an end to it, simply because they saw it as a weapon to destroy Trump and the MAGA movement.

The unfolding of more facts about the Obama/Biden Cabal highlights the urgent need to address the alarming allegations of cyber warfare being deployed against conservative voices, shedding light on the Durham Report as a compelling piece of evidence  exposes the constitutional violations committed by the Obama/Biden Cabal.

The Obama/Biden Cabal metastasized into a malignant political cancer eating away at the very fabric of our Republic, thrusting America into a terminal downward spiral.

A growing choir of voices are now boldly asserting the 2020 election was plagued by rampant voting violations, casting a dark shadow over its integrity. They assert  Vice President Pence had a moral obligation to challenge the election results, highlighting glaring inconsistencies in states such as Pennsylvania.

These allegations are undeniable evidence of a grave betrayal against the Republic, orchestrated by the corrupt global elites, greedy Wall Street tycoons, and hostile foreign enemies.

Remember,  these allegations are highly controversial and have faced significant criticism and opposition. The 2020 election was subject to insufficient audits and numerous court cases, all of which failed to adequately address the substantial evidence indicating the need to overturn its results.

Final Word. The Republic has been stabbed in the back by those claiming to preserve democracy but all the while their enlightened progressive stunt has done nothing but destroy the very nation the world looks to as the shining light on the hill. The light is going out and the Republic is hemorrhaging bloody freedom from multiple stabs wounds in the back.


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