Bad News For GOP Establishment — Poll Finds 64% Of Republicans And 15% Of Democrats Would “Likely” Ditch The Party If Trump Did This

(Tea Party PAC) – A brand spanking new poll has revealed that all of the negative media coverage, the two impeachments, and an almost total betrayal by elected Republicans has not, in the slightest, dampened the support or popularity of former President Donald Trump when it comes to his ever loyal base of supporters.

In fact, almost two-thirds of Republicans are willing to leave the party and follow a Trump-endorsed political party. This news no doubt terrifies the establishment within the GOP because this means they would lack the support necessary to continue winning elections and staying in the same positions for decades on end despite the utter lack of results they produce.

According to Infowars, the survey was conducted during the last days of January this year and note that a whopping 64 percent of Republicans would leave the current party in order to join one that was centered around Trump and his America first agenda.

Of that 64 percent, a whole 32 percent stated that they would likely join a new party with 36 percent saying they would be unlikely to leave behind establishment Republicanism.

What’s most shocking in this poll is that 15 percent of Democrats surveyed, along with 28 percent of independents, stated they would join a new political party that focused on Trump’s agenda items. That’s a massive number of people who have clearly had it with our very broken two party system.

A pollster who did the math said that if former President Trump were to actively seek to launch a brand new political party and give it his blessing, and if that party focused on his agenda items, it would actually displace the GOP and become the second largest political party in the country.

Dritan Nesho, the CEO and chief pollster for HarrisX spoke with reporters, saying, “These numbers show that despite the Capitol riots Trump remains a political force to be reckoned with. He benefits from a diverse base of support making up over a third of voters, voters who are attracted to him on a number of issues that are yet to be properly addressed by, and co-opted by, Democratic and Republican elites.”

This should make both the GOP establishment and the Democratic Party quake in their boots. In fact, if this happens, they should probably go ahead and change their pants because there’s no doubt they’re going to be losing control of all major bodily functions.

A mass exodus from the establishment and a strict adherence to the values of the Constitution are what Americans want and it is time for the Republican Party to get on board with that or get handed a pink slip come election time.

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  1. We need real Patriots to run against the establishment Republicans so we can take over the party. Remove the career politicians who brushed off the people who had concerns about the election and went ahead anyway with the certification. Trump didn’t insight what happened on the Capitol we were tired of being dismissed by our own Government. This rally would have taken place anyway with all the injustice we felt was occurring with the election. The Legislation and Judicial system caused the unrest for not investigating and hearing all allegations and the people’s concerns. Courts wouldn’t even hear the evidence but dismissed on other grounds. They failed to protect our elections.

  2. HOW can we ENDORSE an INEPT POLITICAL party run by Latte drinking RINOs, “never Trumpers” (Republicans) And Liberals and Left Wing NUTCASE Leftists (Democrats), BOTH who are RABIDLY drunk on POWER, REFUSING to REPRESENT We The People?!? . . . BOTH SIDES (especially DEMOCRATS) need to CLEAN HOUSE! They are getting paid to do NOTHING but DEBATE USELESSNESS, with NO results to BAD Results (like the BIDEN administration) which the PEOPLE ABHOR. Thank GOD for States’ Rights and GOVERNORS willing to uphold the PROPER Standards! Maybe SUCCESSION (as a LAST resort) COULD be an ANSWER. One Enlightened Patriot. team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  3. I have been incensed at spineless RINOs for years. Why do you think Trump beat so many establishment RINOs in the primary? We are sick of them. I do not donate to the party, I donate ONLY to individual conservative candidates.

  4. I am afraid it is time for a new Party that stands for and behind the Constitution!! The Problem remains though even then, How Do We Stop the Democrats from stealing another Election!! We have to have Fair Elections and Voting Machines not Rigged to Change Votes. Overseers must be allowed to monitor and verify All Votes. Voter Id must be required!!!

  5. I absolutly would leave the Republican Party as it is now corrupt and takes bribes to try and hurt President Trump. ! would gratefully align myself with the President as he is for America 100%!!!!!

  6. Establishment GOP’s deserve a kick on their backside for hypocracy, and cowardice. All RINO’s should be booted out of GOP.


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