Bad News For Nathan Phillips From Covington Kid Nick Sandmann’s Lawyer

(Tea Party PAC) – Atlanta-based high-profile attorney Lin Wood, who is representing Covington student Nick Sandmann, confirmed to LifeSite News this week that the progressive Native American activist Nathan Phillips “will be sued for his defamatory lies.”

Wood told LifeSite that Phillips’ “lies and false accusations” against Sandmann and the other Covington kids were “well documented.”

Wood also said he will be filing lawsuits within the next couple of weeks, and over 50 journalists, media outlets, celebrities, and dioceses have already been sent notices by attorney Robert Barnes.

Wood confirmed that Sandmann, the student whose picture went viral and was targeted by ruthless media outlets, had been prevented from returning to school for six days after he and his peers returned from Washington DC.

“Nick was prohibited by the school from attending classes for 6 school days in the two weeks following the incident,” Lin told LifeSite.

In mid-January, Nathan Phillips, who blatantly lied about the way the students treated him as well as the nature of his military service during the Vietnam War, approached the students and began beating a drum in Sandmann’s face.

Sandmann simply stood there while Phillips changed, and someone snapped a photo that was spread across social media and mainstream media for a week, resulting in Sandmann being charged with the “facecrime” of his “racist smirk.”

The media also ran a deceptively edited video of the teens and Phillips, perpetuating the lie that the teens had surrounded Phillips, refusing to allow him to pass.

In an interview with NBC’s “Today” show, Phillips told Savannah Guthrie that there was a video of the Covington kids chanting “build the wall!”

Guthrie asked Phillips if he had heard this, as there was no audible video of the kids doing so online.

He replied, “You know, I did hear that and I have seen some out there on the ‘internets’ where you can hear them saying “build that wall.”

This is a lie—no such video exists, or we all would have seen it dozens of times already.

Wood was asked by The Gateway Pundit if he was worried there could be a backlash for suing Phillips, whom the left believes to be a victim.

“I am not concerned or worried about any backlash for suing Phillips. He is a liar,” Wood replied.

When Lin was asked if he knows how much he is going to sue Phillips for, Wood replied
“No. But his deposition testimony will be invaluable.”