Bible Prophecy? Sky Turns Blood Red In China

(Tea Party PAC) – You know, over the course of the last two years there’s been a lot of freaky stuff going down. We’ve had a pandemic, massive lockdowns, riots, earthquakes, wildfires, Chinese folks being locked down and crying out en masse across their major cities, vaccines that kill people, and of course, stolen elections.

And while all of that has been fairly spooky, nothing tops the fact that the sky over China turned blood red last Saturday, a sight which sparked a huge panic among residents. Now some are looking to Bible prophecies concerning the end times and the earthly return of Jesus Christ.

“Panic could be heard in the voices of the residents as they recorded the discolored horizon, stirring apocalyptic fears,” Britain’s Daily Mail went on to state in a recent report. “The crimson sky was most prominent by the port, prompting worries that a fire had got out of control.”

“I have never seen anything like this before. It really amazes me that the sky can even turn red,” one resident of the Chinese port-city of Zhoushan, which neighbors the city of Shanghai, said to the Global Times.

Go ahead and rewatch the video because I know you probably already clicked on it. Is that not eerie? Gives you chills up and down your spine.

“Users of Douyin, China’s social version of TikTok, suggested the red sky was bad omen due to the government’s poor handling of the COVID-19 pandemic,” a report from WND stated.

“One user said it means: ‘Accidents will happen,’ with another adding, ‘I started to stock up on supplies,’ the Daily Mail stated,” according to the WND report.

Reporter Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, who works for Israel365News, said, “Bible scholars have no need to speculate about crimson heavenly portents frequently described by the prophets.”

“The Old Testament prophet Joel is among those who described such celestial phenomena associated with the ‘day of the LORD,'” WND said.

“I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and billows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD” (Joel 2:30-31 NIV).

Of course, the Chinese media said the phenomena had nothing to do with the end of the world, going on to indicate, “It was foggy and cloudy in Zhoushan on Saturday and it was drizzling at the time of the red sky, which might have been caused by the reflection of light from the low-level clouds, a staff of the Zhoushan Meteorological Bureau explained,” the Global Times said in its report.

“When weather conditions are good, more water in the atmosphere forms aerosols which refract and scatter the light of fishing boats and create the red sky seen by the public,” bureau’s staff explained.

Israel365News then noted that China actually has a rather lengthy history of strange weather phenomena.

“In 2021, Beijing was entirely engulfed in clouds three times in the space of five weeks,” they stated. “In May 2020, Beijing was hit with a ‘plague of darkness’ that was attributed to a combination of stormy weather and Beijing’s notorious smog.”

“Similarly, on June 4th, 2013, air pollution generated a similar blackout. The plague of darkness preceded the most important political event of the year when the Chinese Parliament convened to discuss COVID. The darkness hit on the anniversary of the forcible suppression of the student-led Tiananmen Square protests,” Israel365News reported.

“In April of 2021, Beijing was entirely engulfed in dust clouds three times in the span of five weeks, turning the skies dark. China is one of the countries most severely jeopardized by dust-sand storms and desertification, with about one million square miles of decertified land equaling about 27.9% of the country’s landmass. Studies point to the cause as deforestation and soil erosion which are indirect effects of the nation’s booming population,” the report continued.

Apparently, there are passages in both the biblical books of Isaiah and Ezekiel that describe these kind of events:

The stars and constellations of heaven Shall not give off their light; The sun shall be dark when it rises, And the moon shall diffuse no glow (Isaiah 13:10).

When you are snuffed out, I will cover the sky And darken its stars; I will cover the sun with clouds And the moon shall not give its light (Ezekiel 32:7).

Definitely strange happenings, wouldn’t you say?

Maybe this is God’s way of expressing displeasure over the way China has behaved in recent years? Something worth pondering.

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