Biden Considers Lockdown, But Mississippi Governor’s Not Having It

(Tea Party PAC) – The coronavirus pandemic has been the Great Disrupter for the whole world this year, causing not only massive numbers of hospitalizations and deaths, but widespread economic destruction too.

Here in the United States, many of our leaders, local, state, and federal, have taken a number of different steps to try and stop the spread of COVID-19. Earlier this year we went through a lockdown where everyone essentially quarantined themselves for several months.

People lost their jobs because of this particular measure. Business owners closed up shop. Unemployment surged. So did depression, abuse, and suicide rates.

When things finally got more under control, different communities around the country finally started to reopen. People were going to restaurants, out to movies — a few theaters opened, believe it or not — and in general, attempted to have some semblance of normal life.

Many were still under mask mandates, but compliance wasn’t that big of a deal because at least we could get out of the house.

Well, things were going great until the second wave came at the end of October and into November. Case numbers are spiking as we speak.

In light of this fact, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is apparently toying with the idea of a national lockdown if he is verified to be the president, come January. This would be our second lockdown and would thoroughly devastate our economy.

Well, according to the good folks at the Daily Wire, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves is making it very clear that if Biden does take office and attempts to do a national shutdown, his state will fight it tooth and nail, noting they will not comply with the order.

The comments from Reeves come hot on the heels of statements made by an adviser to Biden started calling for a national lockdown to fight against the spread of COVID-19. The Republican governor said he would fight against any such measure during a Facebook live session to update the state on coronavirus numbers.

“I’ve been asked that if the legal challenges that are currently being contemplated play out and the former vice president ultimately becomes the next president, then what is going to change? What I will tell you is, even based upon some of the things that I have heard and said from his campaign, I will tell you I don’t think much of anything’s gonna change with respect to the virus,” the governor said.

“The fact is that we’re gonna try to work with whomever the president is, but we’re not gonna participate in a nation-wide lockdown. This notion that one of his advisers has said that all we really need is about a six-week national lockdown and we can slow down the spread of this virus is totally and completely beyond reasonableness,” Reeves went on.

“The people of Mississippi can’t just go home, shut down their small businesses, shut down their restaurants, shut down their gyms, shut down other small businesses for six weeks and just think that you can come back six weeks from now, flip a switch, and everything’s gonna be fine. That’s not the way the economy works,” he said.

Reeves also said that he believes the government can make recommendations under the Stafford Act which says that when you have emergencies, they are to be handled at the state level, locally executed, and supported at the federal level.

He said he doesn’t believe that any president has the constitutional authority to shut down the state of Mississippi, again noting they would fight such an order.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what a backbone looks like. Reeves is clearly a man who is not into living in fear over this virus and will not allow Joe Biden or anyone else in the Oval Office shut his state down and destroy their economy. He’s truly looking out for all of his people.

We need more of this all across America. Not just from governors, but also from local law enforcement, mayors, city councils, etc.

Let’s hope this attitude keeps spreading.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore –

Copyright 2020.


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  5. Mississippi is too backward to make its own decisions, they are last in just about every criterion including other southern states.

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