Biden Flips, Here’s What He’s Saying Now About Testifying Before Senate

(Tea Party PAC) – Well, well, well.

Look who just caved.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has now flipped his stance that he would defy any subpoena issued by the Senate to compel him to testify as part of President Trump’s impeachment trial.

During an interview in Iowa on Friday, Biden first said that if he were subpoenaed, he wouldn’t comply.

The reason? Because it would give Trump the chance to “get away.” (Huh? LOL! Like Trump’s just going to jump out the window when no one is looking?)

Well, on Saturday, just 24 hours later, he told an audience in Fairfield, Iowa, “I would obey any subpoena that was sent to me”.

On Saturday morning, Biden had released a statement on Twitter which attempted to clarify his stance after he was rightly criticized for his defiant attitude.

It was perhaps critical comments from rival 2020 candidate Se. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) that changed his mind.

Fox News reporter Madeleine Rivera posted video of Biden’s comments:

“I would honor whatever the Congress in fact legitimately asked me to do,” Biden told reporters Saturday morning.

When he was asked if he would challenge a subpoena in court, Biden said, “The answer is I don’t think that’s gonna happen to begin with, let’s cross that bridge when it comes. I would in fact abide by whatever was legally required of me, I always have.”

Here’s Warren’s comments on Biden:

Des Moines Register Chief Politics reporter, Brianna Pfannenstiel said of Biden’s colossal flip-flop:

@JoeBiden says here in Fairfield he *would* obey “any subpoena that was sent to me.” He told our editorial board yesterday he would not. He tried to clarify this morning, tweeting that he has previously complied with “legitimate” oversight requests.”


  1. Well now I say know your Parasites you have the “brown dog tick,” ” the deer tick”, ” the lone star tick’, and the ” democrat luna ticks” they all should be captured and put in prison for treason tribunal trials are awaiting.

  2. Who is surprised by another Biden “flip flop?” In this case, he’s just trying to be more “upstanding” than President Trump by saying he’d comply with a Congressional subpoena. McConnell should just issue one and we’ll see. (Considering his corruption with regard to Burisma Holdings in the Ukraine, his “flip” is totally phony and disingenuous. (He really can’t afford to testify under penalties of perjury with regard to an act of quid pro quo that he joked publicly about committing.

  3. joe and nancy know nothing about their
    children’s connection to Ukraine business. wink, wink.
    again media will protect and it will all
    go away in the media darkness.

  4. You would have a better chance of getting OJ to admit that he killed Nicole than what him and his halfwit son have been doing that is wrong and the liberal morons turn their stupid heads in another direction. His junky using son has more dirt on himself than you could find on the ground in the dessert.

  5. This whole trial thing, along with the fake impeachment, is a sham anyway. They should cancel the trial NOW. The president’s actions are just politics anyway. If there is dirt on a candidate, any candidate, I want to know about it and I don’t care where it comes from. The Democrats want transparency from the president and then try to hide their own potentially illegal actions because it happens to come from a foreign country.

  6. So, they have memorized the crib sheet Pelosi sent to them, so he’s ready to spew the lies the Deep State Commies have made up. They need to know that “We, the People…” aren’t buying their tripe! Our votes stand, and Trump IS President! Goodbye Nancy, Maxine, Schmuky Chucky Schumer…and the rest of the likes of you!

  7. Dopey, Grophy, Uncle Joe. What can one say. Poor old fart doesn’t know if he is coming or going. Hopefully he is GOING! At least he can still suck on his wife’s fingers to keep him placated while he is going.

  8. Crazy Uncle Joe is doing the “moon walk”, looks like he moving forward, but going backwards. If they asked him about Hunter and the Ukraine, Biden can retell his Corn Pop anecdote and swimming pool story. Say what????

  9. Let the Truth be told, just another Lib-A-Tick, parasite crying foul again and again, he knows, as well as his lawyers know that a senate testify would put this criminal and his son in jail, as a senate perjure or lie would be enough to place this SOB and his criminal minions behind bars, he just another lying DEMOCRATE try to protect his sorry A__ and he knows that.

  10. Obviously there’s some truth to Joe’s involvement in Ukraine and wherever else they’ve mentioned. I’m sure it will all get swept away as it has with the Clinton’s Obama’s making 20 million while in office. Our government is worst than any mafia

  11. Exposing the Bidens’ criminality in Ukraine, China and elsewhere will show what most thinking Americans already know, which is that Pres. Trump had a very legitimate reason for asking the Government of Ukraine to look into the situation involving Joe Biden’s corrupt quid pro quo and his son’s corrupt dealings on behalf of Burisma.

  12. All the Dems are going down. Ukraine is huge. All the Dems and a couple rhinos are involved. Time to mop up the swamp. Thanks Mr Trump. I’m proud of you for bringing corruption to the forefront.

  13. So….you did a major guid pro quo with Ukraine…and threaten to withhold foreign aid..and bragged about it on TV….and now trump is being impeached for what you did…..

  14. Ole Joe the pervert , lies through his teeth , he’s the Quid pro quo that they blame on trump , and he’s so scared he can’t get it hihidden any longer!


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