Biden Regime Is A ‘No-Faith Generator’

When was the last time you said to yourself: I’m glad the government is on my side! How about this: I trust the government will do the right thing because it is looking out for me, the small guy!

Most American citizens cannot, and will not say either one of these, but why?

Because they are a lie! Just look at what shenanigans the Biden Regime is up to now and ask yourself: Will these government actions generate or destroy faith in America?

Biden’s Climate Agenda is nothing more than Government Overreach, Crushing Consumer Freedom, and Stifling Economic Growth

President Joe Biden’s devious plan to suffocate government authority has destroyed the American economy. It’s no wonder  we’re fighting rising costs in every area, inflation, and frightening credit card debt.

Allowing the government to control our lives and economy has devastating results. Wake up and fight this tyranny over our livelihoods. Biden’s “handling” of the economy has garnered a dismal 35% approval rating. It’s apparent  many intelligent Americans fear our precious country is careening into disaster under his terrible management.

The government’s incessant interference in “climate change” is a key cause of our economic pressure. Their overreach stifles growth and individual freedom. The government’s persistent attack on the oil industry is shameful. They unfairly target it while ignoring other industries. They’re now pushing electric automobiles despite critics’ real worries.

Another example of their economic tyranny. The Department of Energy has the gall to impose ludicrous restrictions on equipment like water heaters, as if they can control the market and dictate consumer choices. It’s government overreach and an attempt to limit our freedom of choice.

Opponents rightly argue  these totalitarian government restrictions unjustly restrict consumer options and unreasonably raise costs while failing to produce any major advantages.

Congressman Thomas Massie weakly moaned about these mandates, ignoring the reality  consumers should have the right to choose whether to waste their money on energy-efficient appliances.

Who needs future advantages when the government can control everything? Jennifer Granholm’s Department of Energy, a radical proponent of “green energy,” is an example of government overreach and market meddling. It’s upsetting  consumers aren’t empowered to make their own decisions.

The administration’s aggressive climate plan has outraged House Republicans as federal overreach. These bold folks are correctly fighting for a cut in funding from the Department of Energy, which has brazenly grown its authority since its founding.

This unjust and unnecessary government control must end. The Biden administration’s chutzpah is limitless! They suggest 18 new efficiency criteria for gas stoves and electric motors. They want to control everything, even our home appliances. We must resist this power grab! These restrictive laws will drive up manufacturing costs, burdening hardworking customers who are already struggling. I can’t believe you’re backing the government’s market tyranny! Their incessant meddling and stifling of individual liberty and economic growth is irritating. Wake up—government involvement is the problem!

The government’s authoritarian gas-powered generator laws are shameful. It’s absurd  they would risk storm resources by imposing such limits.

This flagrant power grab must be resisted at every turn. We won’t let the government violate our rights and endanger us. No more! Limiting generator access shows the government’s tyranny. They’re endangering lives and ignoring alternative energy’s pragmatism. Oppose this tyranny!

Power-hungry politicians use “controversial” policies to control our lives. Climate activists’ bogus statements are only challenged by logical minds like Nobel winner Dr. John Clauser. It’s time someone debunked the “climate crisis” as fear-mongering misinformation. Clauser has been cowardly disinvited from speaking events due to his poor resistance.

The Biden administration’s pursuit of climate-focused government control is authoritarian. It’s infuriating to see consumers and businesses crushed by high expenses in the name of an unproven issue. Excessive government control is ineffective and violates our nation’s founding principles of freedom and individual liberty.

Final Word: We the People must fight this repressive regime and demand an end to its stranglehold on our lives and economy. The dictatorial repression of free expression and flagrant disrespect for varied opinions has raised major concerns about the nefarious objectives behind these authoritarian tactics.

If We the People will not fight against the growing government control in our lives then we will have to answer to our children.

What will you say when asked: “Daddy, I had faith in you, why did you give my freedom to the government?” …..I can’t get it back!

…..and you will say……..?




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