Biden’s Gaffe-Packed “Victory” Speech After Stunning NH Loss Will Crack You Up

(Tea Party PAC) – Former Vice President Joe Biden is “celebrating” his gloriously bad New Hampshire primary loss with plenty of gaffes and hilarity.

Although it’s a bit pathetic that he thinks his campaign is doing well.

Speaking to supporters in South Carolina, where he headed after he was clearly losing New Hampshire’s key primary in a major way, Biden declared that his campaign is still full of life and ready to rock.

“Tonight, we just heard from the first two of 50 states. Not all of nation, not have…not a quarter of the nation, but two [states],” Biden said. “Now, where I come from that’s the opening bell. Not the closing bell.”

In spite of this confident tone, Biden immediately declared that while “Iowa and Nevada have spoken,” his campaign was ready to face the upcoming races.

Of course, the only states who have “spoken” thus far are Iowa and New Hampshire, reminding us yet again that this man has barely any idea what’s going on.

The gaffes continued.

While he boasted of his support among black voters, Biden declared that his two-time running mate, Barack Obama, had defeated an incumbent president in 2008.

Of course, in 2008, Obama was running against fellow candidate John McCain to take the place of then-outgoing President George W. Bush.

He said:

All those Democrats that won against incumbents, from Jimmy Carter to a guy named Clinton and a guy named Obama, my good friend, guess what. They had overwhelming African American support. Without it nobody’s ever won.

Biden delivered these remarks shortly after polls closed in New Hampshire, where is campaign had failed miserably.

As of Wednesday morning, Biden was squeaking in in 5th place in the Granite State with just 8.4% of the vote with 97% reporting, according to the New York Times.

This has only gone down from Tuesday evening, when 75% of districts were reporting and Biden was at 10%.

Breitbart explains:

The poor showing all but ensures Biden will not receive any delegates from the state, even though his campaign and an affiliated Super PAC spent heavily in the closing in a last ditch effort to avoid disaster.

Biden’s embarrassing loss in a state he’d predicted he could win comes just on the heels of his fourth-place finish in the Iowa Caucuses.

These losses, along with his campaign’s tight budget, is leading many to admit that the campaign appears to be doomed.

South Carolina is likely to either be a firewall or a last stand, Breitbart notes, as Biden himself admitted Tuesday evening.

“I know, this is going to be the fight of my life,” Biden told his supporters. “I can’t do it alone, I need your help to climb this mountain.”


  1. He didn’t do anything as Vice-president except swim naked in the pool and follow Obama around, he acts as if he’s still the Vice. At least the extended family got rich.

  2. what’s wrong with these people that think they have a chance to be even considered as a leader..Biden has NO chance and as far as the rest like sanders and Amy ,there in fairy land thinking they could possibly do a job like our president (Donald J Trump has done for our country. these denomic…rats ….oops I mean democrats hasn’t a person in there party that is mentally capable……..Go Donald♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  3. who is telling this guy that he is the only one that can beat trump? honestly trump will beat anybody the dems choose to run, and it wont even be close. Yeah, the dems will win ny and calif. but dont be surprised if they are the only 2 states they win in 2020. Trump will be able to run the country as he sees fit and what he was elected to do, when the the house goes back to the republicans in november.

  4. Creepy crook joke Biden should be arrested along with all his family for looting tax payers for forty years and extorting foreign countries using his position. The man has no chance in hell to get any further. What has he done for black people for last 40 years???

  5. T = The
    R = Reason
    U = Uniting
    M = millions of
    P = People
    Having the shirts printed in 1 week!

  6. T = The
    R = Reason
    U = Uniting
    M = Millions of
    P = People
    T shirt material – going to meet with a t shirt screener on 02/23/20 at the Tampa gun show!
    Will have him make me up a couple dozen for “the boys in our ⭕️ of friendship!

  7. This poor misunderstood manboy who wants to beat people behind the barn is being beaten by two women, a communist and, a misdirected young man in the polls. He’s hearing bells that are unfortunately only being rung by the bats in his belfry. That being said, a world leader must possess the abilities to make decisions, recognize bluffs of other leaders, stand up for America to other leaders without threatening personal physical retaliation, consider the validity of suggestions or thoughts; you know, be a boss. The office of President is by no means popularity contest, it’s a job for someone who can serve in a very complex position and not shed tears when things don’t go as hoped. There are no candidates on the Democratic ticket who are qualified.

  8. Pitiful! Gropin ‘ Joe needs to be given his medications and sent to his rocking chair. Unquestionably the weakest field of candidates ever assembled by either party. Makes me suspicious that there is a shadow candidate awaiting the convention to emerge and sweep the nomination in a groundswell of emotional desperation. Michelle Perhaps?

  9. DJT was never afraid of Crazy Old Uncle Joe. Biden is a light weight. He is corrupt. The Democrats have called DJT trying to deflect their crookedness onto him. What they defeat, they try to bring down.

  10. Poor guy. It’s entertaining watching an Elitist Sociopath scratch and grovel for crumbs. Life’s hard, it’s harder when you’re stupid. Sooo long Joe.


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