Bill Just Passed In Virginia Concerning Electoral Votes Is How Liberty Dies In America

(Tea Party PAC) – If you ever wondered how our republic would finally bite the big one, whether it would be from a nuclear holocaust or an invading army, or a pandemic of some sort of awful disease, well, it looks like you’re finally going to have your answer. It’s none of the above.

The destruction of our great nation is being put on full display in the state of Virginia, as the House of Delegates has officially voted to pass legislation that would hand all of the Electoral College votes to whoever wins the popular vote.

Here’s more on this from Breitbart:

House Bill 177 passed with a 51-46 vote in the Democrat-majority House after being handed off by the Privileges and Elections Committee last week. Should the Senate also approve, Virginia will officially become part of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

“Under the compact, Virginia agrees to award its electoral votes to the presidential ticket that receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia,” a bill summary states. Further:

The compact goes into effect when states cumulatively possessing a majority of the electoral votes have joined the compact. A state may withdraw from the compact; however, a withdrawal occurring within six months of the end of a President’s term shall not become effective until a President or Vice President has qualified to serve the next term.

So far, 15 states, along with Washington D.C., have joined. The idea gained momentum as an answer to President Donald Trump’s electoral college victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016, despite her approximately three million popular vote lead.

The thing that liberals don’t seem to understand — or maybe they do understand and simply don’t care — is that if you get rid of the Electoral College, then all major urban cities are going to always control the direction of our entire nation, leaving folks in flyover states without a voice or representation when it comes to the White House.

The whole purpose of the Electoral College is to ensure that every American has a voice in the election and can choose the leaders who run the country on their behalf. Without this, liberals will basically be able to control the entire nation for all-time. This will be disastrous for our country and will be the end of the republic and the birth of a socialistic democracy.

Joel Pollack, editor-at-large of Breitbart News gave a great explanation for why so many critics believe the popular vote could disenfranchise voters who don’t live in major population centers like New York and Los Angeles:

Under a national popular vote system, it would be possible for Nevada — or one of the other swing states — to vote for the candidate who lost the national popular vote, only to see its Electoral College votes awarded to the winner of the national popular vote. In a close election, that could elect a president — against the will of Nevada voters — who otherwise would have lost the election under the present system.

Moreover, the “national popular vote” would, critics say, reward candidates for concentrating their time and resources on the most densely populated parts of the country. It would also create an incentive for fraud in the jurisdictions most susceptible to it. California, with its new system of “ballot harvesting,” in which unregistered activists may deliver an unlimited number of mail-in ballots, would be a prime candidate, as rival campaigns competed to stuff ballot boxes.

The Founding Fathers, in their infinite wisdom, recognized right off the bat that our nation was going to explode in population, that people the world over would not be able to resist the allure of liberty and would flock to our nation. They were well aware this was going to be a very big country with a tremendous population, thus they wanted to ensure that average, every day Americans would have a voice in who ran the country.

Thus, the Electoral College was created. If we destroy it now, we obliterate everything they sacrificed so much to create. It’s a spit in the face for all those who bled and died to preserve our liberty over the years. It’s just not right.



  1. If Democrats really want to be democratic and let the majority rule, then let them stipulate exactly that.

    In other words, if a candidate does not receive a majority of votes out of the total number of registered voters than we have a new election until a candidate receives a majority. (A ridiculous idea, but more democratic than eliminating the electoral college)

    This is what happens when we continue to allow a socialist public education system to continue to exist in our nation. Their emphasis is on socialist ideology rather than emphasizing the superior merits of a constitutional republic.

  2. To Larry Bates: add to that the number of illegals given driver licenses and being registered to vote (at least not Florida). I bet nearly all of them will vote.

    Add to that “ballot harvesting” and boxes of ballots that are “found.”

    Thi kind of “compact” cries out for voter ID.

    And just wait until a “member State” votes for the candidate that does _not_ win the nationwide popular vote.

  3. States that don’t send representatives to the Electoral College as stated in the Constitution should have their votes invalidated.

  4. No state or group of states have the authority, or any right whatsoever to disenfranchise voters in other states of the United States of American. Our United States of America, being sovereign with the protection for the people’s right to vote being counted individually by their state, free of other states, or group of states dominating the will of any other individual state or group of states. Simply said, under the Constitution, states do not have the authority to change the electoral college in any way at all.

  5. Isn’t this blatantly unconstitutional? And wouldn’t multiple lawsuits hit the Supreme Court in a couple of nano seconds? States cannot of themselves change a process that the Constitution does not allow.

    I know, I’m speaking truth to fools who will never be convinced.

  6. People don’t understand that if the Electoral College is deleted, people who live in over 40 states might as well stay home and not vote at all. States like California and New York will control all voting from now on. The president will be elected by four or five of the largest states.

  7. This is going to turn into a civil war , all the illegals that already vote do you think we will stand for that bullshit, no fucking way dems cannot win without cheating.

  8. These anti-American communist democrats are determined to start a civil war, and when it happens, they’ll get exactly what they deserve and then some, and it won’t be in their favor whatsoever. Also, these far left democrat controlled states cannot change the U.S. Constitution amendment for the electoral vote, especially for federally elected candidates and for the president of the USA. Also, these elected politicians, both state and federal, must be held accountable that do not uphold their sworn oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution and charged with Dereliction of Duty, Obstruction of Justice, and Conspiracy, because that’s exactly what it is, in fact, Treason can easily be added to those charges. I’m fed up with these anti-American socialist democrat traitors, and if these traitors want war, then war it’ll surely be, because the American people won’t tolerate these tyrants tyrannical actions and unconstitutional laws much longer, that you can take to the bank.

  9. Now I just wonder how these same persons would feel if Clinton had not wan the election but won the Elector college vote. Now since the origination of this USA only 5 times in the History has the Electoral College put a President in office that did not win the Popular vote. Now every President that has not won the Popular Vote but installed by the Electoral College has had a rough time from the majority of the population because they did not get their way.

  10. once enacted can never be retracted.
    you will then live as voted by either the
    East or West coast. get ready for living
    in the progressive-socialist world.
    freedoms only for the elite. be very careful
    what you wish for.

  11. They just keep fueling the fire and drawing this nation down. Is this the end of our Republic and nation. Are they so blind that with their greed for power they will destroy the greatest Democracy on this Earth and will we sit back and let them. So far we have- double standard of justice, destroying God and Religion, our History, the President, openly attacking us, destroying our Constitution and our 2nd Amendment rights, destroying free speech, the 2020 election that they will try to destroy, Socialism that many so desperately want, destruction of our economy, full open borders, sanctuary cities and only God knows what else they are planning.

  12. That’s great!! It’s not “if” Trump wins, it’s when. This country is NOT READY FOR BERNIE OR ANYONE ELSE THEY HAVE PUT UP.

  13. I don’t know. But when we really FINALLY get tired of this BS there going to be another civil war city v.s country. I don’t won’t it to come to that but don’t think for one damn second when the line is drawn in the sand I WILL be standing there ready to defend the America we want to preserve. Even if it is brother on brother family against family. I’m ready just when….

    P.S. if you wanna kill a new born child go to VA

    The conversation about the Electoral College occurred during a time when we were truly a confederation of sovereign states, some large and some very small. And the representatives that debated it were from each of those states, just like the US Senate’s representation was constructed. We are STILL “the United STATES.”
    Since this new form of government was intentionally designed to be a federation of the states, which would oversee the nation-wide functions, so the votes for President of that national government were intended to come from each of the states. And the representation of each state’s “electors” was proportional to the relative population of the states, plus the 2 senators.
    The vote for President was constitutionally designed to collect votes on behalf of the states, NOT the general population.
    A change to eliminate the Electoral College is a fundamental change to our form of government. And if we are to become a national government, then the sovereignty of each of the states will be reduced as if they were “counties” within the overall government. Then we would no longer have a “federal’ government, only a “national’ one.

    • Unfortunately, destroying the sovereignty of the states is the goal! They want every state to bend directly to the will federal government. Every state does everything the same way. The federal government has been slowly destroying statehood with massive laws that require states to enact certain legislation before it can receive funding for a certain area. It was challenged in the Supreme Court and the states lost. This is how communism has been slowly being implemented right under our nose.

      I heard a sniping of Bernie Sanders speech after his win in NH that made my blood run cold. He said something to the effect of “we don’t want a revolution, we want evolution”. He was speaking of communism. They call it “progressivism”. And yes, that term was adopted by the marxists because communism was a “dirty word” to the American people. Progressive is just what it means: Communism rule progressively, one law at a time. In other words, communism by evolution (one law at a time), not revolution (at the end of a gun).

      I weep for my country and our generation who don’t understand what they’re asking for.

  15. I believe this action by the State of Virginia and any other state that takes part in this, is in violation of the U.S. Constitution and it should be referred to the U.S. Supreme Court. Our country is a Republic not a Democracy as defined by the Constitution. By such actions, they are intending to invalidate the Electoral College and disenfranchise the voters of those states. Many states are now giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants and in some states allowing these illegals to vote. A quote from Abraham Lincoln “At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a notion of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.” No words were ever truer than now.

  16. Obviously can not stand, as it violates the Constitution.
    The question is, who has standing to challenge it – and in what court?


  18. This is unconstitutional treason against the people. These legislators must be arrested, charged indicted prosecuted sentenced and hanged.
    Very sad.

  19. When this is messed with We are all in trouble. This will open the door to no democracy just caucus and war in the This nation again. Wake up ppl.

  20. I was under the impression this area was responsiblity of the Federal Government. True the Fed has taken over a good many of the responsibility of the States and counties, cities rural entities and individuals but not the electorial college that is one of the features that other nations dont have that keeps every citizen equal ! If Virginia tries this then hold up their vote totals and the Fed be responsible for assigning the delegates or just disregards the Virginia totals all together !

  21. A very very sad day for our constitutional republic indee!
    The most effective , most prosperous nation in history will fall to the whims of the communist party of America! Time to use our 2A for its most intended purpose!

  22. This is just another step in what I call….” THE DEATH OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY ”

    The American people will not allow this country to be transformed into a Socialist or Communist nation…….!!!

    When you get the core True Americans riled up….heads will roll…….!!!

  23. What they are doing violates the Constitution. Not that they care, they hate the Constitution. But there is a good chance that they would lose in a Supreme Court challenge. VA is fast becoming the CA of the East Coast.

  24. Seems like the whole thing would be unconstitutional as it violates one man one vote and I’m sure it would not
    Be upheld by the Supreme Court.

  25. The founding fathers did NOT want the federal govt. to be all powerful over the states when they set this whole thing up-they realized that this could only lead to tyranny. The electoral college is part of that plan to keep some power with the states and changing the format (essentially doing away with it) should only be decided by a constitutional convention and amendment thereafter.

  26. It is way past time for The DOJ to step in and remove the guvmanure for Blatantly disregarding the Constitution in so many ways. If it were a Republican who was in as Vaginas Governor and wore black face the Demoncraptic Socialists would have already either assassinated him or dragged him out and hung him. northam is a total POS and needs to be removed and Virginia needs to be restored as a Democracy. Trump will win by a LANDSLIDE like this Country has NEVER SEEN and all these tarded Demoncraptic Socialist Guvmanure’s will get voted out at the same time and there will be NO WHERE for them to hide and every Patriot who see’s one of those lying bastards needs to go up to them and GET IN THEIR FACE just like maxy pads swatters told her ass wipes to do to Trump supporters.

  27. So why should we all be bothered with a national election. Lets just let Illinois, New York, or California decide who will be our president. If I were a democrat, that is exactly what I would want

  28. Blah Blah Blah. The only way to rid themselves of the inconvenient Electoral College is with a Constitutional amendment. They can make all the Bill’s they want. Wont change anything. If the try,charge them with violating the law and jail them. But noone will do that so stop whining about it.

  29. It doesn’t matter what they pass. The Electoral College is in the United States Constitution, and you go by the Constitution, NOT by what the Democrats decide. Anyone in the state could demand this go to the Supreme Court.

  30. This is the same as Nullifying the Electoral College. Now is the time to stop this by requiring, on National elections, that the Electoral College candidates vote the desire of the people, not the PARTY desired. If the state attempts to do this, then there should be a DELEGATION to control the votes if the state Law allows the actions equivalent to “faithless voters”, and the votes go automatically as the people wills it, whether the state LIKES it or not. This should be as a LAST RESORT measure to preserve the U.S. Constitution. This Democrat CHEATING needs to stop, and those responsible should be INDICTED for TREASON and SEDITION as per the U.S. Constitution. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    A L L
    P E O P L E
    OF Virginia
    T A K E !! THERE
    D O N E !
    OF Virginia

  32. This is strictly a way to bypass the founders reason for the electoral college. What that that means is NY and CA can elect a president without regard to the will of the rest of the country. The founders specifically found that would offensive to castrate all the voters in smaller states.

      B U L L. S H I T !!
      THEY CANT !!!
      N O T !!! GOING TO WIN

    • They’re under the opinion that States with higher than most will be able to force their will on the smaller population States. They have no guarantee that this’ll work in their favor.
      In California, the Democrats in control (Democratic Socialists) are rigging the election by allowing illegals to vote, and showing only Democrats on the Democratic Voter sheets, and Democrats plus Republicans on the Republican Voter sheets, and only Democrats on the non-partisan voting sheets.

    • He is unlikely to win the popular vote as more than 50% of the population resides in California, Texas, Illinois, and New York. They have huge number of municipal employees.
      I worked 21 years for Buncombe County NC (Asheville.) I never went, but I traded shifts with other employees so they could go. Election day, vans arrived at each city or county building and loaded up off-duty employees. Other vans carried their wives. The vans visited each and every polling place. At each stop, the employees were given a name to vote for.
      These are called “Tombstone Voters.” You do not have to die to be a tombstone, just move away, be in a hospital/nursing home, or just not vote for a while.
      This is only one of the techniques. In Florida, where I live now, the Democrats organize “Registration Rallies” to visit every high school. Anyone who will be 18 by election day is registered on partially filled out forms. Younger students are “Preregistered” to receive mailings touting Democrat candidates and issues. The Democratic controlled press bags about the successful rallies.
      A seeming good amendment was added to the Florida State Constitution in 2016. It restores voting rights to convicted felons who have served their time, if those who are habitual criminals.
      Add to that the huge influx of Puerto Ricans, who traditionally vote Democrat, “It is unlikely Trump will carry Florida.


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