Bill Maher Warns 2020 Dems That Americans Vote On “The Wall And The Womb”

(Tea Party PAC) – Bill Maher warned Democrats this week to take care when championing the cause of late-term abortion in 2020, explaining that Republicans are sure to run on “the wall and the womb.”

“So, when I was watching the State of the Union speech, I saw language used about abortion that I’ve never seen a president use, especially in that setting. It seems to me like this is the issue that the Republicans are going to run on, the wall and the womb. That’s what they care about,” Maher told his guest panel on Friday’s “Real Time.”

“And we all, I think, at our peril forget that a lot of this country votes on that one issue. They don’t follow politics as closely as the rest of us do on a political junkie show like this, that’s the issue they care about.”

He is, of course, wrong that those who vote on “the wall and the womb” don’t follow politics. There are certainly many everyday people who support border security and are pro-life and don’t necessarily follow politics.

But conservatives and Republicans everywhere are paying close attention to the radical policies of the left, and are well aware that they’re pushing for open borders and murdered babies.

And as Trump brilliantly put on full display during the SOTU on Tuesday, the Democrats absolutely need to worry about this because as long as they’re pushing these things, they’re ruining their chances in 2020.