Black Actor Tyler Perry’s Latest Comments On Police Are Going To Infuriate The Black Lives Matter Crowd; Check Out What He Said

(Tea Party PAC) – We all know that Hollywood, like the mainstream media, has become a propaganda arm for the Democratic Party, pushing out stories in film format that are essentially progressive sermons designed to brainwash the general public into being on board with liberal ideology and thought.

However, there are a few brave souls in the cesspool who aren’t always on board with all of the groupthink talking points of the progressive movement. Those individuals who are bold enough to stand up for the truth and say what needs to be said, even when it is difficult do so at great risk, as black actor Tyler Perry is no doubt about to find out.

Perry recently spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper where he broke off from the liberal Hollywood talking points and stated that we need more police, not less. You can almost hear the cries of “Uncle Tom” from the Black Lives Matter crowd right now.

Here’s more on this from Breitbart News:

Perry indicated he was “worried” the message was “being hijacked” for the sake of politics in the wake of George Floyd’s death while in the custody of Minneapolis police.

“So, when they saw George Floyd’s death, this horrific, horrible death played out as this man pleaded for his life and begged and said ‘please’ many, many times, it — seeing it changes everything,” he explained. “So I became very, very optimistic when everybody galvanized together because I know that’s when change comes. When people galvanize and come together as one, that’s when change happens.”

“But, lately, I’ve been very, very concerned that the message is being hijacked by some other groups or political ads and parties that are trying to stop the message of what we’re asking for here as police reform, right?” Perry continued. So, yeah, I was, but I’m worried now because of what I’m seeing.”

Perry also spoke about paying for supermarket gift cards for Atlanta Police to hand out at a Kroger grocery store on the heels of Rayshard Brooks’ death. When posed a question about the political backlash generated from protesters calling for the defunding of police, Perry stressed his view that police were a necessity.

It really takes a lot of guts to do what Perry’s been doing, especially in a hostile political climate that will shame you and assault you — both figuratively and literally — for not being completely sold out to the causes as they have defined it. This should boost conservative support for Perry’s work as we need more successful voices like his in the entertainment industry.

Remarks as follows:

Well, when I first heard it, I was troubled by it, and I thought OK, this is — this is going to be weaponized by — in this political year. I completely thought that that was happening. That’s exactly what’s happened. It’s been weaponized. But I did some research. And what I would challenge people to do is do research and find out what it means. Now, you’ve got to understand this — I’m not for taking money from the police department. I think we need more police. My studio is in a neighborhood where I think we need police.”

But we don’t need police that have — that are under-trained. And you’ve got to understand — I have really close friends who are police officers that I love dearly, who are really good people, who have been very, very hurt by this, as well. And here’s what I want you to understand, Anderson, wrong — where there is wrong, I’m going to stand up against it. When Rayshard Brooks was murdered, I thought that was wrong. When George — George Floyd was murdered, I thought that was wrong, like so many other people. But when a police officer who was white in a suburb in Atlanta was shot in the head by a shoplifter, I thought that was wrong, too, and I reached out to do what I can to help his family.

When Secoriea was — an eight-year-old was shot near the Wendy’s in her mother’s backseat, I thought that was wrong, too. So, anywhere there is wrong, I’m going to stand up against it. I just don’t believe that, and I believe in most — I don’t believe that there are lots of people — let me just change that to understand that there are a lot of people in America who feel the way that I do, right? I think we need the police. I know that I need the police. I have several that work for me here at the studio. We need them, but we need them reformed. We need them trained well. We need the right structure, right? But some of the things inside of defund the police, I really understand like having officers who are clinically trained to deal with certain situations. I think all of those things are helpful. But taking money from the police department to make the police department smaller, that troubles me.

Here’s to hoping that Perry isn’t blacklisted for sharing his views, all of which are reasonable, well balanced, and completely true.

Police are necessary to keep our streets and communities safe. This is especially true in urban areas where large numbers of minorities live. Defunding police makes these people more vulnerable to becoming victims of crime.

That’s not compassion. That’s not justice.



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  5. The vast majority of the left or liberals agree with Perry and does BLM, again this website is trying to create a wedge where there is very little split. BTW some of that division is caused by white supremacists vandalizing, driving into protests, a President gassing a peaceful crowd for a photo op, and two white supremacists killing two cops in CA in June. Defunding is a radical idea, not supported by Biden or few if any if the congress. Those are the facts.

  6. Tyler Perry you are a Godsend!!! Thank you with all my heart for speaking out and defending the law enforcement. I have been a big fan of yours, love all the movies you have made. I love Madea so much!! You are so right about needing our law enforcement. Their job is very difficult and not very many people could go out there and do this kind of work. They risk their lives everyday to serve and protect all communities. Law and order is what we need and they do a great job. Many people are grateful for our law enforcement, I know I am and I would hate to see them gone. Thank you again for being so honest and caring. God Bless you Mr Perry. May we all see everyone come together and be united in this great country we call the USA!!

  7. Tyler Perry, you are a true American, & you care deeply about all of the lives that have been lost, since all of this madness started. I agree with you, we need more police, not less, to keep us safe, from all of the evil that is happening. Every single American, red, yellow, black, & white, is a child of God, & he loves us all the same. When these people claim that they care, about black lives, & black babies, are being murdered, I have a problem with that, a gigantic problem. These evil, vile, hate filled entities, are showing us every day that the only thing they care about is destruction, hurting, & killing, anyone that gets in their way. Burning Bibles, Our American Flag, Statues, & all manner of businesses, & buildings, that do not belong to them. Pure Evil, may they receive justice, for all that they have done, & are doing.

  8. There is an old saying you pay top wages you will get top quality personnel. You then can remove those which do not or will not follow policy. You reduce the pay you will find then the quality of personnel will be marginal. Or you will reduce the force to a point where they do not respond, but just offer to take a report once everything has calmed down. We need to remember the police is a thin line to protect law abiding citizens from others which desire to do Evil! No Police = No protection! Chaz proved that issue. It was squashed only for they started to kill off there own for not agreeing with the self-appointed leaders.

  9. What a brave and brilliant guy, as we all know from his creative dimension. CNN didn’t want to hear this at all.

    My evil twin sister who wears my clothes and speaks In a male pitch started working for CNN as a fiction writer for their fake news. She makes 1111 bucks a week. She supports Trump but if they found that out they’d fire her immediately. She just wrote that Trump sleeps with Teddy Bears every night in the White House and sucks his thump. They went with it!!! No fact checking because it fits their narrative. Go to CNN and apply. Maybe we can bankrupt them if enough people work as fiction writers. They are not bright enough to think up more fictions. Dumb bunch.

    • I Stopped supporting Tyler perry because he started making tv programs that were Violent with UnGodly lifestyles while he was always talking about God. But I’ve been saying the same things he said in this interview. I’m glad he’s not like oprah she’s Not speaking out about this deadly mess and hating police.

  10. Tyler Perry is an amazing man! I’m so proud of him and his speaking out. His benevolence character is such a refreshing change from the “normal” Hollywood crap. You earned a special place in Heaven Tyler!! Bless you

  11. So good to see that a few people in Hollywood still have good sense and realize that the mayhem the Demorats are encouraging is wrong.

  12. Mr Perry you are so right we need more police and all areas I love you and no I’m not black I’m white but that doesn’t mean I cannot love you God’s word says love everyone not what they do but as a human being you want to be bad you have consequences remember God loves everyone not just a few

  13. I have always liked and appreciated Mr. Perry’s abundant talent. I never concerned myself with his personal views on what’s happening to our country. But now I have great respect for him because he is voicing what so many think but have no opportunity to be heard. Please thank him for representing us in our wish to be safe in our neighborhoods and in our homes.

  14. When you need a true “responder” to save your bacon, if you vote for the “Defund The Police” movement, you will have yourself to blame. TRUMP 2020.

  15. I hope Mr. Perry is ready for the horrific backlash that is comin his way! Bravo to him! Not only for having the courage to speak up but for saying out loud what most Americans believe, regardless of color.

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